It’s hard to stay cool when the sun is so harsh that you can’t even muster the will to step outside and cross the street. Summer is fun, but it is not all beach holidays and vacations. The reality is that during this time of the year, it is a pain lining up for public transportation, walking back to the office in heels after a lunch meeting, and trying to look fresh with all the sweating.

At home, you can’t have a shut-eye without air-conditioning. Staying home for the weekends doesn’t sound as tempting (as opposed to chilling out in a mall) anymore. Renters, who have to save up for monthly financial obligations, cannot afford to go out of town and hit the beach just to cool down. Take note that some parts of the tenancy law also limit them from making home adjustments in order to stay cool this summer.

But to the creative and imaginative, these limits are nothing. There are a lot of low-cost ways to stay cool this summer—from fun activities to life hacks.

Slash your electricity bill

Summer Slash your Electricity

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Nothing can make you sweat as hard than an electric bill that soared to the heavens. Energy consumption is higher during summer because of the surge in demand. And for condo renters, that is a big letdown.

Among the tips for condo renters this summer is to set your air-conditioner at a moderate temperature because colder temperatures won’t cool down a room any faster. Clean or replace its filter whenever necessary. Use box fans or set the ceiling fan to run counterclockwise.

Also, don’t forget to shut down electrical appliances that are not in use. Air-dry your clothes.

Draw drapes and blinds so that your home won’t be exposed to direct sunlight. Invest in a mattress or a pillow with cooling technology for better sleeping conditions. Cook outdoors when you can, such as a grilling party for dinner, to keep heat outside.

Set up an outdoor cinema

Summer is the season for movie blockbusters. But instead of waiting in line for tickets and figuring your way through a crowd, why not set up an outdoor cinema in a party venue for rent right in your condominium complex? It could be the open grounds, garden, or rooftop park. All you need is a projector and your film choice for a movie night. Cozy up with friends on bean bags and picnic blankets, and have some popcorn. You did not only save on electricity and movie tickets, you also manage to pull off an amazing evening with friends.

Start a neighborhood potluck

Summer Neighborhood Potluck

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What’s your hallway like during the summer? Neighbors, instead of greeting each other, complain about how hot the day is or how high your electricity bill was for the past month. Sounds familiar? Why not gather your neighbors together for a lunch potluck? Find a covered area in your condo community such as a picnic ground or garden and set up a picnic blanket for a casual lunch. Assign what everyone would bring such as dessert for odd-numbered units and sides for even-numbered ones.

The next time you meet in the hallway, you talk about the next lunch picnic, how your kids can have play dates, etc. Not only will you strengthen the bond among neighbors, you also keep the heat out of your kitchen and finally breathe fresh air outside.

Build a tent and go camping

Summer Build a Tent

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For condo renters with adventurous kids, camping is definitely a good idea this summer. Save on energy consumption by setting up a tent within your condo community. Take advantage of open grounds, landscaped gardens, and palm trees. Cozy up with soft sheets and cuddly pillows. Bring a flashlight, a storybook, and some midnight snacks.

Play with water and bubbles

Summer Play with Water

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Summer is a great time to re-introduce kids to the wonderful outdoors. Instead of leaving kids on the couch with a gadget and a fan directed at them the whole day, bring them outside and make giant bubbles. All you need is one of those inflatable kiddie pools, bubble solution, and a hula hoop. You may also hit water balloons with a plastic baseball bat or run around with water guns. Apart from these DIY activities, you may also take a dip in the pool to stay cool.

Make your own frozen treats

Summer Own Frozen Treats

Photo courtesy of ponce_photography via Pixabay

During summer, there’s nothing much but fruits shakes and ice cream on your mind. Learn how to make your own frozen treats via DIY tutorials you can easily search on the Internet. This would be such a fulfilling activity especially if you have kids around.

Make your own fruit pops and ice cream with just the simplest ingredients and the easiest steps. Chilled fruit kebabs and milk shakes are also very kid-friendly.

Get hot air out

Does walking into your condo unit feel like walking into an oven? This means you need to get the hot air out. Invest in a twin window fan so that hot air is exhausted out of your condo while cool air is pulled in. A DIY trick for this is just turn a fan around to blow out hot air.

Spraying ice-cold water toward the ceiling is also a good way to stay cool. The mist will help cool down air in the room.

Start an indoor garden

Summer Indoor Garden

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One of the ways renters can stay cool this summer and be “greener” throughout the year is by starting an indoor garden. Potted plants and greens help circulate fresher and healthier air. Choose from a wide range of plants that do not need much sunlight, watering or your attention to grow. You may also set this up in your balcony to help usher in natural air. In your kitchen, you can start with a mini-herb garden.

Keep your own cool

Summer Keep Your Own Cool

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Lowering your body temperature is one of the most low-cost ways to stay cool this summer. During summer nights, make it a habit to take a quick cold shower to keep your body temperature down. Wet and freeze a towel for a minute and use it as a cold wrap for your feet or neck. These parts of the body cool the rest of the body too. Drink lots of water and wear light clothing.