Adding life to your plain white wall can be tempting. We want to add color to our lives, starting from our house. But how would you go about doing so if you are renting and there’s a strict no paint policy in place? The list is endless when it comes to wall decor ideas for condo spaces. All you need is an ounce of creativity and a little bit of effort.

If you are planning to splash color into your wall, think outside the box. Paint is a go-to choice but there’s a lot more that you probably haven’t tried yet. Make your condo decorations landlord-friendly and use it to bring color to your plain wall.

Fabrics Instead of Paint

There’s a lot of ways you can use fabric for your interior decorations. One way is for you to stretch the fabric tightly over the wall then secure it using thumbtacks or small nails. If you don’t want to use up the whole space, then you can hang beautiful embroidered prints just to break the neutral color of your wall. Choose a size that would fit your preference.

Temporary Wallpapers

This cheap wall decor is not a new trick, but it’s still a sure-fire way to cover up your white/neutral wall. Wallpapers are easy to put in and to remove. Be creative with your choices, choose colors that would suit your personality and would easily blend in with your furniture.

Paint is for Canvass

Why add paint to your condo walls when you can add paint to a canvas? You can buy small or large paintings as decorations to your house without spending a fortune. Big, bold paintings can easily change the vibe of your flat and can bring new life. You can choose one big painting or buy a couple of small ones and make a collage. If you’re lucky enough to have an artistic side, why not buy a canvas and hung a painting of your own?

Colorful Inside Out

Hanging curtains are not just for keeping your privacy and preventing light from coming in; you can also use that to boost your window’s appeal. Mount curtain rods on the wall near the ceiling, and use curtains with bottoms touching the floor for a more dramatic look. Try different patterns and color combinations to see what would fit best. This will not only look good inside, but viewers from the outside can see it as well.

Draw your Wall

Draw your wall, but only if you’re using a chalkboard. The use of chalkboards as wall decoration is becoming so popular these days, and your creativity is the only limit. An article from gave the best decorating tips and samples for this choice. The good thing about wall décor is that you can change it anytime you’d like to. Additionally, you can use it to take down notes about things you can’t afford to forget.

Stick and Peel Tiles

Want to have a better kitchen ambiance? Stick and Peel Tiles is the way to go. These can be bought on most home décor stores and can be installed and removed easily. This will greatly enhance your kitchen experience while you are living with someone else’s design choices.

Nostalgic Experience

Remember sticking different photos on your bedroom wall when you were a kid? Why not do it now that you’re a grown up? Compile pictures from different occasions, with different people, taken from different places. This brings back memories and staring at your wall can now be so much fun. Be creative with the way you post them. You can try different design patterns or photo sizes with making a photo collage.

Go Greener

Plants as wall décor never gets old. In fact, more design ideas are coming out of the blue and it’s not only used indoors, but also on a wide variety of places, even on the streets. You can make your own vertical gardens inside your pad or simply put a flower vase near a blank wall. Using green scenery inside your house will bring calmness and will help you relax. And who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

Play with Patterns

With the use of washi tapes, you can create your own 3D wall. Create geometric patterns with different colors to design your whole wall or use it as fake frames for your photos, lamps, or anything else that’s on your wall. Experiment with using different colors and patterns. Another way to use washi tapes is with papers. Cut out paper strips and other design can be a playfully attractive way to revamp your wall.

Living in a space that’s not your own shouldn’t be a hindrance to your artistic expression. You just need to let your imagination flow and have courage mixing up these DIY wall decor tips. By personalizing your rented space, it will make your stay more comfortable and can give you the bragging rights. Not only was your place

designed by you, it’s also designed for you.