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Real Estate Market Millionaire

18 Ways to be a Millionaire in the Philippine Real Estate Market

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You’ve probably heard lots of success stories of how people raked in millions from a real estate venture. And these are usually ordinary people who stumbled on a good idea, invested on the opportunity, managed it well, and succeeded. Now, while some of you may be doubtful to whether or not these stories are true, […]

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7 Tips You Must Do When Your Roommate Takes Your Things

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Even if you are a newly-minted freshmen student, a hired employee to your dream company, or a simple human being looking for independence away from home, it is essential to have a sanctuary that you can call your personal space. Renting a condo unit can be one of the ways to do this, and it’s […]

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5 Cleverest Ways To Put Up a Garden in your Condo

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If you are one of the people who love gardening and will do anything just to have a garden of their own but are held by the constraints of their condominium units, let me tell you that you can spare yourself the trouble. Personalizing your temporary living space and making your square foot garden might […]

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Affordable Ways to Personalize Your Temporary Condo Unit

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Moving in to a new flat is both exciting and anxiety-inducing experience. After all, strange places can make you uncomfortable, and moving in condominium units where usually small spaces or shared rooms are not exactly your idea of cozy. Of course, you can always bring things in and make your temporary home remind you of […]

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An OFW’s Guide to Leasing a Condo in the Philippines (Part 2)

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Owning a property here in the country is a huge step for OFWs who have saved their life’s earnings for their family and future. Just like you, who are looking into properties, OFWs are sometimes intimidated and overwhelmed about the multitude of options and the things needed toward achieving this dream. Nowadays, owning a condominium […]