Minimalism is a concept heavily influenced by Japanese traditional architectural designs. This art and design idea gave birth to the famous saying “less is more” by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. This concept has been mostly used by those staying in smaller spaces since it focuses on the basic necessities of home living.

If you are thinking of using the minimalism concept in your condo, here are five interior designs that you can use for inspiration.

This sleek and chic design from Home Decor blends the hues of black and white to create a very relaxing living room. Its minimalist approach gives it a futuristic feel. It has furniture that does not hinder it from having the storage space it needs, as seen from its bookshelves and stands. This design inspiration is best for many since people are likely to own neutral colored furniture and appliances.

But if you would like to add colors to your condo, don’t worry. Our list is just starting.

The blending of three colors and concepts fully captivates the idea of minimalism in this living room. Its wood floor complements the blackish colors of the furniture. The look is complete with white walls and ceiling topped with chandelier-like light fixtures, giving the space a charming and cozy feel. If you are renting your living space, you can buy wood floor designs that can be easily installed and removed once you leave the place.

This design has a pinch of Japanese influence with its storage and wallpaper design. But seeing that you’re likely to lease a space and cannot touch your place’s wall, you can bring artificial bamboos inside instead. These products are easy to find in the market.

Who says you can’t add color into your minimalist design. The bright colors of violet, pink, and orange bring warmth into the space. You are sure to hit the sack as soon as you lie on the couch because of its cozy feel. As you can see, the focal point and inspiration of this design is the huge flower painting on the wall. So when designing, have a certain art piece or furniture that will act as your design guide and concentration for a more cohesive look.

The shocking orange color blends well with the white sofa and brown coffee table, giving it a pleasant feel of home that you are sure to love. You can also add a plant in your room like this one. Not only does it add appeal, it also cleans the air in the room by absorbing the pollutants.

Minimalism is not just about white and black. You can mix in any color you would like to have in your room. Release your full creativity and don’t be afraid to use vibrant colors. This approach is a money saver that does not sacrifice chic fashion and comfort.