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You would always want to make your debut – a coming-of-age ceremony – as memorable as possible. This is rather difficult, however, if your birthday comes during the hectic holiday season. Finding a location for premiere parties might be tough when there are so many other events going on. Fortunately, for you, there are certain event sites that are less well-known. You're bound to discover one that you like because they're sophisticated, trendy, and inexpensive. Here's a selection of event venues to get you started on your party planning.

A girl may dream of fame, fortune, and glitz, right? Debuts are significant milestones in the lives of young women, and they should be honored! But how can you keep up with the Kardashians while not going broke? Here are some amazing 18th birthday party places for your wonderful debutante if you've been thinking about where to celebrate a debut.

List down your guests

The next step in how to plan for an 18th birthday debut is to list down the debutant’s chosen attendees. Celebrities like to have big names on their guest list. Have the debutant or her closest friends create a dream guest list for her.


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If the budget permits, find out who her local/foreign celebrity idol/crush is and get him/her to drop by the party to make the event more special for her. It might cost you an arm and a leg, but the goal here is to make the debutant feel like a princess on her special day so it should be all worth it.

By knowing the estimated number of guests and their possible availability, it will be easier for you to decide on the date of the event, which venue to book, how many people to feed, the number of party favors, etc.

Choose a date

When will the debut happen? Once you have chosen the date of the event, it will give you a good idea of how to plan a debutante party and its timeline. You’ll also most probably have a higher chance of booking the venue and/or suppliers when you do it sooner, especially if you want to hold the party in a famous venue or use in-demand suppliers.

Of course, the best date to hold the party will always be the birthdate of the debutant. It’ll be bonus points if the birthday itself falls on the best days like Friday or Saturday, where most people get a break from school or work. This gives both the debutant and her guests more time to prepare and arrive early at the party.

There is a possibility, however, that the debutant’s birthday falls on a weekday. In this case, you might want to consider other dates to hold the party if you want a lot of people to show up. You can choose the nearest weekend to your daughter’s birth date so that there’s a higher chance your guests will attend the party. Doing this will also give you the opportunity to celebrate your daughter’s actual birthday more intimately with the family and a small group of friends.

Some debutants (or their parents), on the other hand, would still want to hold the party on their birthday no matter what day it falls on. The real challenge, then, lies in how to plan a debutante ball if it should happen on a weekday.

If this is the choice they want, then you, as the organizer, need to send the invitations earlier than usual so that guests can file their leaves of absence at work or in school to confirm their attendance. Guests will be able, then, to make time for preparations to arrive at the party on time. Also, prices for weekday bookings for both the venue and some suppliers may be more affordable than booking on a weekend.

Book a great venue

  • The Majestic Casa Real - The Acacia Estates in Taguig is an architectural masterpiece. Casa Real, modeled after the Tuasons' family mansion, is quite a sight on Manila's Sociego Street. The structure's front is beautiful and imposing, combining architectural features with Filipino, Spanish, American, and Chinese influences. This event set, which is reminiscent of the 1930s, will provide your visitors with a hearty dose of nostalgia.

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    Up to 90 persons can be accommodated in the Cuadrilla Hall on the second level. An exquisite hall on the upper ground level may accommodate up to 130 people for a celebration. Casa Real is the best location for luxurious launch parties. Its furnishings exude subtle elegance, making it the ideal setting for premiere parties themed like old Hollywood glitz, masquerade balls, or The Great Gatsby.

  • The starry Iris Observatory – Hosting your premiere party at the Iris Observatory will make you feel on top of the world. This event space, located on the roof deck of Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong, allows you to throw a party beneath the stars. It's the ideal setting for a contemporary, laid-back get-together with the newest chart-topping singles playing in the background. Prepare some cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, and invite up to 60 of your closest friends and family members.

    The starry Iris ObservatoryPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

    The Ortigas and Makati skylines may be seen unhindered from the Iris Observatory. While basking in the glory of the night skies, your guests will be comfortable on the planted roof deck. Indoor and outdoor areas are large, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, pathways, a manicured promenade, dining places, and observation decks. Binoculars are available at the site for you and your guests to have a better perspective of the nighttime attractions in the metro.

  • The flexible Heliconia Function Room – Make your debut theme as unique as possible. A Sakura night, a fairytale dream theme or a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme are all possibilities. Whatever theme you select, make sure you book an event place with plenty of room to move about. What would a premiere party be without a dance floor for guests to let loose on? The Heliconia Function Room has everything you need for an unforgettable occasion. This event location has a large floor space that can hold up to 100 people. Tables can be freely placed around a chosen dance area.

    The flexible Heliconia Function Room Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

    The Heliconia Function Room is versatile and built to accommodate a range of social gatherings. It's almost like a blank canvas. The party hosts can decorate the space any way they choose.

  • The enchanting The Tent – Are you throwing a huge celebration for hundreds of people? The Tent in Taguig is exactly what you need. This event location can hold up to 1,000 people. The Tent is divided into three halls, each measuring 891 square meters, 1018 square meters, and 1909 square meters. Depending on your demands, you may hire a single hall or the entire facility. The large space offers for greater design and theme flexibility. Do you want to have a Hunger Games-themed party? Perhaps a red-carpet debut? What about a circus spectacular? Whatever it is that you want to do, you can do it at The Tent.

    The enchanting The TentPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes

    Once you have come up with a game plan for the big night, make a shortlist of debut locations. Book your ultimate choice as soon as possible to avoid conflicts in the reservation schedule. And for the girls, you can make your debut dreams come to life. As long as you know where to celebrate your 18th birthday, you can have the debut celebration worthy of a celebrity.

