It’s the season for Christmas parties again! Have you found the right Christmas party venue in Manila for your holiday bash? Choosing the right venue is crucial to pull off a fun party. Your venue and party theme go hand in hand, like Santa and his gifts. Without the right Christmas party venue, your fun-themed party can turn into a nightmare. Yes, we understand, the perfect events venue is hard to find. But thankfully, it’s not impossible. We’ve made the task super easy for you.

Here are 11 awesome venues for rent from DMCI Homes and fun themes for your unforgettable Christmas party this 2016.

1. Starry Night Festivity at Iris Observatory

Starry night festivity

Iris Observatory, Tivoli Garden Residences. Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Have you ever had a Christmas party on a starry night? It has to be one of the most whimsical and ethereal Christmas events in the Philippines. Get closer to the evening sky and twinkling stars at the Iris Observatory atop the Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong. The roof deck offers stunning views for a starry night-themed Christmas party. The Iris Observatory comes with an observation deck with telescopes for stargazing. Imagine holding your party under the soft glow of the moon and sparkle of the stars. What an incredibly romantic and exceptional party!

2. Yule Ball at The Tent

If you’re looking where to host a glamorous Christmas party this 2016, then you should highly consider The Tent at Acacia Estates in Taguig. It is without a doubt a must-see events place in the metro. It’s a neat space where the likes of bazaars and zumba classes are sometimes held. It’s also perfect for a spectacular Yule Ball for magical get together. Choose from the three huge halls that can accommodate from 300 up to 1000 guests. The space is perfect for big parties and events. You can set up the place to your liking, build a stage, mobile bar, photo booths, and buffet tables.

3. Aloha Party at East Raya Gardens Clubhouse

East Raya Garden Clubhouse

Clubhouse, East Raya Gardens. Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Go for something tropical with an Aloha-themed party at the East Raya Gardens in Pasig City. Because the clubhouse has an expansive, pavilion-like design complete with a tropical garden, you can easily add tropical and luau elements for a fun Christmas party. The place also comes with an infinity pool, pond, lounge, playground, function hall, and entertainment room. It’s perfect for holiday family reunions or an intimate party with friends.

4. Christmas Carol Karaoke at Heliconia Function Room

Christmas Carol Karaoke

Heliconia Function Room, Tivoli Garden Residences

Sing your hearts out with a Christmas carol karaoke party at Heliconia Function Room in the Tivoli Garden Residences. It’s a party venue for rent that can comfortably accommodate 70 to 100 guests. The rental fee of P6,000 makes it one of the most affordable events place in Manila. For your playlist, fill your karaoke machine with holiday music that can be sung solo or in groups. To make the event fun yet challenging, you may incorporate some sort of musical competition as well.

5. Retro Costume Party at Casa Real

retro costume party

Casa Real, Acacia Estates. Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

The Casa Real in Acacia Estates is a fine, charming events place for rent in Manila. It’s a version of the iconic old Tuason residence on Sociego Street in Manila. For your party, take a step back in time with a retro-themed Christmas gathering. Whether it’s the glamor of the 1930s or the hippie 1960s, the venue is a groovy space for dancing and merrymaking. The beautiful venue fuses history and modern architecture, blending Filipino, Chinese, American and Spanish influences. It’s great for large groups who value style, privacy, and comfort.

6. Pet Holiday Party at Acacia Football Field

pet holiday party

Photo courtesy of moleshko via Pixabay

How adorable is a holiday pet party? The insane popularity of pet videos on social media indicate that a lot of people appreciate being merry with their cats and dogs. Dressing up pets can be so cute! The Acacia Estates Football Field in Taguig City is a great venue for this heartwarming event.

In fact, according to senior marketing manager Jan Venturanza of DMCI homes, the field was built as a fulfillment of company’s vision to establish a total community. It’s an affordable party venue for rent in Manila and a delightful outdoor space where your guests and their pets can frolic and have fun.

7. Grill Party at Ohana Place

grill party at ohana place

Pool, Ohana Place. Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, marshmallows melting for some s’mores—this may not be an accurate rendition of the popular Christmas song, but it can make for an amazing theme for your holiday party. The Grand Clubhouse of Ohana Place in Las Piñas is an ideal place for this cozy party. The venue has cabanas and grill pits for a night of roasting and toasting. Make sure you stock up on marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars to create delicious s’mores. Add cocoa peppermint drinks for a comforting beverage.

8. Cityscape Shindig at The Sky Lounge

the sky lounge

Skylounge, Cypress Towers. Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Marvel at the cityscape as you enjoy a creative Christmas shindig at the Sky Lounge of Altiva Tower. It is an oasis for your guests to relax and just take it slow—so you can either have an appetizer-filled party or a simple Christmas gathering. In addition, the commanding view of the stunning skyline is breathtaking. The 140sqm space is great for an intimate and chic party of up to 40 guests. There are comfortable seating areas with plush sofas, armchairs, and tables. The venue exudes a cozy, indoor ambiance that allows you and your guests to enjoy the panorama of Christmas lights and silhouettes of Manila.

9. Re-gifting Party at Magnolia Place

party at magnolia place

Photo courtesy of via Pexels

Take a break from consumerism during holidays without sacrificing merrymaking by organizing a regifting Christmas party at the clubhouse of Magnolia Place. The idea is simple: each guest should bring a wrapped regift to be exchanged with another regift at the party. It’s a fun and practical event because everyone has at least one gift that they’ve received before and that can be of interest to others. The clubhouse is fantastic for this jolly event. The three-level structure in a 3.29-hectare property provides different function rooms great for celebrating and gift-giving.

10. Craft-a-mazing Party at Eugenia Towers Clubhouse

party at eugenia towers clubhouse

Photo courtesy of cegoh via Pixabay

Unleash you and your friends’ inner creativity with a craft-a-mazing holiday party at the Eugenia Tower of Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong. The clubhouse is a great venue to consider. The clubhouse has al fresco areas that can be transformed into different Christmas crafting stations. For example, learn how to construct wreaths or bedazzle holiday ornaments. It’s an event that’s perfect for families who want to bond through art—all while snacking and sipping Christmas treats and drinks.

Planning a Christmas party can be tricky, but with these holiday themes and suitable venues, you can wow your guests and have a memorable gathering. Remember that good venues are reserved early, including affordable party venues for rent in Manila. So it’s important that you reserve the space ahead of time. Despite the holiday rush, take time to enjoy Christmas with a party that has an exciting theme and is held in a great events venue.