Coming up with the right summer party theme and finding the ideal venue for rent can be confusing. The following ideas will help you come up with an awesome summer shindig. You can go as wild or as sophisticated as you like. You can even go cutesy with options like monster mash-inspired party ideas. The sky's the limit with your imagination and creativity, so go ahead, choose the theme and affordable party venue for rent in Manila that best match your preferences.

Laidback summer cocktail party

Summer Cocktail Party

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Most summer cocktails take long to prepare. They eat up too much of your time. Avoid this problem by going for a laidback DIY cocktail theme that lets you stick to the heart of what the party is about. Now you are free to sit back and talk about, say, your next charity event.

A simple yet comfortable and sophisticated venue like the Sagada Hall in Outlook Ridge Residences is perfect for a party like this. The venue features a huge wooden dining table where you can all gather around. You can simply lay out the ingredients on silver trays, which you can present in the middle of the table. It’s best to use a pre-made cocktail mixer. This way, all your guests have to do is mix in the alcohol to their preferred ratio and add ice and garnish. You can all stay at the table and have your meeting / planning / party without pause. A projector is available at the venue for more productive discussions.

Boozy cupcake party

Summer Cupcake Party

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Colors and sweets are not only for the young ones. You can embrace the child in you while still keeping the adult vibes by having a boozy cupcake party. Your guests get to enjoy delicious cocktails while creating their own artful and tasty desserts.

Prepare a variety of cupcakes and an assortment of frostings to suit different preferences. Then have variations of cupcake toppers, sprinkles, and colorful candies like M&Ms, Skittles, Nerds, and Jelly Beans ready. Place them at the center of the venue where your guests can gather around to put together their own decorated cupcakes. Make the space an organized and festive one. Make sure the frostings are placed in several bowls and that you provide multiple knives. Take the time to put the cupcake toppings and candies in labeled bowls to accommodate guests who may have allergies. And of course, you must be ready with beverages. Champagne makes a great pairing for cupcakes, and so do red and white wines. Give your guests options, and serve a variety of white and red wines. Go for the lighter reds, like a pinot noir, as the cupcakes tend to be filling.

The Bontoc Hall at the Outlook Ridge Residences makes for a great venue with its multiple tables. The place has a serious atmosphere to it that will balance out your colorful summer party theme. A projector is also available to help you get on with the business side of the party. Give your guests time to walk around and admire the many different cupcakes they have created.

Wine and cheese party

Summer Wine and Cheese Party

Photo courtesy of WerbeFabrik via Pixabay

Nothing beats wine and cheese pairing. It’s the perfect theme for your next summer party that mixes business and pleasure. Whether you are launching your next marketing campaign or a new product range, an event accompanied by good wine and cheese is simply foolproof. Do make sure that you put together the right pairings. You will never go wrong with pairing wine and cheese that come from the same region. A sauvignon blanc from Sancerre and goat’s milk cheese from the French Loire Valley taste heavenly together. The famous cheese and the iconic wine Lambrusco of Emilia-Romagna in Italy, as well as the washed-rind cheese and Trappist ale of Belgium are also great options. Create regional tasting sessions at your party for a more global experience.

The Banawe Hall at the Outlook Ridge Residences offers a great venue for events that are as business-focused as they are festive.

Bubble-themed cocktail party

Summer Bubble Tea Party

Photo courtesy of spemone via Pexels

Throw a festive and sophisticated bubble-themed party Think balloons, champagne, and caviar! Whether it is a birthday party or an engagement cocktail soiree, you can never go wrong with shimmery and playful bubbles. As your guests arrive, hand out vials of liquid bubble with attached wands, and watch everyone embrace the child in them. Decorate the walls with clear balloons filled with iridescent glitters. Fill your tables with glass orbs and balls of frozen melons. Prepare hors d’oeuvres that are as decorative as they are tasty, such as delicate gougeres, cheddar cheese balls coated in ground almonds and infused with ruby port, and cool salmon-roe-and-cucumber toasts. Don’t forget the dessert parfaits that have tapioca sitting atop a gelee sparkling with suspended Champagne bubbles. The grand and enchanting Casa Real in Taguig offers just the right atmosphere for your magical bubble party.

Superhero-themed soiree

Summer Superhero Party

Photo courtesy of TaniaVdB via Pixabay

If you want to get more casual, a superhero-themed soiree may be just your thing. This will have you and your guests bringing comic-book characters to life—from Harley Quinn to Thor and Batman. Make sure the party starts right at the entrance, with cut-outs resembling bats or Batman’s emblem meeting your guests. Opt for a scarlet-hued bouquet for your superhero spread’s centerpiece, an embodiment of the lady supervillain Harley Quinn. Make it a costumed affair. Superhero costumes and capes go beyond halloween season. If you think full-on costumes are a little too impractical, you may prepare masks instead, and hand them out to guests. Masks are easy to purchase, or to DIY. The casual and laid-back atmosphere at the Iris Observatory offers just the right backdrop for your superhero-themed party. Go ahead and embrace the geek in you!

Monster-themed birthday bash

Summer Monster Party

Photo courtesy of Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

If you wish to get even more playful, have a monster birthday bash. Put miniature monsters and goblins on center stage. Wrap your buffet table with a faux fur throw blanket, throw in a pillow stitched with razor-sharp fangs and googly eyes, and watch it turn into a beastly creature. Help your guests transform into monsters by greeting them with supplies at the door. Be ready with face paints, snaggletoothed masks, and costume accessories like faux fur, feathers and suede. And of course, do not forget snackers for your guests’ monstrous appetite. Fashion these savoury treats into crafty little creatures. Flat breads shaped into ghoulish grubs would pair perfectly with green swampy guacamole. DMCI Homes’ The Tent, a venue for rent in Taguig, offers a great location for your freakishly fun monster bash.

Punk rock-inspired party

Summer Punk Rock-themed Party

Photo courtesy of ANDREYSHABAEV via Pixabay

If you want to go the wilder route, a punk rock inspired party is the way to go. Get your leather jacket ready. Decorate the walls with posters of punk idols, such as Patti Smith, The Clash, the Ramones, and Blondie. String up punk-inspired garlands made of brass and shiny gold materials, safety pins, and plaid fabric. Don’t forget to put your guests into the groove with the right tunes. Get the Ramones and The Clash records ready. You must not forget the right grubs either. You can get creative with Spinach Ricotta Skulls and Spiced Concord Grape Punch. The Heliconia Function Room, with its welcoming space and bar, offers just the right location for your spiced up punk rock party.

Do not let this season pass without throwing out an awesome shower shindig your friends or coworkers will never forget!