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kitchen wares

Kitchen Must-Haves For Your Condo

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Remember feeling lost and not getting sufficient, exact answers when doing things for the first time? This may be the same feeling you’ve got when you bought your own condo and finally moved in to it. Start-up couples, budding families or even independent yuppie wannabes sprucing up for condo living may be likened to a […]

Energy-efficient Appliances

Tips To Lower Your Energy And Water Bills This Summer

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Add this tropical country’s climate and the summer fast approaching and you get the picture of electricity and water usage spiking faster than you can say “hot.” It is not at all surprising since people will have to refresh more often to tone down the broiling heat. However, government and environmental groups such as the […]

The Tent Bazaar

Great Deals At The Tent

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Let us welcome 2015 with fabulous shopping and great deals at The Tent, Acacia Estates, Taguig City. We are excited to invite you on another fun-filled and budget-friendly bazaar, happening at Acacia Estates this February, March and April. We will be open from 11am – 7pm. Look out for great finds that is suited for […]

increase resale value

How To Boost Resale Value Of Your Condo

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Owning a condo is not all about conveniences and luxuries. Anyone who makes the big purchase has his eyes clearly set into the future —resale. How much will a 2-million peso condo in the Philippines cost in ten years? Okay, can you just hear the cash registers now? Condo homeowners associations have set limits as […]

online condo search

Your Guide To A Fast And Efficient Online Condo Search

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An online condo search definitely spells convenience on many practical levels. You get to see an array of options at your fingertips, verify information fast, and peruse pictures depicting a perfect pad, making your condo hunt all the more exciting. However, the internet is a smorgasbord of way too many information, both good and bad. […]


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