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Lumiere Residences: One of DMCI Homes’ High-Rise Condominiums

Mid-Rise and Low-Rise Condominiums are Soaring High Investments

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City life has become the best choice when it comes to deciding where to settle down. More and more cities in Metro Manila and nearby provinces are aiming to provide quality condo living to families and young professionals. But when we say “city life” or “condo living”, it immediately brings to mind the images of […]

The Redwood, DMCI Homes

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Pre-sell Condo in the Philippines

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The Philippines is enjoying a great surge in the real estate market, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be coming down anytime soon. And though far more ideal conditions exist, industry experts agree that real estate in the Philippines is nowhere near a bubble, a condition wherein there is a massive imbalance between […]

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7 Tackiest Ways To Spend Your Money

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Admit it. Not all your purchases can be classified as wise spending. There are many things that you regret having bought. Some are due to impulsive buying, or the lures of your external environment. Time and again, financial experts share the importance of saving money for investments such as real estate or stocks – which […]

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The Realities of Living in a Condo for Rent

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Condo leasing has its perks, but for first-timers, it may be an entirely new environment. Imagine yourself in a complex with multiple owners. Some areas are owned individually, while others, collectively. Decision-making is made by elected directors of the Homeowners Association (HOA). Now, you have three entities to deal with: your neighbors, your landlord, and […]

Tivoli Garden Residences, Mandaluyong

The Ultimate Condo Checklist for New Families and Yuppies

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Modernization has resulted to certain radical changes in the lifestyle of most families and individuals of today. Among these changes is the heightened interest of people in condo living – an idea that used to be unpopular among families and professionals. There are now a lot of people becoming more and more open to the […]


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