Christmas is fast approaching, and while we all have been in countless parties in the past, there’s still mirth and excitement in having a fun holiday gathering with family. But how do you make the Christmas party venue feel less like a routine and more special than last year’s? Explore great possibilities in a Christmas party venue in Makati, and decorate your holiday party venue with your personalized style. Here’s how to ace your party planning in 10 easy steps.

1. Accessorize with warm and cozy pillows

Whether you want an intimate get-together with your family or a joyful shindig with friends, include warm and cozy accessories in your Christmas party planning checklist. Festive pillows are great because they can quickly upgrade your party venue. They help you create a comfortable and inviting environment. Cover your pillows with attractive, unique covers for a better tactile experience. Remember that holiday pillow covers and blankets need not be expensive. Score great deals at bazaars and mall sales. Use thicker materials like cotton and canvas to make your pillows feel more plush.

2. Embellish with Christmas cards

Decorate your venue with Christmas cards on a string. There’s something personal about holiday cards which can make your guests feel the tenderness of Christmas. The cards can be from families, friends or colleagues. You can also create your own cards with your own message for your guests. Venues for rent can sometimes feel impersonal, but Christmas cards on display can make the place feel more intimate. Enhance the impact of Christmas cards with decorative items such as a candy-shaped wreath and a noel sign. All these elements combined can make your venue ready for a memorable holiday party.

3. Make food presentation a feast for the eyes

feast for the eyes

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Food is a key part of any party. When done right, the food you serve can be a great decorative addition to your party venue. Don’t feel like you have to serve something unusual or too sophisticated. Stick to the food you and your family love, but present it in a festive way. Chicken or turkey, for example, can look appetizing if you embellish it with colorful vegetables like carrots, Brussels sprouts, and parsley. If you feel like you’re not geared up to cook and serve, hire a caterer who can do the job for you. Remember that we eat with eyes and senses, so make sure your food is as festive-looking as your venue.

4. Transform the venue with the magic of light and scent

magic of light and scent

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Decorate your venue with scented and sparkly candles. Choose a scent that’s commonly associated with Christmas, such as cinnamon or pine. Smell is a highly evocative sense, and scented candles can instill a festive mood in your venue. Quality scented candles are easy to find these days. They’re also not that expensive. Having an abundance of scented candles in a venue in DMCI properties can make the space truly feel magical and special. Place your candles in decorative home dishes for an extra-stylish touch.

5. Establish a seating arrangement

Wondering how you can stir and sustain conversation in your venue? A good trick is to establish a seating arrangement. While it’s often associated with formal parties, a seating arrangement can be great for informal gatherings as well. It’s ideal if you’re having a mixed group of people, as it can ensure that your guest are well-spread. With a seating arrangement, you can easily connect friends, family and coworkers. Use your knowledge of your guests to create an interactive seating plan.

6. Play the perfect the playlist

Your holiday party planner isn’t complete without Christmas music. But it can be a polarizing genre, because some songs have been played ad nauseam through the years. Create a custom playlist with a mix of classics and contemporary songs. There are also applications like Spotify which can easily provide you with many different genres. Play a wide array of yuletide songs in your party venue to avoid making your event feel humdrum and to make your guest feel the joy of the holidays.

7. Book your special venue in advance

An alternative holiday party venue in the Philippines is a great choice for personalized gathering. But remember that great venues go quickly. Book the venue ahead of time. Starting early can ensure the availability of your preferred venue. Request a quote from among your best options and don’t forget about taking note of the dimensions of the space. Also, consider the venue’s accessibility for your guests to encourage a good turnout.

8. Give your guests DIY trinkets

guest DIY trinkets

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DIY giveaways are fantastic for a personalized holiday party. Having these trinkets on display at the venue can lend warmth and intimacy to the space. Sometimes it’s the simple, handcrafted gifts that can feel most meaningful for your guests. From crafty cushions to snow globe cookie jars, there are lots of DIY Christmas home decor that you can even give as presents.

9. Why not do an unusual party theme?

unusual party theme

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The theme is your party’s heartbeat. For a personalized and memorable holiday party this year, why not do something a bit different? If you’re organizing an big party for family and friends, a gathering with different Holiday “workstations” can mimic Santa’s factory. Each station can include different activities like baking and face-painting. Another option is to consider a masquerade ball-themed Christmas event for a stylish and creative gathering.

10. Serve customized drinks and cocktails

drinks and cocktails

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Get creative with the Christmas cocktails. There lots of great recipes to choose from, and feel free to spike them for an extra kick. While craft beers are convenient options, try to have at least one visually-stimulating drink to impress your guests. Serving specialty drinks, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, can transform your venue into a party place. For example, you can elevate the usual chocolate and peppermint by adding creme de cacao and almonds.

With these 10 easy steps, you can make your holiday party venue personalized, exciting, and ready for merrymaking. Organize your party venue with your own personality and try to start early for a stress-free and memorable yuletide gathering.