Condominiums and commercial lease properties have never been this bullish. This boom in the real estate industry and the condo rental market in the Philippines may be attributed to affordable payment terms and for reasons that more Filipinos are now embracing vertical living because land is scarce and expensive.

The seemingly unstoppable urban migration also has a hand in this. As more and more prospect buyers search for new properties and condominiums to call home, there are certain condo amenities and features that top their list. Being able to live in a property that has desirable features can help renters differentiate their rental for other competition.

Hot condo amenities are trending toward green living, tech-readiness, pet-friendliness, and of course, easy-living. At the same time, today’s rental market isn’t willing to forego traditional amenities that have made city living convenient for decades now. Learn what amenities best attract prospect renters and buyers. What should you look for in eyeing your next ‘home’?

Top #6 Swimming Pools and Good Outdoor Space

Alta Vista de Boracay, DMCI Homes Property

Alta Vista de Boracay, DMCI Homes Property

If tenants and other residents have a wide space to relax, sit down, run, barbeque, and read newspaper, this is a big plus. Having some type of outdoor space that are engaging for family activities can help you decide if this property will best suit your lifestyle. People are much more willing to compromise on outdoor amenities if they are in a location that is desirable to them in some way. Think of any area close to a large city. People are willing to pay much higher prices to be in the heart of it all - close to transportation, shopping, food, lifestyle, and entertainment. Pool and outdoor space top it.

Top #5 Extra Storage Space

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

When deciding to rent or buy a condo in the Philippines, people often check if you can provide extra storage space, especially if it is attached to the building or their rental residence; extra privacy and security come and go. Everyone has their belongings and they need to store and secure it. In fact, extra storage space topped number 4 most-searched amenities in apartments and condominiums in US and other parts of the world, as of 2010.

Top #4 Gym or Fitness Center

Rhapsody Residences Gym

Rhapsody Residences, DMCI Homes

Save your residents from some headaches of going out for a gym workout. Having a fitness center in your residential community and condominiums is just another added bonus. This is a convenience that can really make your community stand out above its competition, especially in a tough economy where gym memberships might be difficult to keep. Residents need not to go out when they already have a place in their backyard where they can stay fit and meet people with the same health and fitness passion.

Top #3 Pet-Friendly Residences

Photo courtesy of Phot King via Flickr

Photo courtesy of Phot King via Flickr

People love their pets. If you’re a condo dweller and a pet owner, elusive pet-friendly condominiums might rate as your number 1 priority and top condominium amenity. Open-door policies toward pets, especially large dogs, will increase occupancy rate and make your residents feel at home as well. Residents should also take part in taking care of their pets, keeping them safe from any unexpectedly dangerous situations in the condo.

Top #2 Internet, Wifi

Photo courtesy of Louis Abate via Flickr

Photo courtesy of Louis Abate via Flickr

Internet is king. Wifi is in. With the viral increase of smartphones and gadgets in the market, most of your resident, if not all, are constantly checking their social media accounts and looking at a screen in some way. Having a reliable and comfortable wifi connection is more than a plus but a multiplier. More and more condo communities are including free wifi with leases and as staple amenity, either available in individual units or in resident-accessible lobbies and centers. Either way, today's savvy residents include wireless Internet on their top list of condo amenities.

Top #1 Eco-friendly and Energy-efficient Homes

Siena Park Residences

Siena Park Residences, DMCI Homes

Eco-friendly and energy-efficient residences top the list of amenities most people check in condominiums. Most prospect buyers and renters consider environment when searching for the perfect home. They look into energy-efficient home designs and energy-saving appliances like windows, toilets, and shower heads. People also look into individual garden plots and earth-conscious building history and materials.

There are a hundred more lists of amenities you can find, and it is equally valuable to think about which amenities must-haves and must-checks top the list before starting the search. Use this checklist of top amenities to to help you choose the best condo for you.

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