Lost luggage, broken items, and costly transfers – these are just some of the things that could go wrong when moving into a new home. With that in mind, wouldn’t it be nice to have a little bit of good luck as you open the doors of your DMCI Homes condo? Find out how you can prepare your new home and bring in good fortune with these 8 feng shui tips.

What is feng shui? How can it bring you good luck?

what is feng shui practice

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Before you go ahead and search for a feng shui master, it would be best to know what it is and how it can bring good luck. Having enough information about feng shui will help you know what you’re doing.

Feng shui is a Chinese pseudoscience that aims to create balance and harmony. It works with the five elements: wood, earth, fire, metal, and water. It also deals with the old Chinese philosophy of yin and yang – contradicting and inseparable forces that bring balance to the world. If used correctly, the “chi” or life force will flow fluidly and bring in good luck, wealth, and wellness.

Without further ado, here are the eight of the best feng shui practices you can do in your brand new DMCI Homes unit to bring in good fortune.

Keep the entrance free of clutter

feng shui keep the entrance free

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In feng shui, your main door is considered a vital passageway of chi. Remove anything that blocks the hallway from the door such as a cabinet, shoe rack, table or, if possible, a wall as it may cut off the chi from entering your condo unit and bringing good luck. But what if you don’t have the budget or the permission to remove any of these from the path?
According to thespruce.com, you can make it beautiful with a little creativity and energy. Meaning, hang a big painting, or better yet, paint a mural with vibrant colors. You can also put a row of tall plants.

Don’t hang mirrors across doors, bed or windows

feng shui dont hang mirror across doors

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If you want to bring good luck into your home, then you should keep this feng shui practice in mind this 2019: never ever hang mirrors across doors, beds, or windows. Mirrors reflect light and that’s why we see ourselves and immediate surroundings on it. The same goes for feng shui and chi. Whenever a mirror is placed across an entry point, it reflects chi out of the house and is considered bad luck.

Mirrors reflect chi and energy so if you place it across the door, good fortune will bounce out. As for windows, be careful what it reflects. It should show nature instead of an industrial scene. And never put it across the bed. Mirrors may double the energy in your body and lead to sleep problems.

Know your house and its bagua

feng shui know your house and bagua

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What is bagua? It’s basically the energy map of your house. Think of it as a guide for feng shui masters to plan the interior design of your house. Knowing which area is connected to your life will help you improve the flow of chi in your condo unit so take some time to be more familiar with bagua. There are plenty of bagua charts in the market or even on popular search engines. Just don’t forget to bring out your compass to help you

Go green and get plants

feng shui go green get plants

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Plants are believed to represent growth, boost the energy of specific areas in your house, and balance the elements. But that, however, doesn’t mean you can simply place any plant anywhere you wish to change the fortune of your condo.
Feng shui experts advise tenants to place plants that grow long stems or lush leaves in areas where they would like to produce more positive energy. Meanwhile, homeowners must avoid using cacti as it attracts bad chi due to its form and spikes.

Arrange chairs in a circular layout

feng shui arrange chairs in circular layout

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In feng shui, the circle is a good thing. So much so that it is believed that your living room furniture arrangement should be in a circular layout and without any of it having the door to its back. It doesn’t just make everyone in the room feel the good chi flowing freely, it is also designed to encourage

Get rid of the mess

feng shui get rid of mess

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Have you ever heard the saying, “You attract the energy you put out?” Well, nothing can be truer in feng shui. You attract good chi when you have a clean, organized condo. On the other hand, you invite bad chi whenever you are messy.
Throw out or donate old items that you don’t need, don’t leave dirty dishes when you sleep, stay organized in your house – these are just some things you can do to gain more good chi in your condo.

Fix broken things in the house

feng shui fix broken things in house

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Even though you’ve just moved into a brand new condo, it’s a known feng shui tip for new renters or owners to check everything from the light bulbs, sockets, faucets, and even the tiles for anything that’s amiss. You never know if something is broken or damaged. Anything that’s broken must be replaced or fixed as soon as possible to attract abundance. If these things are ignored, you might attract bad chi.

Also, keep in mind that there’s a right way to fix things in feng shui especially when it comes to furniture. It’s said that if you repair something like a vase and can display it with pride and treat it like a treasure, by all means, fix and keep it. But if you see it as something flawed, you need to throw it away.

Place your bed in the right position

feng shui place your bed in right position

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Are you having trouble sleeping in your new bedroom? Feng shui might help you with that. You need to do a few things like avoiding empty spaces between the area where you lay your head and the wall. According to Feng Shui Nexus, addressing the empty space will make you feel secured and supported.

In addition, you need to make sure that your bed doesn’t face the door. This position is also referred to as the coffin position. This isn’t an ideal position for feng shui. Lastly, avoid placing your bed under a beam. The reason behind this is that it will create a subconscious feeling of being suppressed.

That’s all eight feng shui tips to help bring good fortune and wellness into your brand new home. In case you want to rent your condo out, just make sure you brief the tenant about these practices so that good chi continuously flows in and blesses them with luck as well.