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condo question 1

11 Witty Questions To Ask To Avoid Leasing Problems

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Finding the perfect condo for rent is a tricky task. So much needs to be considered, and sometimes, a perfect façade can fool you. You may think you’ve found the perfect condo rental that would fit your lifestyle, but you may have failed to anticipate the looming difficulties it could bring. That is why it […]

condo hunt

Condo Hunter’s Guide To Finding The Perfect Condo

by on

Looking for a condo unit for rent is one of the most exciting things about moving into a new neighborhood. The idea of finding the perfect space that you’ll be staying in while you take that new job or start the new semester is something a lot of people get really excited about. Sometimes though, […]

condo fix 1

7 Basic Condo Repairs You Can Do Easily

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Living in a condo requires basic know-how on how to fix things. Some problems may not be big enough to merit in-house maintenance calls that you have to fix them independently. Try various landlord-friendly home renovations and these 7 quick fixes for a hassle-free condo living.   Zip-it and Melt Slow Drain Drains will clog […]

Condo Move In 1

13 Packing Hacks For an Incredibly Easy Condo Move In

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Finding and finally moving to one’s own perfect condo is one of the most life-changing and significant stages that people go through. It is exciting as it is daunting and do not forget stressful. Stress begins the moment you look around your house or condominium and realize that you have to pack and move everything […]

condo budget

9 Condo Living Tips on a Tight Budget

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Condo living at best is like living in a five-star hotel, where everything is at your reach. The internet could offer a whole lot of frugal solutions to set up your condo unit, too. In reality, owning a condominium in the Philippines is not a picnic, even renting in a condominium does not get you […]


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