With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is about time to revamp your condo with Valentine-inspired decorations. Regardless of your condo living space or your landlord's policies on decorating, you can still bring Valentine's vibes into your home with these easy and fast condo design ideas. Whether you have a significant other or not, just go ahead and celebrate love in all of its many beautiful forms. Surprise your loved ones and in the process, treat yourself to an inspiring condo interior. To get started on creating that love atmosphere in your pad, check out these decorating tips that you will fall in love with this Love Month.

A Wall Full Of Love

Raring to paint the town red specifically your walls but cannot due to condo rules? Good thing there are ingenious no-paint wall design ideas that will still let you exercise creative control of your condo in ways that will not upset your landlord. You can stick on a removable wallpaper and play around with wall decorations made from fabric, canvass, and washi tapes. And did you know you could even draw on your wall? As long as you use chalkboard paint, you can draw your heart out for your family and friends to see.

Love Strings Attached

There are some things that seem complicated at first, even intimidating, but when you start learning more about it, you realize that it as simple as unadulterated love -- just like this love wall string art. Better Homes and Garden says you'll just need lightweight wood painted with the color of your choice, pencil, thin nails, and string (or yarn) for this easy project. First, draw a heart shape and/or stencil the outline of the word ‘love’ or any letters you want. Then, put nails around the outlines, leaving half an inch of space in between. And here now comes the fun part: knot the string on one of the nails then loop it around different nails until you are set with the pattern you have created.

Fabulous Fabrics

Transform your condo in a flash by simply changing your throw pillow cases, curtains, and beddings into those accented by the eye-popping and heartwarming hue of red. Just be careful not to overdo it, though. Instead of getting all of your fabrics in red, you need to know what part of your room to highlight then work on that. You can also combine red with light colors like white and pink to balance things out.

Think Outside Of The Vase

Valentine's won't be complete without fresh blooms to melt hearts everywhere. While you can always go the traditional route of putting flowers in a vase, why not explore the one too many ways of displaying flowers? You can do different formations: roses arranged in a heart-shaped wreath, carnations in cone-shaped containers (yes, you can definitely go beyond roses), amaryllis blossoms at the base of candles for romantic dinners, and so on.

Because Love Is Worth DIYing For

If you have allergies to the pollens in flowers (or to the Valentine's Day prices of these blooms) and are game to get crafty, then bring on the paper and make flowers that are for definitely for keeps. You can use crepe paper for soft blooms or go for origami for an edgy feel. Just like the real flowers, you can arrange them any way you like. What's more, you can create any flower you want – tulips, sunflowers, and so on.

Sweets For My Sweet

Indulge your loved ones with cupcakes arranged like a bouquet that is too cute for words, your family and friends might think twice before getting one. BHG says you first need to prepare unfrosted cupcakes (which you can just buy) then firmly set a foam ball into a pot. Next, attach the cupcakes one by one on the foam using wooden sticks. Afterwards, tuck green tissue paper in the spaces between the cupcakes for the leaves. Finally, frost the cupcakes starting from the middle one. Voila! Sweets and a bouquet in one sweet package.

Hearts All Over

Feel your hearts flutter in the air - paper hearts, that is. For a fast heart garland or banner, cut out hearts from paper depending on the size that you want. After making the desired number of hearts, string them together in a vertical or horizontal fashion and hang the ornaments from your ceiling or on your furniture.

Frame My Love

Another quick way to boost the lovey dovey feel in your home is through cool subway art pieces that exude fun and romance at the same time. To make this effortless wall décor, simply frame or stencil on wood whatever text you have in mind, be it your favorite quote from a film, a quirky quip, a cheesy sentiment, anything. Stumped for ideas? Fret not. There are plenty of subway art online that you can just print. How cool is that?

A Trip Down The Memory Lane

Reminisce about the good times and celebrate shared history by compiling and showcasing photos of you and your loved one – your significant other, family, or friends. Explore different frames and ways of arranging the photos. For instance, instead of framing them, why not create a “clothesline” for your photos? Also, plan carefully the photos you will put on display depending on the emotions you'd like to primarily evoke from them. If you aim to surprise a loved one, choose candid pictures of them that they did not know they had. For more dose of nostalgia, pick Throwback Thursday-worthy pictures that go a long, long way back.

(Candle) Light Things Up

A lit candle never fails to make any scenario a romantic one. You can choose a red candle then decorate it with white or pink accents or you can go the other way. In any case, candles can not only make you fall in love even more, but they can also soothe your soul especially if you purchase the heavily scented ones. It also does not hurt to scatter rose petals around to complete the mood.

These fun and romantic Valentines' Day decors for your condo are surefire ways to lift your and your beloved's spirits. Spread the love especially at home with the people who matter the most. Moreover, sprucing up your condo will make you feel all the more how much you are loved.