best debut ever

Photo courtesy of Designatic via Pixabay

Partying in a debut location like a grand outdoor club, being greeted by hordes of fans, getting paid for attending your very own debut celebration — these are just some of the sightings at Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday. This lavish treatment should no longer surprise anyone updated with all things Hollywood. After all, Kylie belongs to one of the most popular families in American show business.

With today’s teens hooked on social media and everything pop culture, lots of them want to live it up.

Fame, money, glamor — a girl can dream, right? Debut celebrations are special milestones in any young lady’s life, and these should only be celebrated! But how do you keep up with the Kardashians without breaking the bank? If you have been wondering where to celebrate a debut, here are fantastic 18th birthday party locations for your awesome debutante.


Glam It Up For The Elegant Debutante

casa real

Casa Real, Acacia Estates, DMCI Homes

Nothing could be more glamorous than a place that exudes old-world charm — luxurious chandeliers, furniture, hardwood floors, you name it. With a stylish debut location like this, you can almost imagine your darling debutante making her way down the stairs in a breathtaking designer gown, with guests toasting with fine wine.

Make her debut a night to remember with an upscale 18th birthday venue like the Casa Real in Acacia Estates. Casa Real was tastefully fused with Filipino, Spanish, American, and Chinese design to reflect timeless world-class architecture. Choose from Casa Real’s two halls: the Solariega Hall and the Cuadrilla Hall. Each of these halls can accommodate up to 130 people, so you can throw a party for all of your debutante’s closest friends.


Forever Young In A Coachella-Themed Party


Photo courtesy of GLady via Pixabay

Ahh, that annual music festival in California called Coachella. For a lot of young people, the Coachella music fest is THE event where the it-girls and it-guys can be found partying like there’s no tomorrow. It is the place to be, where you can celebrate being forever young and sing and dance to your heart’s content.

To throw a Coachella-inspired debut celebration, a big outdoor event venue like The Tent in Acacia Estates is your best bet. This place delightfully combines rustic outdoor settings with air-conditioned comfort — perfect for teens leading the hip lifestyle. This cool tent can comfortably have room for approximately 600 people so you’ll have enough space for the attendees and bands that will play.

Speaking of bands, Coachella is a celebration of music, and since you are celebrating an 18th birthday, let your daughter choose whatever band or musical genre she fancies. Just make sure that you reserve performers in advance as they can get really fully-booked. 


Fantasy-Filled Cosplay Night


Photo courtesy of Hikaru Kazushime via Flickr, Creative Commons

Is your daughter a diehard anime enthusiast? Did she spend her childhood with tons of mangas, animes, and related merchandise? Is she fond of dressing up like her favorite characters? If you answered yes to all of the above, then she will absolutely love a cosplay party for her debut celebration!

The Tent would also make the perfect event venue for this, especially with its strategic location in Taguig. And because it has a huge space, your debutante can invite all of her co-members in the anime and cosplay enthusiasts’ group.

To get you started on party ideas, you can hold a cosplay competition where you will invite a famous cosplayer to be the judge along with the birthday celebrant herself. Or you can simply have the usual program, but with different dress codes. You might also want to invite your daughter’s cosplayer idol to be the emcee.


Living A Vida Luau

iris observatory

Iris Observatory, Tivoli Garden, DMCI Homes

Being young and on the verge of adulthood is such an exciting time in any person’s lifetime. Let your daughter experience her night with a special Hawaiian celebration party. This is perfect for beach-loving girls who want to bring fun in the sand into the city.

Cocktail dresses or gowns inspired by summertime match this Luau-themed event. Add leis for family and friends for that Hawaiian touch. And if you’ll be having drinks for your now of-legal-age child, get an array of cocktails in fun tropical flavors.

If you have been searching where to celebrate her 18th birthday, look no more. Event venues like the Iris Observatory in the Tivoli Garden make special get-togethers even more memorable. With the Iris Observatory, you can channel Hawaiian beach vibes while having a spectacular view of the city’s skyline. The best part? All of you will get to go star-seeing, as your star — the debutante — begins a new chapter in her life. 


Have The Most Happening Rave-Themed Party


Photo Courtesy of via Unsplash via Pixabay

Make your daughter’s debut into adulthood the trendiest party that she will ever have! Dance to the latest beats, whether your daughter digs electronic dance music (EDM) or some indie music that she and her friends are totally into. Watch her have the time of her life as she dances it out on her special night.

And what could be a better way to throw this kind of party than finding a posh debut location? It is a great thing that there are plenty of hip event venues in the city that can fit your budget. For instance, the Heliconia Function Room in the Tivoli Gardens Residences is a runway winner with its cosmopolitan interior and modern appeal. It is also located right smack in the metro so you can have the most convenient debut location.

Young ladies deserve to have a debut celebration that is one for the books. For a memorable 18th birthday party, consider carefully factors such as your budget, preferences, number of guests, location, and so on. The debutante should have a say in all of these since it is her birthday that you are celebrating.


Once you have come up with a game plan for the big night, make a shortlist of debut locations. Book your ultimate choice as soon as possible to avoid conflicts in the reservation schedule. And for the girls: again, Kylie Jenner may have a fabulous party, but you can also make your debut dreams come to life. As long as you know where to celebrate your 18th birthday, you can have the debut celebration worthy of a celebrity.