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9 Springing Hacks for your Summer Condo Clean

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Summer is here! It’s time to step out of those layers and embrace the warmth of the sun as the new season rolls in and gets comfortable. With the colder days behind you, a condo improvement project is perfect to make you enjoy the Philippine summer heat. There’s so much to be done so do […]

11 Things to Consider Before Renting Out Your Condo

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The real estate industry in the Philippines is on the rise and you got into the bandwagon of buying a condo. You finally got your unit but you’re not quite sure if you want to move in it right away. But you don’t want to leave your newly acquired unit unoccupied, so what is a […]

20 Things To Consider Before Signing a Lease Contract

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Convenience, easy maintenance, safety and security, and recreation – these are what top real estate developers in the Philippines offer to condominium dwellers. Hence, many choose to rent condominiums as a second home (while maintaining their own homes) – in order to escape the commuting hassles of contemporary living while enjoying the perks of condo […]

10 Legal Reasons for Tenant Eviction

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With the growing condo rental market in the Philippines, most people who invest in condominiums opt to rent out their condominium to other people. Unlike renting out an apartment or any other real estate, most people choose condominiums over apartments with the thought of experiencing condo living at a reasonable price. Like every landlord-tenant relationship, […]


Calculating Cost of Renting and Buying a Condo

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Still dreaming of your dream condominium? Still imagining yourself enjoying the perks and amenities of condo living? There is no question that condo is a good investment, but will you prefer to rent or to buy a unit? Of course, either way, being part of the growing condo rental market in the Philippines is a […]


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