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The Tent rent

Ideal Venues for Sports, Recreation and Social Gatherings

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Can you hear the sound of Christmas? It’s less than a hundred days and Santa’s month will be here, you know what that means right? It means parties, gatherings, and food everywhere! On top of this, one thing is for sure, companies will be on the hunt for the best venue for lease for their […]

big family

The Right Condo Set Ups For Your Large Family

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The real estate in the Philippines has truly grown with condos instantly growing in cities. And this is directly associated with city living, since condos are strategically located near schools, malls, and other commercial establishments it provides convenience that people need. However, some think that having a condo in the Philippines will make you settle […]

Acacia Saturday Market

Join Us at Acacia Saturday Market

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Looking for great deals and fresh tastes? Why not skip the mall, go outdoors and visit The Tent, Acacia Estates, Taguig. Whether you are looking for fresh eats, or going out with the family, there is something new to try and discover at Acacia Saturday Market. From brunch to desserts, indulge yourself in culinary delights […]

Amaryllis Place

Condo Amenity Rules to Ensure Excellent Condo Living

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Living in a condo can be as convenient as living in a 5-star hotel, where services and amenities are available everywhere you go. These condo amenities and services are an essential part of living in a condominium. Some people choose to live in condo units instead of houses because of the amenities that are available. […]

Metropolitan Philippines

Philippine’s Leading Cities by Economic Expansion

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How do you define a busy city? If you see yourself stranded in a sea of people at any given time of day, that’s one way to define a busy city. On top of that, population size, numerous infrastructures, active transport systems, commercial buildings, are the factors that define a busy city. According to the […]


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