The Dansalan Garden boasts well-planned residential units, topnotch amenities, and expansive spaces. Residents and guests alike are provided with unparalleled comfort, convenience, space, and privacy. With more than half of the property allotted for open spaces, Dansalan Gardens provides ample room for movement and abundant breathing spaces. The resort-like amenities will make you want to move around and enjoy a vast array of activities, or simply explore the stunning landscape. The verdant surroundings and the private nooks awaiting your discovery will also inspire you to do more of the meditative practices that help you stay centered. There is more to meditation than sitting still with your legs crossed. Explore the many meditative spots in Dansalan Gardens where you can meditate or simply relax.

Enjoy a tranquil spot by the koi pond

Dansalan Gardens’ koi pond area offers a great place for doing focused attention meditation. One of the most popular means of meditation, this involves focusing your attention on a specific object. The object could be an external object, a part of your body, a mantra or simply your breathing. This type of meditation requires peace and quiet. You can head over to the gazebo overlooking the koi pond, and bask in the tranquility as you get lost in your meditation.

Have a relaxing meditation at the landscaped gardens

You can do the same focused attention meditation at one of Dansalan Gardens’ landscaped areas. This DMCI property was especially designed to maximize available open spaces. You will find the expansive outdoors both relaxing and invigorating. The wide expanse of beautifully landscaped areas offer many nooks you can claim as your own spot for meditation. You can even have one of the ground units that come with their own private gardens. They offer serene meditation spots.

Embrace the privacy and exclusivity of your own unit

Private spaces are especially ideal for the focused-attention type of meditation. And you can’t get more private than when you are in your own unit. DMCI has put prime importance on providing privacy and exclusivity in every unit. They set a cap of only 12 units on each building floor, ensuring freedom of movement. This means you are assured of less outside interference or invasion of your own private space, and more room for deep meditation.

The three residential buildings at Dansalan Gardens are optimally designed to provide every unit with stunning views of the Bonifacio Global City and Makati skylines, and of the Antipolo Hill and Manila horizons. There is no nearby high-rise development to obstruct the view, ensuring that each unit gets a spectacular glimpse of the city. Stunning views can highly encourage meditation and relaxation.

Admire the magnificent skyline views from the sky lounge

Dansalan Gardens’ Paloverde Tower has a sky lounge that offers a 270-degree view of the skyline. You get to admire the stunning sight of the Makati CBD skyscrapers in the south, the Manila Bay sunset in the west, and the Antipolo Hills in the east. The panoramic view the sky lounge provides makes it an ideal location for relaxation after a long day at work.

Enjoy a relaxing stroll along the walking trail

With more than half of the 8,000 sqm property dedicated to open spaces, you are sure to find a true zen haven in Dansalan Gardens. The expansive spaces abound with lush greenery and soothing amenities like the koi pond and lovely gardens. Walking trails offer a great way to experience the property’s stunning outdoor amenities. They are also great for walking meditation. This involves doing a body scan and paying attention to your breathing. A body scan is carried out by paying attention to your physical sensations, blocking out the barrage of thoughts that get in the way of your meditative state. This is a mental technique that helps you get in touch with your own body.

Release your tension at the gym

It is best to perform the body scan right before you start working out or while doing your warm-up. Certain parts of the body scan technique can also be done anytime you feel that your mind is starting to wander. You may carry out a body scan by standing still until your awareness starts to settle in your body. You then take deep breaths and do a mental scan on your body, checking for areas where you might feel tightness or pain. You then breathe into these areas to rid yourself of the tension. You may also do a formal body scan which involves lying on the ground and switching your consciousness across different parts of your body, paying attention to a specific muscle group at a time. The formal body scan is best performed after your exercise session. Dansalan Garden provides its residents and guests with exclusive access to a well-equipped gym.

Feel the cocooning effect of swimming meditation

Swimming can be a stripped-down moving meditation worth learning. It will leave you seeing nothing but the bottom of the pool and hearing nothing but the rush of water. All these combine to create a cocooning and insulating effect. You then experience a sense withdrawal, which is the fifth yogic element identified by the sage Patañjali. The process of shutting out external stimuli allows your mind to settle. Just like walking meditation, this is a moving meditation but with more flow. The sensation of flow results from both the natural gliding action of swimming and the literal fluidity of the water. Dansalan Gardens offers just the right pool to carry out your swimming meditation.

Meditation or simple relaxation offers enormous benefits, from reducing stress to increasing happiness levels and improving health. With the many meditative spots to recenter yourself in Dansalan Gardens, there is simply no excuse to miss out on its key advantages.