So you’ve sweated it out, bled, and wept for your coveted diploma. Now it’s time to celebrate! Take your graduation party to the next level by putting unique twists that will make it a an awesome night. Here are 12 tips on how to make your graduation party extra special.

1. Sit-Down Dinner Prepared by a Skilled Chef

Sit-Down Dinner

Photo courtesy of Jay Wennington via Unsplash

While celebrating in a restaurant is a viable option, you want your graduate party to go the extra mile. For its “wow” factor, having a proper sit-down dinner prepared by a master chef will surely be a unique and special experience. Hold the dinner in your own condo for that intimate vibe. If the guest list has gone out of hand, rent out a posh event space like Casa Real. You can never go wrong with upping the ante in celebrating this milestone in your life.

2. Rent the Pool for a Splashing Outdoor Party

Access to fantastic facilities is one of the great perks in DMCI leasing. From gyms to outdoor locations, you have plenty of options to experience modern living at its finest. Did you know that you can rent out the pool for an outdoor party? You’ve worked so hard to get that coveted college degree so you deserve to have a fun time with friends and family. An outdoor pool party in your condo is a sure hit because the combination of water and good company will bring out the fun. Having it in your condo is also very convenient.

3. Congratulate with Cheers and Sparklers

Cheers and sparklers will definitely lift the mood in the condo. Sparklers are inexpensive and are fun to use for your graduation party in the condo. They add that magical feeling to the momentous occasion. Be sure to observe basic safety though. Maintain a little distance from others with their sparklers. Also, dispose of them properly in a bucket of water as the stick can remain hot after the sparkler is gone.

4. Have a Laid-Back Afternoon Snack Party

Laid-Back Afternoon Snack Party

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

Condos for rent are great for a laid-back graduation party. Not only do you have the convenience of modern amenities, you also have quick access to nearby stores where unique party items are available. These things significantly minimize the stress involved in organizing your party while making it truly personalized. Instead of using the generic tongs for finger food, try decorating them with unique toothpick flags. They look great yet casual on the platter. Add colorful candies to make the food table appeal to the young and young-at-heart.

5. Hold a Costume Party

Hold a Costume Party

Photo courtesy of Efraimstochter via PIxabay

Your graduation marks the time in your life when you can start chasing your dreams. It’s usually the moment when you’re reminded that you can be whoever you want to be, as long as you put your mind and heart to it. To make your celebration out-of-the-box, one of the best graduation party ideas is to have a costume party. It will be a sure hit to all your friends because you get to dress up in something fancy. Whether it’s Star Wars- or Disney-inspired, having a costume-themed graduation party is a unique way to express your aspirations and creativity.

6. Let Loose with Especially Blended Cocktails

Especially Blended Cocktails

Photo courtesy of landersb via Pixabay

You’ve worked hard and spent countless nights beating deadlines to get your diploma, so you definitely deserve a drink or two for your graduation party. Make it truly special by concocting unusual yet delicious cocktail drinks. Depending on your preferred liquor, you can create great versions of classic mixes from your own condo kitchen. You can also spruce up what you already have in your cupboard with your own add-ons. Check the stores around DMCI condos for rent for those cool accessories like chocolate stick straws.

7. Create a Party Space with Colorful DIY Streamers

Colorful DIY Streamers

Photo courtesy of Foundry via Pixabay

Condo for rent in the Philippines allows the renters to transform the space into their own. Enhancing the space with colorful streamers will make your condo appropriate for your graduation party. This decorative element will bring your party area to life. To make it extra special, create your own streamers using inexpensive yet great-looking materials. The DIY element allows you to tailor fit the decor according to your liking. From fancy crepe paper to bendable wiring, play with different materials for that perfect backdrop in your venue.

8. Have a Cool Picnic-Style Party

Cool Picnic-Style Party

Photo courtesy of nachar via Pixabay

Do you often hear of picnic parties done in the city? Probably not so much because of the space issue. However, a number of condo for rent in the Philippines have great space for a wonderful picnic-style graduation celebration. Many graduates want a special party to mark their achievement, yet not everyone wants it to be super formal. Organizing a picnic party can be your ultimate laid-back celebration with close friends and family. Whether it’s indoors or in the green outdoor areas of your condo building, you can have a relaxed and down-to-earth celebration.

9. Sweeten Your Success with a Dessert Party

Sweeten Your Success

Photo courtesy of envasa via Pixabay

It feels good to graduate because it’s a sign that you’ve achieved something significant. You can sweeten your accomplishment by holding a baking and dessert party. Planning for a graduation party that involves baking is doable in your condo. It’s great for all ages, and is fantastic when kids celebrate with you. Apart from the basic ingredients, make sure you have fun baking molds for those creative shapes.  

10. Organize a Lighthearted Exchange Gift

Lighthearted Exchange Gift

Photo courtesy of Shari’s Berries via Flickr, Creative Commons

Apartments are great venues for fun events like a yankee swap graduation party. It’s a gift-giving game that is fun and perfect if you’re celebrating with other graduates. Invite everyone to bring a wrapped gift based on a theme you will provide. On the actual party, place all the gifts on a table. One by one, the participants will select a wrapped gift and open the contents for the others to see. The second participant will then either “steal” the present or pick another wrapped present. The game continues until all of the participants have a gift.

11. Be Chill with Yummy Slushies

Be Chill with Yummy Slushies

Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Having slushies in your party can make the event refreshing. Forget about the usual soda or punch for a moment. Nothing could be better than having delicious slushies in a hot tropical climate. As for the recipes, choose your mixes depending on the seasonal fruits and other ingredients you like. Feel free to stick to fruity slushies or be adventurous by spiking it with alcohol. To make it easy and fast, consider getting a slushie maker to allow your guests to make their own drinks.

12. Capture New Memories with a Photo Booth

The best graduation party tips center around the task of making the event memorable. While you can simply use your phone to take photos, having a disco-themed photo booth will make your party fun and laughter-filled for your guests. Customize the photo booth decor to whatever theme you like. Rely on pops of color, festive textures, and creative accessories. You can also hire a professional photographer, although using a good quality camera is a good alternative. Have a printer ready so you give the photos away as party favors to your guests.  

Finally clinching your diploma is best complemented with unique ideas for your graduation party. With these graduation party tips, you’re sure to have the best celebration you deserve in recognition for your achievement. Congratulations!