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Architectural Technology’s Answer to Environmental Issues

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Today, it is not only the scientists and experts that are aware of the environmental issues that needed to be addressed before it’s too late. Businesses and big corporations are also taking notice. They are taking action not only as a part of their corporate social responsibility but as a conscious effort to protect nature. […]

Image Credit: Paul Chaloner via Flickr Creative Commons

How To Avoid Having a Heavy Room

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Have you ever experienced entering a room and feel like it is so small yet in fact, the room has a very large space area? If yes, then the room may have been bombarded with fixtures that has heavy and warm color, thick construction material, and heavily patterned fabrics. A heavy room has big and […]

Image Credit: Moving Companies

A Guide for First-Time Renters

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The smell of independence and freedom is a cause for celebration to many first-time renters. This indicates that they are about to take on a new adventure without the supervision of parents. Living alone in an apartment or condo, going to work, and having tons of fun is something that many have dreamed of. But […]


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