Who doesn’t want to have a good relationship with their landlord? While some misunderstanding and issues are unavoidable, there’s really no need for a landlord-tenant to turn sour. In fact, it’s actually easy and practical for lessors to nurture a good relationship with their landlord. Follow these 10 easy ways to create a good landlord-tenant relationship.

Pay rent on time

Rent is the lifeblood in the relationship between a tenant and a landlord. Paying rent on time should be a priority. Failure to pay rent on time can strain your relationship with your landlord. Usually, if rent is paid late, there is a corresponding late payment fee. In extreme cases, breach of contract due to late payment can cause eviction, as stipulated by law. Don’t let this happen to you. Any problem that may affect your rent payment should be discussed with your landlord as soon as possible.

Keep the condo clean and tidy

Whether it’s a room for rent in Makati or a studio-type unit in Quezon City, ensuring that the condo is clean is a tenant’s responsibility. A clean space will help keep away pests and germs, which can soil the landlord’s property. While interior design styles depend on individual taste, hygiene is a vital component of a safe and inviting place. Make sure you’re disposing garbage properly. Scrub your bathroom and kitchen at least once a week. Remember that most lease contracts stipulate that the landlord can take your deposit fee if you fail to care for the condo.

Steer clear of unauthorized repairs

A hotel-like room for rent in Quezon City is possible in a condo of DMCI Properties. However, while personalizing the space with these landlord-friendly tips is encouraged, it’s best to avoid taking matters into your own hands when it comes to major renovations and repairs. For modifications like paint touch ups or drilling holes into the wall, discuss the matter with your landlord. DIY fixes can save time, but it can get you into trouble if it means making hard-to-reverse changes in the condo. While you think that you’re doing your landlord a favor, you may end up making a big mistake and a huge penalty fee.

Report problems immediately

Property-related problems like a leaking faucet or a crack in the wall are sometimes unavoidable. It’s always a wise choice to inform your landlord of any damage immediately. Prompt reporting helps in faster action and prevents further damage to the condo. If the damage was caused by you, offering to pay the cost is the responsible thing to do. Attempting to cover up the damage can worsen the situation. Usually, there is no need to notify the landlord for minor repairs that you can do, such as fixing a busted light bulb or a loose door knob.

Make your expectations realistic

It’s unhealthy to expect your landlord to be at your beck and call for every issue. You’re sure to have a frazzled relationship if you constantly make unrealistic demands to your landlord. Like you, your landlord or property manager has other work commitments. Of course, some problems like a broken shower or air conditioning system require quick attention. For these kinds of problems, it’s the landlord’s duty to promptly address the situation. Generally, it is reasonable to expect a response within the day for serious property problems.

Observe good behavior

One may expect good manners to be a given in independent living, but the sad reality is that irrational actions can sometimes get the better of a tenant. Disrespectful behavior like leaving a nasty phone message, sarcastic responses and angry outbursts can instantly turn a landlord-tenant relationship into one fraught with aggression and distrust. Sometimes it can’t be avoided that things go wrong, but communicating calmly and clearly will help both parties resolve issues. Being polite during conversations can go a long way in maintaining an amicable relationship with your landlord.

Clarify pet ownership policy

Looking for a great way to enliven a room for rent in Mandaluyong? Owning a pet can make the space feel energized and positive. However, it’s important that you first discuss pet ownership with your landlord. Landlords can allow or disallow pet ownership depending on the pet and your capacity to maintain the space. Ideally, arrangements for pet ownership should be done before signing the lease agreement. There’s no limitation to what a lease contract can include, so you can definitely create an suitable setup with your landlord. While your pet is trained and adorable, note that some landlords can require a monthly pet or cleaning fee.

Settle all utility bills

Utility cost may or may not be included in your rent. Whatever the arrangement is with your landlord, it’s important that you settle utility costs on time. Water, gas and electricity are basic utilities that keep any condo running. Getting any of these disconnected due to late payment can cause trouble for your landlord, who will have to settle your issue with the utility provider. For bundled rent and utility cost, alway check if you’re consumption is within baseline level. This is important especially for units that are metered separately.

Maintain good neighbor relations

Maintaining good relations is one of the most important duties of the landlord and tenant. However, things can quickly go south when noise problems are concerned. Usually, the problem of noisy neighbors can be resolved without the intervention of the landlord. However, it’s a different case when it’s you who are being complained by your neighbors. If you can’t resolve your excessive noise, your neighbors and the condo management can complain to your landlord. All tenants are entitled to a living environment free from unreasonable disturbances, and your landlord has the responsibility to take action.

Express appreciation for the landlord’s efforts

While it’s the landlord’s responsibility to oversee condo maintenance, it won’t hurt you to say thank you no matter how small the effort was. Whether it’s fixing the water leakage or the dent on the floor, appreciating your landlord’s effort can foster a smooth and healthy relationship. Sending a thank-you note or a simple gift can go a long way. You may find that future maintenance works are done faster and with fewer reminders.

Adopting these 10 practices will cultivate a harmonious relationship with your landlord. While problems and issues can’t be entirely avoided, doing the extra step to be cooperative with your landlord will help sustain a peaceful and enjoyable condo living.