Pre-Move in Activities

1. Upon confirmation of lease start date and schedule of move-in, the facilitating agent coordinates with the Property Management Office (PMO) and submit Lease Coordination Advise for advance notification and pre-approval of access to the property.

2. The lessee shall conduct immediate punchlisting of the physical aspect of the unit (Living, Dining, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Doors, Walls, Windows, Flooring, Installations, etc.) and its items (if furnished). The lessee shall advise the facilitating agent for any findings, requests (addition or omission of items in the unit) for lessor’s information and approval.

Move-In Process

3. The facilitating agent shall personally assist the lessee in accomplishing Move in Clearance in PMO and shall do the following:

  • Conduct Utility Meter Reading
  • Do Final Inventory Checking and Unit Acceptance
  • Secure Conforme to Tenancy House Rules
  • Accomplish Gate Pass


4. The facilitating agent shall handover the complete set of keys to the lessee.

5. PMO shall also be given copies of the following documents:

  • Notarized copy of Contract of Lease
  • Handover Certificate
  • Lessee Information Sheet
  • Copy of valid IDs of the Lessee


Move in activity and processing should be done within office hours of the PMO. In order for us to improve the service, an accomplished survey from the lessee is secured by the facilitating agent.