Traffic, the kind that makes you lose your sanity, is perhaps the best argument for wanting to live near your workplace. Imagine waking up really early and rushing out of your house half put together just to fall in line again for the train or get stuck in traffic hell for two hours. BPO agents with offices in major business districts like Makati, Ortigas, and Bonifacio Global City know this all too well. It’s like all you ever did was to fall in line — to catch the train, ride a bus, or very slowly pass through EDSA with what seemed like a million vehicles at one time.

Traffic and the desire for a more convenient schedule are among the reasons why BPO agents would rather rent a condo within or near business districts. Investment advisory firm Tholon recently ranked Manila second in its Top 100 list of BPO destinations. This means continued real estate boom as the demand for business offices are higher than ever. This means the number of employed agents in BPO industries is also hitting an all-time high. In fact, industry experts estimate that 1.5 million jobs will be created next year courtesy of the industry.

Condos for rent in the Philippines are a big hit among BPO agents. Given the prime location of most condominiums, sometimes all it takes is a five-minute walk to reach the office. If not, major highways and public transportation are easily accessible. And the travel or traffic time is cut down significantly. Here are other perks of condo renting for the independent BPO agent.

No to traffic, yes to productivity

If it takes you two hours to get to the office, you have no right to press the snooze button. You have to get up right away and be prepared to give away the next two hours of your life to senseless traffic. Do you know the cost of Manila traffic? According to the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the country stands to lose up to Php 6 billion a day by 2030 if the traffic situation doesn’t get better. This includes wasted fuel and value of time lost. Time has a lot do with productivity of workers like BPO agents. Because seriously, not everyone has the strength to buckle down to work and give his 100% when he barely had any sleep and spent two useless hours on the road.

Savings on transportation

Getting a condo near your workplace may be daunting at first. The lifestyle seems so luxurious and comfortable, which we know does not come cheap. But the true cost of living in a condo does not have to end with how much rent you pay. You must also consider the money you save from transportation costs. For example, an average American family spends 19% of its income to transportation. You probably spend just about the same. Won’t you consider thousands of pesos a part of your savings?

Better work-life balance

work-life balance

Photo courtesy of Greyerbaby via Pixabay

Employees and workers should not be living to work. But with the bills to pay, pressures, and expectations, it almost always seems that way. Living closer to home saves you a lot of time which can be used to actually live the life you want and do the things that you actually want to do. You get to watch a movie, dine outside, take the dog for a walk, go for a late-night run, meet up with friends, and so on and so forth. This is called achieving a better work-life balance. Getting a condo near work helps you achieve that. It lets you attend to things and people that matter to you.

Not worrying about security

When you live alone, security and safety become a top concern. After all, a good night’s sleep is priceless. Condo renting for BPO agents is practical because they don’t have to worry about coming home late at night. Most BPO agents work on shifts and knowing that their condo has secured entry and exit points is quite a relief. They also don’t have to worry where to park their cars without thinking it might get towed, vandalized, or stolen.

Healthier lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

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Condos for rent are popular among BPO agents because of the amenities that improve the way they live. An early morning swim, a late-night jog, or a quick workout at the gym are all right outside their doorstep. Living a healthy lifestyle is easier when there’s a pool, a gym, and a jogging path within your community. Plus, a ten-minute leisurely walk to the office or a 15-minute ride on a bike is a great way to be fit and healthy. And also, not having to inhale carbon monoxide from vehicles while stuck in traffic will also do a great deal to one’s overall well-being.

Having a condo comes with responsibility

Even if you share the condo with a few friends and workmates, there is some level of independence that goes along with living away from home and family. Condo renting teaches you how to be responsible with your finances, how to co-exist with other people, and how to look after yourself. This is probably the ultimate perk of renting a condo: you get to be a better person.

The closer, the happier

work happier

Photo courtesy of Foundry Co. via Pixabay

Getting a condo near work can make workers happier. They can sleep longer knowing that their office is just a stone’s throw away. They can skip traffic, do a few rounds of exercise or take their dog for a walk in the morning before heading to work. They can dress in style and wear makeup without worrying about sweating like a pig while falling in line to catch a train. These things make people less stressed and a lot happier.

While it is true that renting a condo has added costs, the benefits can offset, if not outweigh them. BPO agents, the drivers of the economy, can expect a lot of perks coming their way — from a traffic-free commute to more time for things that matter.