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condo holiday decoration

Pre-Holiday Condo Renovations You Can Try

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Ber months have started and yes Christmas is just a few weeks away! Philippines is known to be the country which celebrates Christmas the longest. You see tons of holiday decorations outdoor, Christmas carols played and sung everywhere, Christmas lanterns lighting the city living. Let’s walk into your room…where’s the candy canes? The Evergreen Christmas […]

condo roommate dispute

How to Settle Common Disputes with your Condo Roommate

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Finding the perfect roommate is like finding Mr. Right. It’s tough and most of the time, impossible. Living with another human being has conflict written all over it. Conflicts are normal and are bound to happen. The difference lies with how you resolve it and how committed you are to making things work. Looking for […]

condo safety living

Condo Owner’s Guide To Safety Living

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In recent years, residents in the metro have shifted their preference towards condominiums, given the rising cost of limited house and lots and the need for proximity to business districts. However, recent natural disasters like flooding, earthquake, etc have caused worries to condo dwellers about their safety. Philippines has been tried and tested by numerous […]

condo guests noise

How to Handle Condo Problems Related to Guests

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The beauty of condo living is having the gift of privacy in your own home and a friendly communal life with the rest of the condo community at the same time. It’s always nice to walk down the hall with someone greeting you a warm “hello” or engaging you in small talk. It’s nice to […]

condo interior rental law philippines

Guide to Residential Tenancy Law in the Philippines

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Buying a house or an apartment, renting a condo in the Philippines is pretty much the same except for the legalities of course. To a hopeful tenant, renting condominiums is the same with renting an apartment, however, this is not the same. Unlike apartments, condominiums have a homeowner’s association, whereby owners have a say on […]


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