Moving to a new place is a big deal, especially if you are just starting out on your own. It can be tempting for condo renters to rush into buying stuff or dumping just about anything in their new home. But great interiors do not just happen overnight, and starting on the right foot takes efforts. You need to have a plan in place. Everything should be deliberate. Here are things to avoid so you can spare yourself common first-time condo renter mistakes.

Avoid buying all your furniture at once

It can be tempting to buy everything at once when you are moving to a new place: sofa, dining table, coffee table, side table, bed, dressers, cabinets, and the like. This could be a huge mistake and an expensive mistake at that. For your place to look put together, you need to do a lot of planning. You also need to get the best pieces, which requires time and a lot of shopping around. And there’s your budget to take into account. Make a list of all the things you need, and arrange them in order of importance. You can start with the sofa, then just take the time to look for the right accent chair and side tables for your condo. It’s better to bear with going without for a little while than to rush into making purchases that you’d only regret in the end. People rarely come out of compulsive shopping happy.

Avoid shopping for accessories in one place

There’s this cardinal rule in decorating that you’d do best to follow: do not buy everything in one place. This is just as true for accessories as it is for furniture. A well-designed room looks like it naturally developed over time. And it’s virtually impossible to create this look if you’ve bought everything from one store.

Your accessories are what give any room a personal touch. Aim to fill your room with positive things, particularly those that remind you of good memories. An artwork you found while travelling or an antique piece you stumbled upon while out and about with your family would make for great accessories for your condo. The pieces don’t always have to have a story, but they should reflect your personality and the type of journey you’ve taken in life.

Avoid scrimping on stuff too much

If you are like most people, you may be working on a budget and would prefer to buy stuff that are as inexpensive as possible. And sure, there are ways to decorate on the cheap. Nevertheless, you should not overdo it with the cheaper stuff. You should aim for quality, especially for the major pieces, such as your sofa and dining set. For one, high-quality pieces will make your place look more classy. Also, they’re likely to have more longevity. Low-quality pieces may require replacement sooner, and could lead to even more expenses in the long run. The key here is to identify beforehand which items to scrimp on and which ones to splurge on.

Avoid filling up your space too quickly

As with most things in life, rushing into things when decorating can lead to regrets. This holds true not just for your furniture, but for the little things as well. Don’t get too eager and start crowding your new home with rugs, jars, and such knick knacks. Try to bring in stuff as you go along, so you don’t end up buying unnecessary things. The last thing you want is to fill your condo space with clutter. You are likely to realize what it is that you truly need when you start living in your condo space. So take your time, and be deliberate with your shopping and decorating. Even those that appear small and irrelevant can take up space when they accumulate.

Avoid settling for interiors that look generic

Living in a condo sometimes means you’ll have restrictions when it comes to remodeling the place. There are ways you can still give your condo unit a bit of an overhaul so it does not look generic. Adding eye-catching window treatments and stylish light fixtures is a good start. You can also add carpets and layer rugs so your flooring looks entirely your own. Decorating with wallpaper that is removable and won’t leave marks can make a lot of difference. As a general rule, landlords often do not have a problem with changes as long as you can guarantee that you’ll leave the place the way you found it.

Avoid moving in without a floor plan ready

One sure way to commit mistakes is by not having a plan in place. So be ready with a detailed floor plan. This will help you decide beforehand which of your old furniture and appliances you’d like to take with you. You’ll be able to bring only those that will fit through the door and would match your interiors. You’ll also be able to direct the movers and have them place the major items exactly where you want them. This will help you avoid a lot of hassle. Having a plan will also help you steer clear of compulsive shopping, purchasing only those that you need and that would blend in your interiors perfectly.

Avoid setting up your furniture and appliances on your own

If you don’t have the know-how and the tools, it’s best to ask for help when assembling your furniture or setting up your appliances. Otherwise, you might just end up ruining delicate materials or sensitive equipment. Ask for professional help or contact your friends. You can also tap the DMCI condo property management for assistance.

Avoid putting off the unpacking of your stuff

Moving to a new home can be stressful, but don’t let this be an excuse for you to procrastinate on unpacking your stuff. You’ll end up living in a home with piles of boxes. Needless to say, it won’t make for a good start. The sooner you get unpacking out of the way, the easier it will be to access the things that you need and to have a home that is put-together.

Avoid closing yourself off from your neighborhood

It is easy to feel lonely in new surroundings, so avoid making this common post-relocation mistake. Do not shut yourself out from the outside world. Reach out to your neighbors. Hang out at your condo’s common areas, and try to meet your new neighbors. You can even take the time to knock on your neighbors’ doors and hand out some small gifts or tokens. Your neighbors can introduce you to the condo community and help you adjust to your new surroundings. They can also give you insider tips on the area. You can even make new friends along the way!

Avoid not exploring your immediate surroundings

Exploring your new surroundings will help you make the most out of what it offers. This is especially essential when you are moving to a new condominium, as properties like this are situated in prime locations. They are designed to be near key city areas and destinations that are worth exploring. You are bound to find the best pubs and restaurants nearby. You can search online or ask your neighbors for the best places to go, or just get adventurous and do the exploring yourself!

The convenience of condo living is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Make sure you make the most out of the experience by avoiding common condo renting don’ts.