While finding pet-friendly condominiums have become much easier, pet owners still face a lot of problems living with their furry friends and maintaining a harmonious relationship with their neighbours. Your contract might state that the property manager allowed you to move in with your pets but people living next to you might not be very pleased with it. Sure, it’s none of their business. However, would you like to live in a place where everybody else hates you?

Renting with pets comes with a lot of responsibility. Making sure you are a caring tenant, pet owner, and a neighbour will ease your life and putting others into consideration will help you breathe freely without any worry of having disputes with other tenants. Here are some tips for condo renters with pets looking for a good relationship with the people next door.

Settle in a Pet-Friendly Condo Community

If a community widely accepts furry roommates, there’s less possibility of having any trouble. A lot of condo in major cities allow pets as long as you provide necessary documents stating that you are a responsible pet-owner and your pet is not going to pose a threat to the property or other tenants.

Vaccination and Certifications

Part of being a responsible pet-owner is giving your pals the attention they need for their health, and consideration for other people that might have a close contact with them. Make sure your pets are up to date with their vaccination and that they are getting the right vaccines. Some adult dogs might be given certain vaccines annually while other vaccine might be given every 3 years or longer. Also, retain vaccine certificates so you can provide it easily if needed. Having this can give you and your neighbours peace of mind.

Commit to Clean

While you are already obligated to clean a property when you leave, committing to deep cleaning carpets, flea treatments and deodorising can help you get your pet across the border. It also goes without saying that you clean your place and any trail of your pet while you’re staying in the community. Remember, you are not only representing yourself and your pet, you represent other pet-owners too!

Be Responsible When Walking Your Pet

Aside from simply getting your pets to live with you, you should also be responsible when you take your pet outside for a walk. Always bring a poo bag with you so you can safely and cleanly dispose of your dog’s mess. Awareness of the law or local ordinance can help you maintain a good habit of taking care of your pet and be a responsible owner. For example, if you consider renting a condo in the Philippines, you are obliged to maintain control over your pet dog and not to let it roam on the streets or any other public place without a leash.

Train Your Pet

We adore pets, especially dogs for their unconditional affection, playfulness, and the joy they express. However, they have some innocent but exasperating tendencies, such as jumping up to greet, chewing your stuff, and digging or scratching on your (or other’s) property. Training your dog is essential to help him live harmoniously in a human household. You can train your pet yourself or consider hiring a professional to help you.

Style and Groom

Dogs or cats with attention grabbing style with their clothes or accessories can bring joy to people who can see them. This gives you the opportunity of making your pets welcomed and loved by those around you, and at the same time gives you a chance to exchange few words with them, building good relationships. But more than style, grooming should also be looked into, since we wouldn’t want stinking companions around. Regularly clean your pets and make sure there are no pets residing deep in their furs. Why not treat them to a pet parlor every now and then? It’s not hard to find one if you’re residing in a condo in major cities.

Give Your Pets the Right Food

A carefully selected, good quality dog diet for your pet friend can greatly improve their looks and behaviours. A healthy and balanced diet keeps your dog away from diseases that can harm not only him, but humans as well. Also, good food can help them produce dog waste that does not smell as bad as compared to if they were eating unhealthy meals. Consult your vet for proper and complete diet for your pets.

Stick With the Rules

Before you move in with your pet, make sure you have an agreement in writing regarding your pet’s presence. Most condominiums have a policy in place when it comes to renting with pets and being aware of the guidelines will keep you away from trouble. Occasionally review your lease contract to avoid violations and strictly follow the rules to make sure you are not offending other tenant’s rights. Maintaining good relationship with the property manager and your neighbours starts from following the rules that are set beforehand.

We all want to live in harmony, with humans and with pets. However, some people don’t have the same attitude towards canine and feline companions. But we can overcome objections or prevent problems that may come, if we show respect for others and ourselves. Pets don’t have to be a hindrance towards harmonious relationship. Rather, they can serve as a source of joy and bring more excitement to our living experience.