Excited to move in with your barkada and finally start your university life? This will undoubtedly bring you the best memories. But there are things you need to consider to avoid unwanted issues in your shared home. You should know what to look for when searching for the right place for the barkada. Looking for a dormitory near Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila? Here are the things you need to consider beyond just the rent.

Decide on a budget

Before you go hunting for a university belt condo for rent, make sure you’ve set a budget. While you should work on a budget, you should also strive to find a bigger place in a better area. Consider the maximum amount each one of you can afford, and add it all up. This will help you consider just the right place for everyone. More spacious units can be pricey, but it will be worth it.

Consider your must-haves

Have a little meeting with the barkada, and discuss everything you need to have in your new place. Be ready with a pen and paper, so you can write everything down. Do you need the place to be close to school? Would you be bringing pets? How about a parking space? Will there be laundry facilities? List down your must-haves and deal breakers, so no one ends up living in a place that does not work for them. Knowing just what you are looking for beforehand will also make your university condo viewing more fruitful.

Inspect the unit firsthand

Viewing units online won’t cut it when looking for the right place. You need to see the condo unit firsthand. Moreover, you must know what to look for. Do not allow the overall look to deceive you. Check the nooks and crannies so nothing goes amiss. Be ready to take photos of little defects like bits of chipped paints on the edges. This will help you avoid getting charged for the defects once your leasing period is over.

Know what to look for

You should identify potential mishaps when checking the unit. Being amenable with the rental fee and the location may not be enough. You need to take some key things into consideration. Check the shower heads and sink faucets. Make sure water really do flow out of them and that they are working without a hitch. The last thing you need is having to deal with a broken shower when you are running late for school. And don’t miss the toilet. Make sure it’s flushing properly and thoroughly.

If the unit is furnished, check whether the furniture pieces are in good condition and if the appliances are working properly. You should also check if the electric devices and lights are operational. Flick the switches and try out the outlets. Switch on the air conditioner to see if there are any problems.

Next off are the walls and windows. Try them out to see if they close, open, and lock properly. You should also be wary of any noise coming from the next room. If the place is too noisy, this might keep you from studying for an exam or getting a good sleep to recharge for the next day. And if you and your barkada get it on with your chika sessions, you might get reported for the noise if the walls are too thin.

Learn more about your landlord

Get to know your landlord. Is he easy to talk to? Will you be able to reach him should you need anything? Is there a property management willing and able to help you with any concerns? Your faucet will get leaky. Light may stop working. Your toilet’s flush may get broken. Things can get wrong. That’s unavoidable. But you should be assured that you will get the help you need when the time comes. A professional and a well-trained property management team can help ensure you’ll have a pleasant stay throughout the leasing period. And it will spare you the stress and headache that bad landlords tend to provide in large doses.

Consider what you need for the bedrooms

Now that you have the unit all sorted out, you can get down with the basics. Will each of you be getting his/her own room? If you’ll be sharing bedrooms, who will go with whom? Take your personalities into consideration when deciding on these things. Some people in the barkada click with each other better, and should be the ones sharing the same room. You should also agree among yourselves who will be providing which stuff,, and which appliances you’re willing to share. You can, say, agree to chip in for a good mirror and trash bins, and just buy everything else individually, such as your mattresses and nightstands.

Plan out the organizational tools you will need

Let’s face it, some people in the barkada can be real neat freaks. And we do need to avoid clutter if we want to keep the place livable. A well-organized space simply helps us better avoid stress. So early on, you and the barkada should already agree on how you will keep the place spic and span. And you should be ready with organizational tools. Having ample storage space is one of the most effective ways to keep clutter in check. Be ready with under-bed storage bins, shoe rack, laundry basket, bins for your closet, and organizers for your study desk.

Be ready with bathroom essentials

A shared bathroom can be a cause for trouble if you do not plan accordingly. You should have a schedule for bathing in the morning. And you should work together to ensure it has the essentials, as this will help keep your bathroom clutter-free and convenient to use. Keep a shower caddy that can carry multiple bathroom essentials. Install additional tower bars, and keep the bathroom well-stocked with toilet paper and cleaning detergents. And be ready with a toilet brush, plunger, and a floor mop. Install a shower curtain so you can keep the floor dry.

Work on your kitchen

Will you be cooking a lot? If yes, will it be the complex type of cooking? Discuss this among yourselves, so you’ll know just what you’ll need to have in your kitchen. And decide among yourselves as to who should bring the needed items. Some may already have stuff at their own homes that they could take with them. Figure out which items you’ll have to shop for, and split the costs among yourselves.

Make your living room comfortable

Your living room will essentially be the barkada’s shared room. This will be the place where you view the big game, binge-watch movies, and even throw parties. Bring in sofa and chairs, a coffee table, throw blankets, lamps, and an entertainment center. School can be very stressful, and hanging out in your living room may be the solace you’ll need.

Now that you know everything you need to consider when looking for a shared dorms condo near UST and other such universities, it’s time to go condo-hunting. Looking for a condo for rent near a university belt can be challenging. But if you’re doing it with the squad, it can only be as fun as it gets!