Condo living in the Philippines is not only practical given the rising costs of land, but downsizing to a condo also spells convenience. Maintaining a condo means lower utility bills, easier cleaning time, having more time for yourself, and so on, proving how a small space can pack big benefits for its dwellers.

Get the most out of condo living by making your condo interior the most enjoyable that it can be. Come home to your own piece of sanctuary amidst the metropolitan’s hustle and bustle with these most livable and affordable small condo design tips.

Let the sunshine in

Do away with curtains and watch the sun’s infinite rays illuminate your condo. If you must have curtains, ditch heavy fabrics in favor of ones that are light enough to let the sun’s goodness in. The sunshine is not associated with optimism for nothing — it will not only boost your mood, it will also deliver a dose of energy to your plants. If you don’t have one yet, let the following tip convince you.

 Nurture indoor plants

In addition to bringing natural aesthetic value, plants filter air in the surrounding, making them a must-have breather especially when you live right smack in the city. While growing a garden traditionally takes place in a house with a big backyard, having plants in your condo is not impossible. Put indoor plants in portable containers. Place them where you need green scenery. You can even decorate your walls with them by hanging strategically potted plants.

Go for a condo that maximizes ventilation

Nothing feels more refreshing than a cool breeze. With this in mind, developers like DMCI Homes engineer condos develop eco-friendly technologies such as the Lumiventt Design, which uses basic airflow principles to build condos in such a way that sunlight and fresh air can permeate the building’s interior and units. Aside from bringing comfort to condo dwellers, this puts lesser strains on the environment, contributing to a healthier earth.

Plan your space well

Coming up with a functional space plan makes a whole world of difference. Decide on your needs and wants. For instance, if you need to have a workstation in your sleeping area, you might want to forgo the king-size bed and get the queen instead. Have your daily routine in mind so you can plan your condo interior accordingly to what will be convenient to you.

Have your own quiet corner

With creativity, you can have a special spot in your condo even without having an extra room. Keep your eyes open to those hidden nooks in your condo, waiting to be used to your advantage. For instance, the corners that you see may be small, but it could be just what you need for a reading corner. Just put a partial table that’s enough to cover the space, spruce it up, and voila! You just created your sanctuary.

Focus on the essential — declutter

Decluttering is a tried-and-tested way of transforming a small space into its most livable version. Toss out things you no longer use, donate clothes and toys that other people may need more than you do, and get rid of excesses that weigh you down. Instead of reserving it for the occasional spring cleaning, incorporate it in your routine even if for ten minutes a day. Letting go can be a hard process, but take it as a no-nonsense approach to material belongings.

Organize items creatively

According to Elizabeth Munnik, an organization expert, keeping your home neat and tidy helps enhance your overall health as it removes clutter’s negative impact on our mind and body as studies have shown. Organizing will also save you space, help you look for things faster, and make condo living as seamless as possible. Arrange items according to their size, use, color, and so on. Store or stash items in the appropriate containers. For instance, place small accessible trays in your foyer and use these for your keys, pens, and other small items that you grab every day before heading out the door.

Work with your condo space

At all costs, avoid buying furniture that overwhelms — or worse, won’t even fit in — your condo. Get your condo or target room’s area in square meters and work with the room’s dimensions. While it is absolutely necessary that the measurements of the furniture do not exceed that of your space, it is also a must that you leave enough room so you can freely move about. Another tip is to look for the small space-friendly version of things that you need such as an armless couch. You can also devise your own such as DIY shelves. Just make sure you have your landlord or condo management’s go-signal.

Go for multitasking furniture

Invest in versatile furniture so you won’t have to buy another thus, freeing up more space in your home. Choose a sleek-looking ottoman chair or table that also doubles as storage. Use bookshelves as a partition.

Carefully choose your wall and ceiling color

The right color should reflect light in such a way that it brightens up the place, making it appear bigger and more invigorating. Choose light colors that will create a roomy atmosphere, but neutral enough so you will have no trouble decorating. For a calming effect, use light shades of cool colors like blue and green. To inject some more energy, paint on warm colors like light yellow and orange.

Personalize your space

Infuse your personality in your condo interior design by decorating it yourself. Unleash your creativity with DIY projects such as repurposing things like old furniture or painting your own wall décor. You will not only save money, your inner artist will also thank you for it.

Get your regular fix

Your household, that is. It needs proper condo repair and maintenance if you are to live comfortably. Repairing things like scratched and broken furniture as soon as possible will not only save you money in the long run, it will also spare you greater inconveniences. Make sure to schedule the repairs religiously because doing so would eventually allow you to live on a better budget right in your condo.

Plus, with the size of your condo, you cannot afford to ignore them for too long. Even if things are not damaged, you need to keep up with regular condo maintenance. Remember, with decluttering, you are left with only the essential furniture, appliances, and things so you better have them in their best shape.

It does not take much to whip up the smartest small condo designs. With strategic planning, consistency, and ingenuity, you can definitely live the life you have always wanted no matter what your condo space is.