Geeks are often highly intellectual individuals who are passionate about computer technology or a specific element of pop culture. They are well-versed in their field of passion, and are committed to it to a point of obsession. These people’s distinctly geeky traits can make them ideal condo dwellers. Here are some of the reasons why condo living jibes with the geeky way of life.

Condos are financially viable

Geeks are experts in the field they are passionate about. Every now and then, they take the time to talk to “outsiders” about their passion. Although they may appear to resent it when people don’t get their jargon, deep inside geeks actually revel in the fact that they get to be the expert in the field. This expertise stems from all the obsessive attention and efforts given to learning about the topic or field they are passionate about. While this in itself can be highly advantageous, it can come with a price. For one, geeks may not always be financially driven as they are more focused on chasing their passion. Hence, they may find themselves an expert in a field that is not necessarily profitable. It does not help that they also tend to spend a lot on gadgets, collectors’ items, and other such things to support their hobby. This makes making savings in other areas of their life highly important. Here comes the advantage of owning a condo. They tend to be cheaper than a townhouse, apartment, and a single-family house in urban areas where lands come at a premium.

Geeks can get help with maintenance

Geeks tend to be sucked into the one thing they are interested in. It can be very difficult for them to draw their attention away from what they are most passionate about. Most of the time, they are only interested in learning something new if it is within the field they are obsessed about. Because of this single-mindedness, other aspects of their life are put on the backburner. A house and lot requires a lot of time and money for maintenance, something geeks would rather not be bothered with. Condo living would suit them better, with the property management team taking the load off of a lot of the maintenance routine. There will be no need to wake up an hour early to do some sweeping and gardening, for one.

Geeks benefit from great condo amenities

Geeks tend to lose themselves in their obsession. They often find themselves fully engaged in what they are doing that they lose track of time. Geeks can spend hours on end doing their thing without stopping to buy food. The fantastic amenities in condos can work great for geeks. Gardens, gazebos and landscaped atriums are conducive for this state of mind.

Geeks can have their own space

Geeks also have the tendency to seek solace in their own cavelike environment to help them tune out distractions. Constructing a space in a specific way can help them get in the zone. Hence, having their own space is very important for geeks. Luckily for them, this can be possible without spending a fortune in their own house. They can simply make the necessary down payment on a condo, and they have a place they can claim as their own, as well as the privacy that they so highly crave.

Geeks get the chance to meet like-minded people

While living in a condo ensures privacy, it also offers a lot of opportunities to make friends. Residents will be able to meet their neighbors in shared areas like the pool and the lounge. Many will soon find that there’s a neighbor down the hall who is about the same age as they are, or who shares the same interests and hobbies.

Although geeks appear to be socially awkward, they also crave a certain degree of association. As a matter of fact, forming relationships with like-minded people is one of the defining characteristics of a geek. Geeks tend to view themselves as vastly different from others. They take great pride in their level of understanding of a subject, and tend to expect others to comprehend what they are saying without further explanation. This is rarely the case though. As thus, they find delight in meeting people who share their passion and level of expertise, and will always crave for that deep connection.

Geeks can own the place

Another thing geeks will love about condo living is that they will get the chance to own the space. Geeks tend to have a one-sided way of thinking, making them highly individualistic. Not having complete control over their space can be stressful, as they would not be able to fully manifest their passion. This makes condos highly advantageous, as apartments tend to be restrictive in terms of renovations. Not to mention that the dwellers themselves do not exactly feel excited about making improvements on a place that they are only renting.

Geeks can easily chase their passion

One of the distinct characteristics of geeks is their loyalty or commitment to what they are passionate about. Whether it is in the field of games, entertainment, sports, technology or computer, geeks are always committed to being well-informed of latest developments. They also crave involvement. Condos, with their close proximity to malls, arenas, convention centers and the like, are a great base for geeks who like to chase after the latest event or gadget related to their interests and passion.

Geeks will love the added security and peace of mind

Geeks are known for having the latest high-tech gadgets. The more advanced, the better. They also tend to spend loads of money on collector’s items. These things can be pricey and highly valuable. Consequently, experiencing break-ins or burglary can be every geek’s worst nightmare. One of the greatest benefits of renting a condo is the added security. Entrances to the building are well-guarded, visitors are only accommodated with proper authorization, and CCTV cameras are well-placed all over the vicinity. All these translate to more peace of mind, especially for geeks who tend to leave home to attend conventions and events.

The expansive and green spaces can inspire creativity

Geeks like working on their own projects. Often they try to find a place where they can feel disconnected from the city. Condo living offers this benefit, with its expansive outdoor spaces and verdant gardens. Geeks get to experience the serenity green spaces offer without leaving the metropolis. And this is just the thing that gets creativity flowing. There’s no telling just what kind of innovative idea can spring from a brilliant mind.

Condos are potential profit-maker

Owing to their commitment and loyalty to what they love, geeks can be pedantic. They tend to enjoy only the company of people who share their passion, and to do things that are within a specific field. Hence, they may end up single-mindedly chasing after specific things, even if it means moving to a new home, or a new country for that matter. Because of this, choosing condos over an actual house can be the better option for geeks, as they could easily rent out their property should they decide to pack their bags and leave. The rental fee can mean additional profits and resources to fuel their passion!

Condominium rules provide protection for the geek’s personal space

Geeks’ fanatical obsession over the thing they are passionate about can make them a fussy bunch. While rules are not always welcome, they can work in the geeks’ favor in that neighbors will not be overstepping their boundary. The last thing geeks would want is to have anybody step into their private space.

With numerous condominiums for rent all over the metro, there is little reason why any certified geek should not embrace the smorgasbord of condo benefits mentioned above.