Organizing a party can be a daunting task, but it’s something people would enjoy going through just to celebrate milestones, achievements, friendships, or goodness in life.

One of the most crucial things party organizers need to think of when planning their party is the venue. Some opt for renting a gigantic event place, some host their events in the comfort of their own homes, while some go for to DMCI Leasing for venues and bring the party up to their condominium units. Wherever your party may be, it shouldn’t hinder you from building a memorable night with your loved ones.

Those who choose to host their parties in condos for rent can play with a luxurious and classy party theme to maximize the condo life their rented condo units can offer. Here are some party tips to add luxury to your weekend condo party without having to burn a hole through your wallet.

It’s all about decorations: Focus on food display

Focus on food display

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Hosting a classy condo party doesn’t have to involve unlimited caviar, champagne, or cheese. Ingredients on display can be as simple and as inexpensive as raw vegetables. Elegance is all about the presentation and simply placing raw vegetables in classy and cheap glass candleholders can scream “boring” off the usual vegetable with dip on a platter idea.

Consider ditching the big meal

ditch the big meal

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Luxury doesn’t have to mean that you have to host expensive seven-course dinners. You can even bring your circles closer by starting a potluck or simple buffet systems. Kick it up a notch by hosting a brunch, cocktail, or dessert only party – definitely cheaper, but still elegant and classy.

Guests like personalized anything

personalized anything

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Once you get your final list of guests, set up personalized name cards for seating arrangements. Nothing else spells out elegance and luxury than good, stylish calligraphy.

Set up the table for kings and queens

Set up the table

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Again, there is no need to spend too much money on expensive ingredients. Your guests will feel like they are kings and queens simply by placing them in an environment suitable for royalty. Elevate your party by bringing out your best china and setting up a unique and classy centrepiece. This does multiple things – it provides a rich ambiance for your guests and it serves as a good conversation starter.

Make sure the bar is well-stocked

liquor cabinet

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Make the night extra special by ensuring that your liquor cabinet is well filled. You can also add more flair by providing mixed drinks. With just a few cheap ingredients, you can set up a punch bowl that will start conversations and foster relationships.

Luxury is all about the tiny details

tiny details

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It’s so easy to organize a grand party if you’re Jay Gatsby. But if you can’t throw out sacks of money for a classy party, you don’t have to put it off. Focus on the tiny bits about your condo which can spell all the difference. For instance, spreading silver and gold confetti across the floor can already do wonders, and it wouldn’t even cost a lot. Another example would be setting up bold-looking balloons – best if you go for black or white - that quietly rest beneath your ceiling. No, you don’t have to hire acrobats.

Class is about providing good notice

providing good notice

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Serve your guests! If you want to sprinkle class, take the extra mile and provide five-star comfort for your guests. Ensure them that you have already dealt with your neighbours and the condominium administrative offices about your event and that they don’t have to worry about anything. Being a good host is about spending time with and showering attention upon the people who have been gracious enough to come.

Kick it up with drink embellishments

drink embellishments

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What can we say – it’s really about the drinks. Aside from making sure that your liquor cabinet is filled, make sure that your drink display is impressive as well. You can do this cheaply by adding embellishments to your drink glasses. You may use colourful garnish which can easily be bought in craft stores. In fact, you don’t have to decorate your glasses if you make the drink look unique on its own. Cocktails can be jazzed with proper mixing skills. You can mix up a sunset-hued drink or one that craves for attention. Cocktail mixes can easily be found online; all it needs is a little creativity and a whole lot of spunk.

Why not embellish everything else?

embellish everything else

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There’s no need for you to shop for new dinnerware to create a stand-out, fancy party. Look for the basics – white plates, for example – and dress them up with napkin rings. Use what you already have and add flair by giving them a touch of boldness. Go for gold and/or silver and play with them by contrasting them with matte blacks, whites, and greys. Anything that shimmers wonderfully provides class and luxury to anything bland.

Please the crowd with artful appetizers

artful appetizers

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Impress your guest with something that looks expensive but is actually cheap. All you need is fresh baguette, caramelized dates, red pepper, goat cheese, tomatoes, pesto, and diced bacon to create bruschetta. Since this shall serve as an appetizer, you can get the ingredients cheaply as you spread them across many, bite-sized pieces.

Expensive-looking main course? Go for cheese.

Go for cheese

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If you decide to provide a main course, it doesn’t have to be expensive to prepare. You can use a traditional dish and spice it up with added ingredients. For example, if you would like to go for mac and cheese, you can elevate it with elbow pasta, creamy roux sauce, chopped seafood or beef, and cheeses of your choice. You can also add some olives on the side to turn your basic mac and cheese to a main course celebrity.  

Monochrome for your home

Monochrome for your home

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The easiest and cheapest way to turn your condo into a classy party place is to use a monochromatic color palette. Contrast matte blacks, whites, and grays with a hint of gold and/or silver, and your party will be an even everyone talks about at brunch.

Use a theme

Use a theme

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A motif can add life and color to your party. Want it to be elegant? Go for the rich 1920’s. How about New York broadway? The Great Gatsby? New Orleans jazz? Whatever it is, making your guest follow a theme that basically throws in luxury is also a good idea.

Adding luxury to your party can be as easy as adding some fresh flowers

fresh flowers

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Adding flowers in your unit is an easy and classic way of adding an element of charm to your party. Definitely a go to idea for you who wants to add class to your party.

Send-off treats say a lot

Send off treats

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Take-home gifts for your guests don’t have to be expensive. You can provide cupcakes decorated in stylish themes. Again, the luxurious lifestyle is all about styling and packaging. Want to add a dab of class to your send-off treats? Wrap it around a ribbon-locked box. This does two things: It shows off elegance and it shows your guests that you really prepared this for them.

The centerpiece says it all

centerpiece says it all

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Simple table set ups can easily be revamped by a nice centrepiece. Try this: fill a glass bowl with water and add fresh flower petals to add color. Add a tinge of sparkle and class by throwing in fake vintage jewellery.

Comforting and sexy lounge music does the trick

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Parties are not parties without music. To spice up your elegant party, create a playlist filled with lounge music comforting enough for your guest to network with others and sexy enough for it to be fun and spontaneous.

Bring it to the pool

Bring it to the pool

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If you’re setting up a condo party at a condo for rent in the Philippines, you won’t have problems with finding amenities for leisure. DMCI condos for rent, for example, efficiently provide cabanas and gazebos near condominium pools. Consider promoting your in-unit party to a still elegant pool party. Bring down the cocktails, the music, and your other luxurious looking tricks to the pool and your guest will surely talk rave about your party the next day.

Remember: luxurious doesn’t have to mean expensive. Hope these party tips help you organize a classy weekend condo party to remember.