With the booming real estate in the Philippines, you simply cannot go wrong with a smart condo investment. Given the increasing number of condo dwellers, bustling commercial condo spaces are a profitable source of income. It is no wonder, then, that the enterprising pack has started investing in commercial condo leasing.

If you have always wanted to be your own boss with your very own business, one of the first things on your agenda is finding a commercial condo for lease. Once you have decided on a unit, you can now unleash your business ideas. Get inspired with these 15 start-up business ideas for the entrepreneur in you.

condo business ideas

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1. Laundry Shop

Today’s condo residents lead busy lives, making dirty laundry a task that’s conveniently left to laundry shops. To put up a basic laundry shop, you will need around P200,000 to P300,000 to cover expenses like appliances, manpower, detergent, water and electricity. A minimum of 2 to 3 employees will do and you’ll have to train them properly.


2. Convenience Store

Everyone needs something at some point in their daily lives. Hence, the popularity of convenience stores where people can easily buy whatever it is that they need. Depending on the convenience store chain that you’d like to franchise, expect to put in an investment not lower than P3-4 million. This amount typically covers operational rights, equipment, initial merchandise, and contingency fee. In general, you will only have to prove your capability to run a convenience store and to attend the seminars conducted by the franchise management.


3. Coffee Shop

coffee shop

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Coffee shops are a great spot for just about anyone — yuppies who need their caffeine fix, couples on their date, students preparing for exams, individuals who meet people for business, and so on. If you are eyeing a franchise, prepare at least P4-5 million and expect way higher prices for the more popular coffee shops. But for those who fancy selling their unique brew, you can put up your own café at a lower price. However, be sure to have a good knowledge of what makes coffee great.


4. Massage Parlor

Who wouldn’t love a nice, relaxing massage after a long day? Contribute to a condo community’s wellness by opening a massage parlor with a budget of P4 to 25 million. To establish your business, it is crucial to hire certified massage professionals.


5. Beauty Salon or Barber Shop

hair salon

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Everyone needs to visit the salon for their grooming and vanity needs. Capital can start at P500,000 for those who are putting up their own shop, especially if you’ll be buying used but good-quality equipment. On the other hand, franchising starts at around P4-5 million. The key in establishing a loyal customer base lies in having a professional staff and using excellent products.


6. Internet Shop

An internet connection will always be a hot commodity here in the Philippines. If you plan to put up an internet shop, consider the demand for other related services like printing, scanning, and CD burning.  Get started with an internet café with a budget of P500,000 to P1 million. Variables for the start-up capital include the number and quality of the computer units, tables, chairs, air conditioners, internet connection, and labor.


7. Bakeshop

baked goods

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Whether you bake during your free time or is simply fond of eating pastries, this is the perfect venture for you! Moreover, it cannot be denied how baking is a feasible business opportunity, with bread being a staple food. Depending on the kinds of pastries that you will sell, you can start your bakeshop business with a P200,000 capital.


8. Pet Grooming

pet grooming

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Can’t get enough of cats and dogs? Starting a pet grooming business could be just the purr-fect way to be of service to pet lovers in a condo community. For a start-up capital of P200,000 to P300,000, you can accommodate furry customers. Aside from cages, equipment and products, get people who are sufficiently trained in pet grooming.


9. Sewing and Alteration Shop

Everyone has had those days when their favorite clothes no longer look and fit nicely like it used to. Or it could also be a case of finding no clothes at the department store catering to their size. This is where sewing and alteration shops come in handy. With a start-up capital as low as a P80,000 to P100,000, you can make ill-fitting clothes look great on your customers. The important parts here are investing in sewing machines, needles, and other supplies and of course, hiring experienced sewers.


10. Bookshop and School Supplies

If you are located near universities, having a business that caters to the student population is a great idea. Study first your target market then pattern your shop after them. You can sell both pre-loved books to accommodate a customer base that mostly thrive on a student budget. You can also retail or wholesale school supplies, depending on the demand. Capital can start from P100,000 to P150,000.


11. Cellphone and Laptop Repair Shop

Dealing with gadgets that just won’t cooperate with you can be very frustrating. This is why it’s a great thing if you can simply run to the nearest repair shop to have your tools up and running in no time. For this business, having a reliable and tech-savvy staff is a must. You will also have to invest in equipment and some spare parts, which together with manpower, can cost you P100,000 or below.

12. Restaurant


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Got a trademark special recipe? Turn your passion for food into a business idea! With the constant demand of people dining out, a restaurant is almost always a great venture, provided that you give what your target market wants. A restaurant business can start from P500,000, with the cost controlled by the type and size of your  establishment. Your staff will be your asset here so invest in their training.


13. Dental/Medical Clinic

If you are a licensed professional and you have always wanted to work for yourself, a commercial condo space is just the right place for you to establish your clientele. With your education, qualifications, and training as your greatest asset, you will have to invest in medical equipment and supplies, which can go for very high prices, depending on your practice.


14. Bills Payment Center

Condo dwellers got bills to pay — why not take advantage of this fact? Aside from bills payment, you can also take on other services like travel and tours, courier, remittance, and the like. The amount that you will have to invest when franchising can range from P50,000 to P400,000. It depends on the brand that you are trying to franchise, how extensive your services will be and for how long you’d like to have the contract.


15. Shoe Repair and Key Duplication Services

shoe repair

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It is not an uncommon sight to see our beloved shoes in serious distress. When this happens, a trip to the shoe repair man usually solves the issue right there and then. If you are to franchise a popular shoe repair chain here in the Philippines, the franchising fee can range from P300,000 to P350,000, while the equipment can cost you somewhere between P1 million and P1.1 million.


Having a prime real estate to your name is already a wise use of your hard-earned money, what more if you invest in commercial leasing? Pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and enjoy greater financial freedom. These 15 start-up business ideas can be just the inspiration that you need to get started.