Imagine spending 8 to 9 hours of grueling work in the office, waiting for the moment that you can finally pack up and head home. The idea should be comforting, but then you remember that you have to take a two-hour commute from the office to your house. Two precious hours of commuting in Manila that you can spend with your family or friends are instead wasted on the bus or train. This is a situation that a lot of Filipinos are going through and it’s taking its toll on their wellness.

If you’re tired of spending countless hours of commuting and driving to and from work and changing employers is not an option, then it’s time you consider moving closer to the office. The benefits of living near your work can outweigh whatever cons it may present. Here are some of the reasons why living near your work is an advantage and getting a condo is a worthwhile investment:

1.You will gain work-life balance

The countless hours that are spent commuting can be used to chill with your family or hang out with your friends. You can use the extra time to pursue your hobbies. There are more opportunities for rest when you don’t have to spend so much time on the road.

2. You can walk to work, which is healthier

If you live just a few minutes away from the office, you can forego taking public transportation and walk to work instead. This is a great way to get some exercise without getting too tired by the time you get to the office. Besides, walking to work is much preferable than being squeezed into a crammed bus or train. If your condo is a bit far for a walk, then you can opt to bike to work instead. This still beats the traffic and the discomfort you will experience in daily commutes.

Did you know that by just walking around 30 minutes a day, you can actually lose weight and even gain a better health?

3. You can save money

Walking or biking to work will save you loads of fare money. This is especially true if you normally take the cab to work. Imagine the thousands you will end up saving by not riding the taxi. If you live near your office, you can also drop by in your condo for lunch instead of eating out everyday.

4. You can put yourself in less danger

We all know the horror stories that Filipino commuters experience on a regular basis. The average commuter who takes the bus or train has to deal with robbers and sexual harassers that blend among the crowd. The commuter who drives to work has to deal with reckless drivers and corrupt enforcers who take advantage of helpless drivers. You can escape all this by renting or buying a condo closer to work. The shorter the distance between your home and office, the lesser the chances of encountering criminal elements.

5. You will do the environment a huge favor

Imagine the carbon footprint you’re accumulating if you’re driving to work five days a week. Giving up the car and moving closer to work so you can walk instead is a big contribution to the environment.

Choosing a Place to Live

Now that you’ve decided to move closer to your office, it’s time to look a place to live. Obviously, this is an important decision and you have to consider all factors possible so you can find the best place near your work. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a place to live.

  • Is it affordable?

Living closer to work is a priority but so is living within your means. It’s not advisable to get a place that way beyond your budget just to be able to get rid of commuting. Homes near business districts tend to be expensive so you really have to look hard to find something you can afford. Fortunately, there are affordable condos that you can rent or buy if you know where and how to look. Also, you have to include the cost of utilities along with the rent or mortgage money. Living solo means paying for water, electricity, and association dues.

  • Is it closer to other employment opportunities?

Let’s face it, you can never tell if you will stay in your present employer forever. There may come a time that you have to look for other work opportunities. Since you plan to buy a condo in this area, make sure that you will have plenty of options here in case you need to look for another employer.

  • Is it near your family and friends?

It’s important to be near people who can easily go to your condo when the need arises. Living so far away from family and friends can be a drag and may make you regret your decision to move into this place. Being near the people you love is a major factor in making your move worth it. Also, being near family and friends will become handy in case of emergency.

  • Is the neighborhood safe?

Having a good-looking condo is pretty much useless if you’re located in a shady neighborhood. Unless you’re working from home or you’re planning to stay inside your condo 24/7, you have to ensure that you will be safe when you get out of the house. Watch out for suspicious-looking persons lurking outside your building. Make sure you won’t live in a place where the streets are dark during night time.

  • Is it near places of interest?

You will get your rent or mortgage’s worth better if your condo building is near restaurants, shops, schools, and shopping malls. Convenience is the utmost consideration in condo living; it would be nice if you don’t have to spend costly rides to get to the mall or you don’t need to go that far for laundry and grocery shopping.

Since you already spend most of your waking moment slaving away at the office, you deserve to take a really nice break after work. Getting stuck inside the car, train or bus for hours on end should not be a part of your day. By getting a safe and affordable condo near your place of employment, you’re doing yourself a huge favor in so many ways.