Have you ever experienced entering a room and feel like it is so small yet in fact, the room has a very large space area? If yes, then the room may have been bombarded with fixtures that has heavy and warm color, thick construction material, and heavily patterned fabrics.

A heavy room has big and dark-colored furnishings, creating imbalance, making the space look so cramped and small when in fact, it’s not. Here are a few reminders so that you won't do these mistakes.

Never Use the One-Two Combination of Dark Colored, Heavy Fixture

Leased spaces are likely to have a neutral color like white and beige, so be mindful of your furniture color choice. Small fixtures with warm hues, high contrast colors, and darker shades will still look big. Among the colors, red is the heaviest, followed by Blue, Green, Orange, and Yellow. So if you have a large red sofa in your living room, not only will it easily attract attention, it will look heavier.

A quick tip: using dark colors at the bottom will make things look better and natural. A carpet is a great alternative since you can’t change the floor of your rented unit.

Avoid Too Much Visual Texture

One of the things that make a room look really heavy is the visual texture of the fabrics and fixtures. This is achieved through patterns and lines from the materials used for the design. Meanwhile, the use of a solid color on furniture makes things look smoother and lighter.

Colors and patterns are fine, but there is a defining line between being beautiful and having too much. You should always take into account that every choice should be made with good taste.

Furniture Placement

Re-positioning your fixture can go far in making your space look bigger. Placing furniture in the corner should be avoided because it will make a room look heavy. Additionally, take into account where your door is. In the living room, place the sofa directly near the door for quick access. Make sure that there is enough room behind and in between the sofas.

Also, if the room leads to another room, make sure that it has enough open space to go through. If you have kids, it's advisable to have at least three feet in between the furniture for their safety.

Take these things into account when redecorating your room. Remember that when you design your room, it's like how you wear and present yourself to people. Wearing a shirt or a dress that is too big, too colorful, and overly accessorized can make you look heavy, or worse, a train wreck. But with the right color choice and accessories, you’ll look great and appear to be slimmer. In this case, by scaling things and being careful on color choices, your space will not only look great, but it will appear spacious too.