East Ortigas Mansions For Rent

East Ortigas Mansions
East Ortigas Mansions

Who says one has to leave to get the desired getaway and experience resort-like amenities? At East Ortigas, people can just have their needed escape from the pressure of the city life and relax without going out of the city. Its Mediterranean-inspired design will surely give those who are staying a feel of cruising the world because of its beautiful landscaped gardens and excellent amenities.


East Ortigas Mansions presents a soothing environment with its Mediterranean-inspired design. It features high-technology perimeter fence and 24-hour security system for theft protection and secured community. Each building has an elevated and underground water cistern to support the needed supply of water and a large parking space area for its guests and residents.

Take a break from the demands of the city and enjoy unwinding at the tropical and lush green landscapes at East Ortigas Mansions. Staying active and fit is easy with its Olympic-size swimming pool, badminton court, basketball court, and tennis court. There is a gaming room which includes billiards, table tennis, darts and  an entertainment center. The fully furnished clubhouse is equipped with a WiFi connection and spacious function rooms perfect for group activities and community bonding.


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