Ber months have started and yes Christmas is just a few weeks away! Philippines is known to be the country which celebrates Christmas the longest. You see tons of holiday decorations outdoor, Christmas carols played and sung everywhere, Christmas lanterns lighting the city living. Let’s walk into your room...where’s the candy canes? The Evergreen Christmas tree? Well, it seems that your Christmas condo has not opened doors for Christmas yet.

The thing is, as you put up those boughs of holly, you could still get your condo renovation going! If you want to taste Christmas like every other condo here in the Philippines, here are home improvement ideas that you could do even on a tight budget.

1. Illuminate

One of the many pre-holiday condo renovations you can try is focused on letting in light! Check on the light fixtures that you have. Dust them if it has been sitting in your storage for a while, make it a point to do condo repairs and replace broken ones asap. On top of this, instead of working on the fixtures and adding more light bulbs, get the windows working. Install curtains that are light-colored. This is one of the top frugal design ideas you could do in your home.

2. Install A Headboard

Sleeping in your plain bed may be elevated to a whole new level. Install a headboard that speaks your personality. You could make a headboard simply out of anything, a surfboard, a panel of wood, skateboard, decoupaged magazines, or a rectangular picture frame. It does not need to be expensive, you only need to think outside the box and utilize what you already have. Make sure that the headboard reflects your personality and the personality of your room.

3. Add a Touch of Green

With the trend right now, going green is the right way to go. If you do not have any plant in your condo, then make yourself a vertical garden. Start by putting one or two potted plants as center table pieces.

4. Throw In Wall Decals

Forget wall paper, wall decals are in today. Energize your bathroom with a few accents of wall decals. If you already have decals, replace it with a new design which works well with your overall condo design ideas. Be practical with the designs, do not overdo the designs by putting too much decals on the bathroom. Wall decals could easily give your bathroom a new look without having to change the tiles or the entire wall paints.

5. Repaint

Cheap and easy, the easiest and cheapest way for you to have a new condo design is by repainting the whole room. Most condo units go with the classic white paint, you could add your own flare by painting stripes on the walls or paint the walls halfway. Cracks may be covered in the process and conceal blemishes in the wall with a paint job. If the hole is too big, place an adhesive patch or wall putty over the area. This dries overnight so when it dries spread paint over it. Go for a lighter shade and make sure that the shade you choose is in line with the design of your condo interior.

6. Change The Cabinets

If there’s anything that you constantly have to utilize other than the doors and floors, it is the cabinets. On top of this, you don’t usually check on the hinges and the painting inside the cabinet. Remove the contents of the cabinet and check for rings of rust or chipped paint. Repaint the entire insides of the cabinet.

7. Hang In Some Holiday Spirit

Sprinkle some holiday spirit with holiday decorations. While this may not be a total home renovation, you have to watch out for doing too much holiday decorations in the condo design. Put in decorations that could easily be removed like vases, figurines, or wreaths.

8. Reorganize

Nothing gives a condo unit a fresher look than having to reorganize the different pieces of furniture at home. A frugal design idea and yet an excellent way to save your money for a better condo interior. Consider the design that you wanted, your personality, and work with it. Make it more spacious but do not clump all furnitures together.

9. Add Space To Your Room

Get rid of the unnecessary things in your condo. Outdated magazines, broken vases, newspapers, old pillows, everything that is ready to be thrown away, throw away. If you are thinking twice about throwing them away, keep them hidden in a box or somewhere that does not take the space could be used for other purposes. Remember that it is better to have more space than to have no space at all with unnecessary objects.

10. Replace The Showerheads

With your busy schedule amidst the city living, you probably haven’t noticed the water deposits clogging your showerhead. Buy one which deposits a steady or low flow of water which saves your money on the water bill and gets you the same water flow you need for bathing. If you do not want to replace your showerhead, you could clean a showerhead by soaking it in a solution of baking soda and vinegar. Hard to pull out of the shower pole? Fill a plastic bag with the solution of vinegar and baking soda then secure it in the showerhead with a rubber band.

Instead of going for a long-term home renovation, utilize the time before the holidays to make the best out of your condo. If you only rent a condo, you may have to ask your owner about the condo renovations or condo repairs you will be doing. Even if you are in for a small condo design, you could still have these home improvement renovations in your condo. Be creative and you will have an excellent and fresh condo look this December.