Moving in to a new flat is both exciting and anxiety-inducing experience. After all, strange places can make you uncomfortable, and moving in condominium units where usually small spaces or shared rooms are not exactly your idea of cozy. Of course, you can always bring things in and make your temporary home remind you of home. However, customization and upgrades is a property-owner’s nightmare. Since the space is limited, you can consider bringing in different multipurpose and timeless home design pieces. Here are a few things to make your interior magic.

Photo Courtesy of Jess Pac

Photo Courtesy of Jess Pac via Flickr


Unless you get permission from the management, repainting the wall or hanging things up with nails are no-nos. However, it does not mean that you cannot spruce up the drab walls of your flat. The secret - wallpaper. This is especially useful for small spaces. There are available wallpapers of different designs that come with adhesive, but these can be a bit expensive. You can reuse fabric with interesting patterns and liquid starch to create your temporary "wallpaper". Check this simple tutorial to start.



Photo Courtesy of Wicker Furniture via Flickr

If you are not keen on covering the whole wall with paper, hang things that reflect your personality. Drape posters and designs that inspire you. A budding musician? Reuse old vinyl records. These are readily available on any flea market.

You can also fill your wall with photos of your works, memories, or just snapshots of random things. You can easily hang pictures using clothesline to lend a "hipster" feel. Cork boards are also easy to mount on walls using adhesives. You can also post photos of the same color palette for consistency.

Outdoors In

One way to make a room alive is to bring the outdoors in. Cheap indoor pot plants are available in any gardening shops for less than ten pounds. You can place them on your desks, such as these Yucca house plant, or fully decorate your space with these Moth Orchids.

Photo Courtesy of Shane Glass via Flickr

Photo Courtesy of Shane Glass via Flickr

If you miss the beach, you can bring in sand in small to medium boxes. Place them where they cannot be disturbed. You do not want to spill sand while you fumble in the dark after a night out, do you? Stick those funky pinwheels in the stand to create movement inside your space. This is especially gorgeous if placed near a window. Make sure that these will not consume grand space inside and that these will all be adjacent to your ideal living room designs.

If you collect things such as books or paper weights, they can also be used to personalize your condominium unit.


No sane condominium management would let you tear down an entire wall to install a fireplace. However, there are things in a flat that you can replace without getting on the wrong side of the building management. One incredible way to improve your space is replace your ceiling shades. Usually, they are there for years and have accumulated enough grim to grow plants. Purchasing new ceiling shades can also fix the lighting in your apartment.


Photo Courtesy of Ooh Food via Flickr

Photo Courtesy of Ooh Food via Flickr

Shelves can also be made without damaging the walls. You can use pipes and wood panels to add storage while styling the flat. You can also change door knobs, light covers, and outlet covers to reflect your style. These can easily be changed once you move out.

There are thousands of ways to upgrade and personalize your temporary space and condominium unit. Although you are staying for only a limited time, it does not mean you have to live in a boring space. It is best to talk to the management first before doing anything major with the space. You may even persuade him to repaint the walls and add fixtures. The key is to have a style in mind before you purchase things to avoid wasting money. In the end, you can turn any flat to be your home away from home.

This 2014, start living with your muse and staple the word exquisiteness with your temporary condo unit.