The business of travel has evolved a great deal over the past years. Airfares are cheaper, airports are starting to look like world-class hotels with runways; there are more flight options, and choices for accommodation are more diverse than ever.

One of the biggest revolutions is in travel accommodations. Options used to be limited to hotels and hostels. But today, short-term apartments, serviced apartments, condos for lease, and home rentals are giving the hotel industry a run for its money. Companies like Airbnb and HomeAway are on a roll.

Business travelers in Manila would be pleased to know that there are as many accommodation options in the metropolis as there are minutes in an hour. And with the growing condo market, travelers staying for a few days, weeks or a month can look into a short-term apartment lease or a condo for lease in Manila.

From cost and location to comfort and convenience, a short term lease might just change the way you look at traveling. Here’s why you should give it a try.

Home away from home

In most hotels, you’ll only get a bed and a sitting area if you’re lucky. It really does feel like you are someplace else. On the other hand, a short-term apartment lease would mean you have access to a lounge or sitting area, kitchen, dining room, and sometimes, even a laundry room. Fully-furnished rentals also mean you’ll have entertainment devices, furniture, decors, and maybe even a bar. This would make any traveler feel that he is “home” because the conveniences are essentially the same.

Space is bigger

Most hotels would just have room enough for a single bed. In some cases, it is just impossible to move around. But with an apartment or condo, you’ll have more space for everything. Wardrobes are bigger, and there’s more room in the refrigerator. There’s a designated area for eating and sleeping, unlike in a hotel where you have to do everything in your bed.

Could be cheaper

How much does a night at a hotel cost? On the average, around Php 4,000, perhaps. If you are staying for a month, that’s easily Php 120,000. When you opt for a condo for lease, it is very unlikely that you’ll end up paying even half of that amount. So if you are staying for at least five days, and you are on a budget or trying to work around with the company allowance, a lease could offer more value for your money.

Location is strategic

Wherever you are in Metro Manila, chances are there is a condominium nearby. Condos are located at the heart of the city, and if you are doing business in Makati, Ortigas or BGC, there is definitely no shortage of world-class condo communities. If you want a place near the airport, there’s that too. DMCI Leasing has developments all over the metropolis with access to major roads and public transportation. Getting from point A to point B fast and easy should not be a problem.

Cook your own food

If you’re traveling for a few weeks or a month, and you’ve had a taste of all the local dishes recommended by websites and travelers, you just want the option to eat your own comfort food. After a long day of doing business, you want something familiar for dinner. Staying short term in a condo would give you this option. You can cook in your own kitchen, which also has basic cookware and dinnerware. Also, no more expensive room service.

More living options

With an apartment or a condo for lease, you can go for a studio or a three-bedroom arrangement. There’s an arrangement for everyone, solo travelers or those with family. On the other hand, a hotel’s options are usually limited to the number and size of beds, and a hotel room with a separate single bedroom would have significantly higher rates.

Staycation while on vacation

When you are traveling in Manila, there’s not so much to see other than museums, historical landmarks, food districts, and malls. There would be days when a staycation is all you need. The beauty of condo leasing is that it can make you feel like you’re on holiday even if you’re just lounging at home. DMCI’s resort-themed developments have amenities that will trick you into believing that you are in a lush island somewhere.

Wi-Fi that works

Let’s face it: Wi-Fi connection in most hotels is really slow. But in a condo or apartment, you’ll have your own and won’t have to share it with a hundred other guests.  Most condo rental hosts these days have provide fast Wi-Fi for their guests to lure in more travelers.

Increased flexibility

One of the advantages of booking in an apartment or condo is that you are talking to a host, an actual person, and not a system where rules cannot be changed. Need to check out two hours late? You can talk to a host about it, or you can pay an extra fee at the hotel. You have guests coming over? Not a problem. The arrangements are as flexible as the guest and host want them to be.

Privacy is paramount

You’re not exactly living in a cottage in the middle of the forest, but leasing an apartment can give you the privacy you want. There’s no lining up in the reception to get your key card, not too many harried guests in the hallway, no thin walls that easily let noise in.

Sense of community

Unlike hotels, which are mostly lined up in certain districts in the metropolis, staying in a short-term apartment or condo lease would give the traveler a better sense of community. People in communities are usually friendlier, and don’t think that a smile or a nod would waste a minute of their time. It is also easier to ask for help such as directions or where to eat.

Live like a local

In a condo community, you are surrounded by locals and residents, and not fellow travelers who are probably seeing the city for the first time. Being among the locals would help you learn about a place only locals know, and certainly aid your curiosity and thirst for discovery.

The next time you travel to Manila for a business trip, widen your perspective and look beyond the regular hotels. You might just surprise yourself.