There is no denying that some bad habits made it to our home cleaning list. They may have been passed on to you as cleaning myths and mistakes back when you were a kid. Then you adopted the same routines when you got older. The bad part is that there might be some cleaning routines that are doing more harm than good, not just to your home, but also to you and your family. Take the extra step and learn about these cleaning mistakes so that you can start taking better care of your condo for rent. Read more and find out about these cleaning mistakes to avoid inside your condo.

1. Spraying polish directly onto the furniture

When the polish is sprayed directly on a piece of furniture, the possible outcome is a spray build-up or an over-spray. If some of the cleaning product also gets on to the floor, it will become slippery and difficult to remove. The area will also become more prone to accidents, especially if you have small children.

If you are going to apply polish on pieces of furniture, do so by spraying a small amount on a piece of cloth. Then, apply it on your desired surface. Repeat the process until you cover the portion of the furniture you want to be polished. 

2. Washing the windows on a warm day

washing windowsPhoto courtesy of Wes Hicks via Unsplash 

Another mistake homeowners make is washing their windows on a sunny day. It then becomes difficult for you to wash it off, leaving you with streaks, instead. It then becomes difficult for you to wash it off leaving you with streaks, instead. If you re-apply the cleaning solution, you’ll end up wasting more of it, in the process.

Choose a cooler or a cloudy day when washing your windows. The lack of sunlight will minimize the streaks. To know the right time to clean your windows, touch them. If they’re hot, skip the cleaning and choose another day. 

3. Using a dry rag or feather duster to dust surfaces

using dry ragPhoto courtesy of The Creative Exchange via Unsplash

A dry cleaning mistake you must avoid when cleaning your condo is using a feather duster, a broom, or a dry rag. Any cleaning tool that is dry will make it difficult for you to remove dust—or you won’t be removing them, at all.  Dust will end up swirling all around, making you more prone to allergic rhinitis. Don’t let this cleaning mistake ruin your health.

Use a moist cloth when wiping your desks, tables, and shelves. For sweeping the floor, you can dispose of the broom and use a vacuum cleaner, instead. You can also use it to vacuum your sofa, corner of the shelves, and other hard-to-reach places. 

4. Improper use of cleaning products

improper use cleaning productsPhoto courtesy of JESHOOTS via Unsplash 

Have you tried cleaning the bathroom without letting the cleaning solution sit, first? If your answer is “yes,” then you’re most probably doing ae bathroom cleaning mistake. Not letting it sit will only mean the solution won’t be as effective as a cleaning agent. 

After applying the cleaning solution to any area, you want to clean, leave it for at least 30 minutes. Come back when the time is up and start cleaning the area. Some cleaning products also contain harsh chemicals which require you to leave the room to let the fumes evaporate. Or you can try using DIY (do-it-yourself) natural cleaning products for natural greener living.

5. Keeping your toilet brush wet always

toilet brush wetPhoto courtesy of Filios Sazeidas via Unsplash

Where there is moisture, you can always expect a bacteria build-up. Where bacteria thrive, they can cause illnesses to anyone living inside the condo. This is what happens with a wet toilet brush—a cleaning mistake to avoid.

To keep your toilet brush dry, place it between the toilet seat and the bowl after use. Spray it with a disinfectant, then allow it to drip for 10 minutes or so. Then rinse the brush with very hot water, and let it dry again by applying the same method.

6. Storing cleaning tools without washing or wiping them

storing cleaning toolsPhoto courtesy of Jennifer Burks via Unsplash 

Are you guilty of stuffing cleaning tools inside the shelves after using them? At some point, this is a common mistake that you can be guilty of, especially if you’re too tired to clean them up. It’s not a good habit; however, because aside from it becoming a conducive place for a bacteria build-up, the tool will also quickly deteriorate when rust and mold start eating it away. 

Instead, make it a habit of wiping all your cleaning tools clean regularly, and allow them to dry after washing them. Keep your cleaning supplies properly stored; so they won’t gather dust. Make sure, though, that the shelf where you will be saving them has low humidity. Otherwise, your cleaning tools will be prone to mold growth and bacteria build-up.

7. Using the same rag to clean all spaces

clean all spacesPhoto courtesy of Concha Mayo via Unsplash 

It can sometimes be automatic to wipe spills in the kitchen, in the dining area, or the living room with the same rag. What is wrong with this cleaning habit is that you are spreading more dirt rather than making the floors clean.

A top cleaning tip is to have a designated rag for every portion of the house where spills commonly happen. If it’s placed in the kitchen, you will need to wash it regularly, as it will be dirtier compared to rags in the living room. The same goes for the rag you use in the dining area. 

8. Removing carpet stains superficially

removing carpet stainsPhoto courtesy of Jarmoluk via Pixabay

This is one of the carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid because you may be successful the first time around, but they will resurface later on. Scrubbing won’t do, either, especially for tough, dark-colored stains such as coffee, red wine, and urine. 

You can avoid these carpet cleaning mistakes by using a dry cloth to absorb the spill. You can then douse the area with ice water and blot it again using another dry cloth. Step on the towel to let it absorb as much liquid as it can. Repeat the process until no more color is being transferred to the dry cloth. You can use a stain remover if the stain persists. 

9. Storing cleaning tools without washing or wiping them

Cleaning Supplies in a BucketPhoto courtesy of Ellie Burgin via Pixabay

Leaving your cleaning tools soaking wet in a bucket or just storing them without wiping them can attract germs and bacteria. It can also cause the growth of mold and mildew, which can be harmful to your health. Make it a habit to clean and dry your cleaning tools after every use. Think of it as washing your hands after every use – it’s just as important.

10. Not acting fast enough to remove a stain.

Person in Green Button Up Shirt Holding Clear Drinking GlassPhoto courtesy of cottonbro via Pixabay

When a spill happens, it’s important to act quickly and remove the stain as soon as possible. Allowing a stain to sit for too long can cause it to set in and become more difficult to remove. Depending on the type of spill, you may need to use a different method or cleaning solution. But the most important thing is to remove it as soon as you can. Remember that your condo is a shared space and you want to ensure that it’s clean and presentable at all times.

These common cleaning mistakes may be tough habits to break, but for better cleaning outcomes, it would be best to change your chore list as soon as possible. This is not only to make your home sparkle, but it is also to keep you and your family healthy.

Key Takeaways

Bad habits can be difficult to break, but it's important to be aware of the cleaning mistakes you might be making in order to take better care of your home. From not cleaning or drying your tools after use to not acting quickly enough to remove a stain, these small missteps can have a big impact on the cleanliness of your condo.

  • Make the necessary cleaning adjustment. It can be easy to overlook some of your cleaning routines, especially if they’ve become second nature to you. But it’s important to take a step back and assess your cleaning methods from time to time.
  • Consider the cost. While some condo cleaning mistakes might seem harmless, they can actually end up costing you more in the long run. Check on the labels of your cleaning solutions and tools to see how often you need to replace them.
  • Find a way to motivate yourself. Cleaning your condo can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not used to doing it on a regular basis. You can try to find a way to make cleaning fun for yourself. Whatever works, the important thing is that you get started and make an effort to keep your condo clean.


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