The “ber” months, composed of the last four months of the year, are the most exciting period in the Philippines. Why? This time marks semestral break in schools, payout of bonuses in offices, long weekends, the yuletide season, and of course, lots of parties.

One of the top-notch DMCI Properties, it is an 8,000 sqm residential community with various indoor and outdoor amenities. Tenants are offered access to an entertainment room, function hall, multi-purpose hall, and open spaces such as the sky lounge, gazebo/cabana, and the pool area. With all the nice amenities offered in Dansalan Gardens, there are so many beautiful things you can do to celebrate “ber” months in your condo with your friends and family.

Creative fun this Halloween

Halloween is a tradition Filipinos got from the West. October 31, or the eve of Halloween, used to be a prep night for Todos Los Santos (Day of the Dead). Todos Los Santos, or simply Undas, is celebrated by visiting cemeteries, usually in droves, to pay respects to our dearly departed. Today, October 31 is also associated with costume-clad kids knocking on doors for candies and adults partying in colorful, sometimes gory masks. Instead of joining packed bars, why not host your own Halloween party? Leasing a condo venue is the best way to do it. Instead of the usual creepy Haunted House theme, why not go for something unconventional? Perhaps a Star Wars-inspired event or a 90s anime-themed party.

Appetizing brunch with the family

There is an upcoming long weekend that you should be preparing for: October 29 to November 1. In some schools, the holiday may even extend to November 2, which is All Souls’ Day. Most Filipino families will be traveling to provinces for Undas and family gatherings. The hassles of this annual mass migration, however, forces some to reschedule their cemetery visits and spend the holidays at home. For this four-day holiday, you can organize simple events within your budget. Invite family members and friends for a potluck brunch in your condo for rent. If you need to host more than five people, you may need to reserve the function hall.

Time to get down with your book backlog

“Slowly, like a movie fadeout, the real world evaporates. I’m alone, inside the world of the story. My favorite feeling in the world,” Haruki Murakami mused in the bestselling Kafka on the Shore. Celebrating “ber” months in the comfort of your condo home is a recommended de-stressor. However, celebrations don’t always have to be with other people. Sometimes, your best hours are spent alone.

Use the upcoming long weekend as an opportunity to do things that you’ve been neglecting all year like reading a good book. It’s likely that you have a long reading backlog waiting for you. Grab a mug of hot tea, find a sweet place in the Sky Lounge and “evaporate” in an alternate universe with a good book.

Remember the dearly departed

Interestingly, Filipinos visit the graves of the departed on November 1, All Saints’ Day, and not on the day dedicated for the dead, November 2. If you’ve visited the cemetery ahead of the holidays or plan to reschedule your homecoming in the province in the summer, there are ways to pay respects to the dead without leaving the city. You can offer a prayer in a nearby church and have a solemn dinner with family and friends. If you prefer to mourn alone, you can do so in the solitude of the roof deck area or by the koi pond.

Organize a Thanksgiving dinner

The “ber” months in the Philippines primarily involve Christian holidays, which have their origins from Catholic Spain. In recent decades, however, Filipinos have been celebrating Oktoberfest, originally from Germany, and Halloween, from North America. Many households are also observing Thanksgiving, which is highlighted by sharing a stuffed turkey at dinner. This holiday, which is celebrated in the US on the fourth Thursday of November, is to give thanks for a bountiful harvest season and the previous year. You can plan a Thanksgiving dinner with the people closest to you; a baked turkey is not required though. What matters is the essence of the event: a day of gratitude. Book the function hall in Dansalan Gardens with the friendly DMCI Leasing guys ahead of time.

End of semester Sports Fest

Finally, classes are over (for now). Staying in bed longer than usual is just tempting. Do you know something more fun and worthwhile than lying around during school breaks? Sweating it out in your condo fitness center. Invite your classmates and have a sports tournament. Dansalan Gardens, a premier condo for rent in Mandaluyong, features a leisure pool and a basketball/play court. You can have water activities such as pool volleyball or basketball games.

A (Very) Retro School Reunion in your Condo

Who’s not excited for the upcoming company bonuses? During the “ber” months, most office people are cash-rich. No wonder shopping malls extend their operating hours and credit card companies get a little more aggressive in these months. You can also expect restaurants and hotels to be fully booked as parties are usually scheduled between October and December. There’s no need to join the stress of being in packed venues. You can host your annual gatherings in your condo community. The multi-purpose hall in Dansalan Gardens is perfect for your 2016 high school reunion. You can have a 70s-themed party, complete with a disco ball, or a formal black-and-white dinner.

Family Get-Togethers in Dansalan Gardens

One advantage of securing a long-term lease in a top-notch condo community is the access to various lifestyle amenities. Who needs to travel out of town if you can lounge in your condo leisure pool? You need to destress after a long day in the office? Spend an hour or two in the entertainment room. Skip the hassles of booking a resort for your family reunion. Instead of spending thousands on transportation and accommodation, you can reserve the multi-purpose hall in Dansalan Gardens. Cook a sumptuous dinner, prepare a cool playlist, and prepare games.

Host an unforgettable Christmas Party

You have about two months to prepare for the most-awaited event of the year: the Christmas party! This is arguably the primary reason why Filipinos love the “ber” months. Gift-giving, karaoke competitions, and lots of good food—what more can you ask for? Have an unforgettable Christmas party in Dansalan Gardens’ function hall. No need to battle the traffic to public venues, no problem with parking, and most importantly, you can dress up the hall as you see fit. Do you think you can pull off a Filipino fiesta theme?

A Romantic New Year’s Eve Celebration

Imagine this: you and your significant other watching amazing fireworks over a bottle of champagne. Sounds like a scene from a Woody Allen film, right? New Year’s Eve is typically celebrated with noisy merriment. Make the 2016-2017 transition the time you bend conventions—go for a laidback celebration with style. You can prepare a good Italian dinner in your condo, then invite your partner to the Sky Lounge for a free fireworks show. The bubbly champagne will definitely up the ante.

The end of 2016 is upon us. Brace yourself for event invites from family, friends, and co-workers. If it’s your turn to be the host, lucky you! You can have your events in Dansalan Gardens, an affordable condo for rent. What are you waiting for? Start booking venues today!