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20 Smart Ideas to Inflate Condo Space for Your Growing Family

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Living in a condo is probably the best place for married couples who are starting to build their own family. Oftentimes, the impulsive wife would buy things for their place, thinking it would be beneficial to them, but end up regretting the purchase. The husband, on the other hand, doesn’t know what to do with […]

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The True Cost of Smart Technologies to the Real Estate Industry

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Demands of investors in the real estate industry are focused on markets that assure stability and growth in the next years. Just like any other industry, real estate also demands the intervention of technology in its system. Technological evolution has an undeniable impact on it. A case in point is e-commerce being used in different […]

Salmon Burgers

Growing an Appetite for Healthy and City Living

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Many of us have fond memories of home-cooked meals – delicious, appetizing, feast for the eyes and taste. Yet, much as these were enjoyed, many young adults of today are intimidated by the notion of preparing more of the home-cooked meals and 10-minute food recipes. Traditional preparations of food they used to enjoy when they […]

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Fitness Game Plan While Living in the City

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We are creatures of habit. We always find time to multitask – we eat while watching TV, we eat and listen to music while walking, we eat and all of a sudden fall asleep. Now, pretend that you don’t live in the city. What would your waist size be? You may be worried that because […]

Love and Jazz

Casa Real’s Love and all that Jazz

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This coming February, plant stars on your loved ones’ eyes. Sew a rose in their smiles. Walk along the tides. Sing along with Casa Real’s Love and all that Jazz! Spend a night of good music, with love. This February 13, don’t let your laptop be warmer than your heart!     Tickets at Php […]


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