Are you and your partner ready to move in together? According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, fewer Filipinos are saying “I do” over the past decade. “In a span of 10 years, the reported marriages decreased by 20.1 percent from 2005 to 2015”, the government agency published on its website. Whether it’s for financial reasons or couples just want to get to know each other better, cohabitation is becoming a trend in the country. Couples renting is especially popular among millennials. If you and your partner are looking for a place to call home, check out the Riverfront Residences via DMCI Leasing.

Explore these 7 considerations why the Riverfront Residences is perfect for couples starting a new life together.

Save on transportation expenses

riverfront residences transporation expenses

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Mary Racelis, a professional lecturer of sociology and anthropology at Ateneo de Manila University and the University of the Philippines, cited the high cost of weddings as to why many couples postpone or forgo getting married. A civil wedding is a more practical option, but as Racelis said, “It would call for at least a modest celebration, which many couples may not be able to afford, or for which they do not want to use their limited savings.”

Money is probably the top driver behind the popularity of cohabitation. Renting a condo saves tenants transportation expenses as most projects are located at the heart of or near business districts. Riverfront Residences in Marikina City is accessible via SLEX, C5 and Libis. It’s a short drive to Bonifacio Global City, Ortigas CBD, and Makati City.

Cut utility bills

riverfront residences cut off bills

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How to create a condo budget? For couples who just started living together, budgeting is one aspect of cohabitation that must be taken seriously. Who pays the rent and association dues? How do you divide the bills? Riverfront Residences has facilities that help tenants cut their household expenses. The buildings are designed to allow the natural flow of sunlight and air. Tenants share the cost of common services such as 24-hour security, garbage collection, and maintenance of common areas. You and your partner can also install energy-saving fixtures in your unit such as LED lights and showers and faucets with low-flow technology.

Access to fitness amenities

riverfront fitness amenities

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How to budget rent for couples? A growing number of people, here and abroad, are preferring cohabitation over marriage to have someone to split the bills with. Let’s face it: cohabitation is more than sharing more intimate moments together. It’s also collaborating toward a higher quality of life. An average condo size for a two-bedroom unit at Riverfront Residences is for less than Php20,000.00 per month. This rent is inclusive of access to fitness amenities such as a gym and swimming pools. There is also a jogging path, basketball court, and open spaces for yoga and other meditative activities. No need to allot for gym membership or weekly yoga sessions.

Spend more time together in your condo community

riverfront residences spend more time

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The demands of your career can put a strain on your relationship. Long hours in the office and traffic on the way home leave city dwellers too tired to spend quality time with their loved ones. Living in a condo, which is strategically located near business districts and main roads, cuts travel time significantly, allowing people to accommodate aspects of their lives other than work. Riverfront Residences offer free access to amenities that couples can enjoy. Share a bottle of fine wine by the pool area or have a weekend picnic by the grill pits. On rainy evenings, you can go to the gym together or just enjoy a good conversation at the lounge area.

Get inspiration from a scenic view

riverfront residence get inspiration

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The benefits of condo renting extends beyond the financial aspect. Studies show that nature reduces stress and increases pleasant feelings. “Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical well-being, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones,” according to a study from the University of Minnesota. The scenic Marikina River viewed from the Riverfront Residences provides an escape from the stressors of urban living. The resort-style condo offers the best ambiance when renting for couples with its privacy, coziness, and laidback atmosphere. Spend time at the Sunset View Park, landscaped areas, and other pockets of nature at Riverfront Residences.

Have your own personal space

riverfront residences personal space

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After the man cave, people are now talking about the she-shed. In every relationship, it’s important to keep a level of privacy separate from the space you share with each other. A bare unit at Riverfront Residences will allow you and your partner enough area to bond and have each other’s “own world.” Plan a room design that suits your personality, accommodates your hobbies, and satisfies your need for me-time. Victoria Smith, blogger of interior design blog SF Girl By The Bay, said: “Whatever your aesthetic, run wild with it—after all, it’s your own space to define any way you wish!”

Venues for your special occasions

riverfront residences special occassions

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The coming together of two people as a couple means the union of their families and friends. In Riverfront Residences, hosting family dinners or get-togethers with friends is made easier. You can reserve the function room for your birthday party or a weekend reunion with your relatives. No need to spend on an out-of-town trip or restaurant venue. The availability of outdoor and clubhouse amenities also mean that you don’t need to make your condo unit the venue of these events.

There are a lot of helpful ideas for couples living together, from budgeting to giving each other space when needed. One thing you must remember though is that there’s no formula to ensure lasting relationships. For some, marriage provides stability. A growing number of people, however, prefer to live together before tying the knot for practical reasons. To each his own, as the saying goes. At the end of the day, relationships need work. Stay positive, believe, and take things one step at a time.