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Small Sunny Condo Interior

Better Living with These Most Livable Small Condo Ideas

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Condo living in the Philippines is not only practical given the rising costs of land, but downsizing to a condo also spells convenience. Maintaining a condo means lower utility bills, easier cleaning time, having more time for yourself, and so on, proving how a small space can pack big benefits for its dwellers. Get the […]

Why you need to live near work manila

Benefits of Getting a Condo Closer to Work

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Imagine spending 8 to 9 hours of grueling work in the office, waiting for the moment that you can finally pack up and head home. The idea should be comforting, but then you remember that you have to take a two-hour commute from the office to your house. Two precious hours of commuting in Manila […]

Condo Fitness Hacks

Fast Summer Body Fitness Hacks Right In Your Condo

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Summer is fast approaching and it won’t be long now before you have to take your swimsuits out of the drawers and don them at the beach. But now you realize in horror that you’re not as beach-ready as you hope to be and you’re not so confident in putting on that itty-bitty bikini. You […]

condo small space small

Modern Minimalist Condo Finds Perfect for Small Spaces

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For small condo owners, the biggest challenge is to maximize what little space they have for their needs. Space-saving ideas are essential to keep small condo living functional and attractive at the same time. The lack of space is not bad, actually. Creating a modern minimalist look for your small condo can actually become a […]

Kiddie Pool Party In Your Condo

Condo Living: Swimming Pool Etiquette

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Now that summer time is here, it’s time to show off the body you’ve been working on for months and hold a fun party at your condo’s pool facility. A condo pool party is a great way to have fun in the sun without having to go outside your building. You are allowed to use […]


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