Are you running out of ideas on how to make your house gorgeous inside and out? Surely, it’s very difficult to remodel your personal space considering that you might have to adapt with what’s new in today’s design industry in relation to the changing seasons. However, there’s no reason for you to fret since there is still such a thing as a timeless home design. You just have to learn a few ideas on how to deliver it stylishly.

1. The minimalist approach always works.
According to Edith Wharton, author of The Decoration of Houses, the minimalist approach has always been an effective method in keeping your house looking elegant and neat. Instead of overdoing things, put less colors into your residential interior. It will make the wall decorations and other home furniture stand out without any kind of exaggeration. Change your curtains and seat covers frequently as well, to avoid the accumulation of dirt and to make your space look fresh and good as new.

2. There is unity in proportion.
There is a big difference between creativity and clutter. Art itself employs an organized chaos. Don’t hang too many framed photographs of different sizes on your walls because the overwhelming volume of such materials can make your humble abode look crowded. If such a case occurs, put the rest on top of your desk or table. Andrew Flesher, an interior designer based in Minneapolis, suggests that you use pictures and frames of the same sizes to establish a sense of balance.

3. Layering rugs add variety.
Have small rugs placed on a large wall-to-wall carpet. They can provide accent and dimension by giving a focal point and can serve as an eye-candy that is soothing to the mind, according to Suzanne Rheinstein, owner of LA home store Hollyhock. They add an edgy vibe on traditional design patterns.

4. Centerpieces and mantels make a big impact.
Centerpieces and table cloths that have the right variety of sizes and prints will make any object or furniture visible from afar. Make sure that you also put flowers that are not too big nor too aromatic on equally elegant and chic vases. Strongly scented flowers can make your visitors dizzy in no time.

5. Grouping similar colors together has a tantalizing effect.
If you have home decorations or furniture that are of the same shade, it is best that you put them together in a single place instead of scattering them in different areas to enhance color coordination.

6. Print patterns can make or break the harmony.
Make sure that you pick patterns that are suitable for certain areas. Take note that design patterns convey meanings that affect the thoughts and intentions of people which can’t be usually expressed in words. Choose designs that have personal connections to represent who you truly are in order to avoid the risk of misinterpretation and negative connotation. A pattern that is repeated again and again represents consistency, while a pattern that involves a variety means uniqueness that excites the imagination. Horizontal prints are perfect for stair carpets since vertical lines that obviously represent its purpose are boring and stiff. While looping and geometric designs are often applied on the walls of living, office, and study rooms to boost creativity, the vertical lines suggest power. That’s why in sacred places like the churches, religious symbols on the walls are arranged in an upright position to mean a sense of authority. Others are also slowly adapting this pattern in fancy styles on residential areas like the bedroom to convey ownership.

Simply mix and match the colors, tones, and patterns with your existing home accessories to make your place trendy. What makes a design timeless is something that is simple yet catchy, not easily influenced by modern trends but leaves a lasting impression in every generation.