An online condo search definitely spells convenience on many practical levels. You get to see an array of options at your fingertips, verify information fast, and peruse pictures depicting a perfect pad, making your condo hunt all the more exciting.

However, the internet is a smorgasbord of way too many information, both good and bad. With something as important as finding a condo for rent, you need to have an action plan to avoid losing yourself in postings, wasting hours on an inefficient search, and worst, falling victim to crooks lurking online.

Get the most out of your online search and find the perfect place to call home out of the countless condos in the Philippines. If you are raring to get started, here are the condo hunting tips that you should know.

Make A Clear List Of What You Need And Want

As they say, “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” While that may sound cliche, keeping this in mind is crucial in preparing you for the deluge of choices. Evaluate your lifestyle and goals for these will be your basis. Define your non-negotiables and wish list clearly. Do not settle with something like “a nice condo unit in the city.” Include specific details. For convenience, put in locations near to your school or work and the amenities that you need. If you are big on green living, write down condos that will allow you to enjoy natural air and light in the entire building. Have a pet? Then condos that allow pets are a must.

Collaborate With Your Roommate

If you will be sharing space with family or friends, make sure you are on the same page as far as condo talks are concerned. Discuss what to look for based on your and their preferences. Take advantage of your strengths and come up with a neat delegation of work on how you will go about this condo hunt. For instance, if you are great at online research and they have superb people skills, perhaps you can do the online hunt while they do the talking part with landlords, property managers, and brokers.

Set Realistic Figures

Here is a pretty tough one. Carefully assess where you are right now at this point in your life, especially in terms of finances. Aside from the monthly rental, consider other expenses that are proven to be sizable amounts of money once they build up: association fees, utility bills, transportation, and so on. Once you have decided, don't waste time on condos that won't fit the bill. Focus on budget-friendly rental prices in the Philippines that will allow you to live comfortably and save at the same time.

Rev Up The Search Engines

And here’s the start of the main event. Scour online listings in line with your plan, website by website. Do yourself a favor and whittle down the myriad of listings by making good use of search parameters. Prioritize your needs and type in your non-negotiables like price range, location, and so on. Filter the results by comparing them side by side and zoning in your wants. At the end of it, you should have only the best choices pared down.

Map 'Em Out

One of the handiest tips for finding the perfect condo is having a good grasp of where you will stand — literally — once you move in a new condo. While a good number of search websites automatically map locations, maximize the mapping feature of the internet. Plot and mark the condos that interest you as well as important places like your office or school, malls, hospitals, and so on. Look into the driving directions and public transport. With all these factors considered, you will not only know the accessibility of the place, you will also get to plan efficiently. For instance, check out three condo units in person in such a way that you will get to point A to point B to point C without going around in circles. Save a copy of the map with the locations on it so you can go back to it.

Organize The Pertinent Information

With all the data you will come across, take good notes and organize them so you won't be cluttered and lost. Prepare a table with important details such as the condo's address, contact person and their number or email, number of bedrooms, pros and cons, and the like. Document your progress with each condo unit prospect from contacting the property manager to viewing the place to closing a deal. Do not forget to make room for additional notes.

Start The Communication

Get in touch with the landlord, owner, or property manager of the condo units you are most interested in to set up an appointment. Do it as soon as possible to better deal with any conflicts in the schedule. On the day of your appointment, be ready with your list of questions and concerns that you need to raise.

Watch Out For Scams

While the internet is teeming with options and possibilities, it is also rife with unscrupulous people looking out to pounce on unwitting victims. One common scenario is scammers asking for payment even if you have not yet seen and verified the condo unit. According to fraud investigator PO3 Ronnie del Rosario of the Philippine National Police, usual charges are estafa and concealing true identity if the scammer used a fake persona.

Of course, prevention is better than cure so while you may enjoy the online condo search, do not let your guard down. Steer clear of questionable websites and posts that seem too good to be true. Avoid dubious deals and posers by carefully studying information from the listings. Do not divulge personal information especially your bank account and credit card details and never send money without solid assurance of the deal.

Everything now is easier and faster, thanks to the world wide web. But just as there are good opportunities, there are also traps to avoid. But do not worry. Follow these tips and you will be able to navigate the internet in search for the perfect condo for you.