Choose the perfect theme

Part of learning how to plan a Filipino debut is being able to choose the right theme. You’ll have to dig really deep into what the debutant’s interests are in order to come up with a theme that either reflects her personality, shows her dream, or displays creativity.

  • “Glam It Up For The Elegant Debutante” - Nothing beats a setting that emanates old-world elegance, complete with opulent chandeliers, furnishings, and hardwood flooring. With a venue like this, you can practically see your beautiful debutante walking down the stairs in a stunning designer gown while guests toast her with exquisite wine.
  • “Forever Young In A Coachella-Themed Party” - Coachella is THE event where the it-girls and it-guys can be found partying like there's no tomorrow for a lot of young people. It's the place to be, where you can sing and dance your heart out while celebrating your eternal youth.

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    A large outdoor event location like The Tent in Acacia Estates is your best chance for throwing a Coachella-inspired premiere celebration. This spot mixes rustic outdoor surroundings with air-conditioned luxury, making it ideal for youngsters who live a cool life. This cool tent can easily accommodate 600 people, ensuring that the spectators and musicians performing will have adequate space.

  • “Fantasy-Filled Cosplay Night” - Is your daughter a dedicated anime fan? Did she grow up surrounded by mangas, animes, and associated merchandise? Is it her habit to dress up as her favorite characters? If you responded yes to all of the above, she'll be thrilled to have a cosplay party for her first birthday!

    two cosplayer girlsPhoto courtesy of Hikaru Kazushime via Flickr, Creative Commons

    The Tent, with its strategic position in Taguig, would also be an ideal event site for this. Your debutante may invite all of her anime and cosplay-loving coworkers because it has such a large room.

  • “Living A Vida Luau” - Being young and on the edge of maturity is one of the most exciting times of one's life. Allow your daughter to have a memorable night with a Hawaiian celebration party. This is ideal for beach-loving females who wish to bring their sand-related pleasure into the city.

    Living A Vida LuauIris Observatory, Tivoli Garden, DMCI Homes

    This Luau-themed event calls for cocktail dresses or gowns inspired by summer. Make leis for family and friends to complete the Hawaiian look. If you'll be serving beverages to your now-legal-age youngster, choose from a variety of tropical-themed cocktails.

  • “Have The Most Happening Rave-Themed Party” - Make your daughter's first party as an adult the most fashionable she'll ever attend! Whether your daughter likes electronic dance music (EDM) or some indie music that she and her friends adore, dance to the latest sounds. As she dances her heart out on her big night, watch her enjoy the time of her life.

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    And what better way to hold a celebration like this than to pick a nice launch location? It's fantastic that there are so many stylish event venues in the city that can accommodate your budget. With its international décor and sophisticated charm, the Heliconia Function Room in the Tivoli Gardens Residences, for example, is a runaway winner.


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Plan the activities

With the date, venue, and perfect theme locked in, organizers will now have to learn how to plan a debut party program. So, what’s the ideal flow of a debut program? Look at this sample:

  • Cocktail Hour – While waiting for all the guests to arrive, it would be a great debut idea to hold a cocktail hour. This doesn’t need to last for an hour, but it can be anywhere around 20 minutes before the actual program starts. You can serve some appetizers while waiting for the program to begin. It’s also a good time to start the photo booth and other simple activities to keep the guests who already arrived busy.
  • Welcoming Remarks – To kick off the debut, have your parents (or the host) say a few words to welcome guests. A few fun games with prizes should be enough to let your guests relax and start having fun. A grand entrance is also a must for the debutant after saying the welcome remarks and finishing some of the activities.
  • Cotillion de Honor – A must-have, especially for those who love the debutante tradition. For this activity, you need to prepare a 10-minute dance with the debutante and an entourage of her closest friends.
  • Dinner Time – Give your guests at least an hour to eat with music played in the background by the debutant’s DJ or a band.
  • 18 Roses, Candles, and Treasures – Another must-have in any Filipino debut. Make sure your event coordinator rounds up all participants before starting this portion of the program to save time.
  • Happy Birthday song – It’s time to sing a happy birthday song to the debutant. It would be great if her favorite local singer would sing this song along with her family and friends. After this, the debutant will say her “Thank you” speech, which she can prepare in advance.
  • Dance the Night Away –Now that the program is over, it’s time to have some fun and dance the night away.

Plan on what to eat and drink

When it comes to food, a great debut party idea is to plan the meal for your guests. Bring the debutant along during food tasting so she can choose her favorite dishes and share them with the guests.


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Capture the moment

One of the highlights of a debut is the same-day edit by the documentary team. Make sure that you book the best team like Treehouse Story, Pat Dy, or Jason Magbanua, who are the top celebrity choices when it comes to documenting special events. Rest assured that this is one of the party elements that can make any debut very memorable.

Planning a celebrity-like debut can be a real challenge and a tough one to pull off. Not only will it require a considerable amount of money, but a lot of time and effort by the organizers and parents. Nonetheless, your daughter will only turn 18 once and – for some – that’s more than enough reason to learn how to plan and execute a fun-filled, memorable party for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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Key takeaways

In planning your debuts, the following are the key takeaways:

  • You must always take into the following: (A) Your guests; (B) The date; and (C) The venue. These must first be taken into consideration since without these you cannot properly plan your debut!
  • If you choose a venue, always consider the venue that is most convenient. It must not only cater to your needs and preferences but must also cater to the preferences of your guests. Venues are important because they are the cornerstone of every event.
  • The preference of the celebrant must be the main aspect of choosing a theme. Whether it be a rave-themed party or an anime-themed party, you must always consider the choice of the celebrant in order that the debut is as memorable as can be.

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