There’s something about the rain that people love. It is calming, relaxing, and quite simply a wonderful force of nature. It’s nice to sit beside a window to watch the rain and listen to the downpour while drinking coffee. It feels cooler, so it’s nice to snuggle and read a good book. But when you realize that there’s a leak from your windows or other openings in your condo or when you almost tripped because your floor is wet from your dripping umbrellas and soaked shoes, suddenly you like the rainy season a lot less, at least temporarily.

Prior to the official start of the rainy season, it is best to be prepared. Make your home rain-ready and avoid the inconveniences so you can go ahead and enjoy the season more. Preparing your DMCI Homes condo for the rainy days is fairly easy, and wouldn’t require much of your time or money. It also helps that you have maintenance personnel and building administrators who will take care of common areas of concern for all tenants.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, here’s a checklist to be a rain-ready condo owner.

Seal gaps and cracks in windows and ceiling

The windows and the ceiling are the first line of defense for condo dwellers. Before it starts raining hard, check your windows for possible gaps, cracks, and leaks. You don’t need to change the entire thing, you just need to apply a sealant to ensure they are waterproof when the rain comes pouring.

Spot cracks and popcorn-like formations in your ceiling. This is especially something that condo dwellers on the upper floors must take note, and alert maintenance to check possible damages that could lead to leaks.

Check rain gutters, sewers, and drains

The good thing about condo living is that you don’t have to worry about and clean up rain gutters and drains on your own. But, that doesn’t mean you will leave these things to chance.

Remind your maintenance and building administrators to check your gutters and make sure there are no leaves or debris trapped in there. Make sure that all drains and canals are flowing perfectly, without any blockage that can cause flooding or can turn into a breeding ground of insects.

Zero chance for stagnant water

Dengue-carrying mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water, so it is important that you eliminate containers or areas that can potentially collect rainwater. Hallowed out sections of the ground or under the trees and potholes in pathways must be filled. Trash bins outside must be emptied and properly managed. The swimming pool must also be properly maintained to ensure a rain-ready community.

At home, if you have vases, make sure they are emptied and cleaned regularly. Plant pots, watering cans, and pails that are left outside or in your balcony must also be attended to.

No more dripping umbrellas

Storing soaking wet umbrellas could be a hassle, especially if you have guests coming over on a rainy night. On ordinary days, you can just lean umbrellas against a wall or store them in a closet, but not during the rainy season.

Find an umbrella holder or stand for those soaking umbrellas. This will keep umbrellas upright and out of the way. It is also best to go for an umbrella stand with a base that can collect water and prevent them from spilling on your floor. Just make sure to empty them after. These holders are an essential piece of furniture for the rainy days and perfect to place on your entryway so that you don’t go any step further with a dripping umbrella.

Solution for wet boots and shoes

Apart from dripping umbrellas, wet and muddy shoes are also a problem. The simple solution is to place a rag in your entryway where you can leave your shoes or boots to dry. You may also place an open shoe rack there so you don’t have to walk around your condo in wet shoes.

Prepare an emergency kit

Condo dwellers are not likely to experience flooded units, but in case of heavy rains, the areas surrounding your condo community may be flooded and transportation may be difficult.

Make sure you have enough drinking water and at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food. Have a flashlight with extra batteries ready, as well as candles and a lighter for when electricity is cut. You may include mosquito repellant, battery-operated radio for news updates, and a working mobile phone in your emergency kit.

Get cozy

The beauty of condo living on rainy days is that it is easy to get cozy. You really don’t have to worry, because building administrators are taking care of everything.

You can set up your own indoor movie screening right in your living room. Whether you prefer the couch or the carpet, all you need is just a few cushiony pillows, a blanket, popcorn or chips, and a good movie. You can also set up a reading nook near your window, just for added drama. This is also a good time to bond with family over board games and other fun indoor activities.

Don’t let rainy days bring you down. When you are prepared, and when your home is rain-ready, there’s not much that you should worry about. All that’s left for you to do is to enjoy the season, and the chilly weather it brings.