Who doesn’t want to have the best accommodation when staying in a new place for work or leisure? When you think of the “best accommodation,” however, the first thing that might pop up in your mind is expensive hotels. While staying in a hotel is a good option, short-term condo rentals have become so popular because they can have the same benefits of a hotel stay without the hefty price. In addition, condo rental has bigger room for a more personalized, homey, and comfortable feel in your stay. Short-term condo rentals are great alright, but how do you ensure that you get the best deal? Here’s a guide to short term renting with 8 smart tips you should consider.  

  1. Plan Ahead for Ease and Security

Photo courtesy of StartupStockPhotos via Pixabay

Photo courtesy of StartupStockPhotos via Pixabay

The boom in short-term condo rentals came rapidly with the Internet revolution. Now, people looking for short-term rentals and people offering such a possibility are in a better situation to do business, thanks to the increasing popularity of websites dedicated to your accommodation needs. However, the popularity of short-term rentals can sometimes be overwhelming. Your best response should be smart planning. Apart from starting your search early, it’s wise to rely on reputable and secure websites that can help you find the perfect place for your requirements.

  1. What Condo Amenities Can You Access?

Condo Amenities Can You Access

Photo courtesy of Stevepb via Pixabay

Whether you plan to stay for a few days or a few months, it’s important that you know what amenities you can access. Generally, major condo establishments are proving to be as convenient as hotels. They also often have the same hotel luxuries such as fitness centers, swimming pools, gardens, and recreational areas. If you will be needing any specific amenities during your stay, ask the owner about them and how accessible they are to you. Do your homework in making sure the amenities you need are available and accessible so your stay will be the most comfortable.

  1. Does the Location Suit Your Purpose?

Location That Suit Your Purpose

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You’ve probably heard of the dictum “location is everything” in relation to real estate. While location is not the only factor to consider in short-term rentals, it remains important nonetheless. Check if the condo is near the establishments you will be frequenting during your stay. If it’s a work or business trip, make sure that the condo is easily accessible via public transportation, or better yet, check if the location  conveniently allows you to go around by foot. It’s also a good idea to check for nearby restaurants and recreational places like malls, parks, and museums.

  1. Find Out if There are Hidden Fees

Hidden Fees

Photo courtesy of Aaron Shumaker via Flickr

The price of renting a condo is largely determined by the owner, so you’ll want to make sure that the price you’re paying are all-inclusive. Make sure you discuss all fees and dues before paying to avoid any surprises. If you’re staying for more than a month, ask if you’re required to pay homeowners dues and miscellaneous fees. Also bear in mind that the price may vary depending on the season. For example, the rental price months before your arrival can be different from the price if you do the booking just days before your intended stay. It’s also smart to compare the prices of other properties nearby, so you’ll have a better idea if the rental price is reasonable.

  1. Make Sure about Deposits

Make Sure about Deposits

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Another financial matter you need to factor in your budget is the deposit. For seasonal rentals, the owner may require a large security deposit upfront. Be aware that in some cases, the return of your deposit is dependent on certain conditions. For example, some owners would require you to clean the condominium or pay all rental payments first before you get back the deposit you paid earlier. There are also cases where you might encounter the term “one month deposit, two months advance.” If this is the owner’s policy, you will have to pay the full rental price for two months on top of a one-month deposit that will be returned to you at the end of your stay.

  1. Cover All the House Rules

House Rules

Photo courtesy of jarmoluk via Pixabay

Prior to contract signing, you have to familiarize yourself first with the house rules. Doing so will allow you to better negotiate should you request some of the rules to be amended. Each listing should come with clearly-defined set of rules. However, some owners may forget the rules that are dictated by the condominium management. For example, ask if you can take your pet with you or if you’re allowed to take in guests. These are some of the matters you have to settle with the owner to ensure that your stay will be far from feeling restricted.

  1. Is the Owner Easy to Deal With?

Easy to Deal With

Photo courtesy of WOCinTech Chat via Flickr

In many cases, the benefits of short-term condo living are as important as having a reliable and trustworthy owner. Assessing whether you’re comfortable with the owner should be done before entering into any deal. It is smart to speak with the owner via phone or, if possible, in person. This way, you will have a better idea of the person you’re conducting business with. Guest reviews or online recommendation are also good indicators to consider. Never underestimate the importance of trusting the owner in making the final decision of renting their condo unit.

  1. Always Carefully Read the Contract

Carefully Read the Contract

Photo courtesy of klimkin via Pixabay

Sometimes, people get too excited with competitive condo prices and amenities that they overlook the importance of thoroughly reading the contract. This document is significant because it should contain all the terms you’ve agreed to. Not only should it contain the outline of payment schedule, it should also have other details concerning utility bills, cleaning/housekeeping, security, and amenities. Carefully reading the contract will also allow you to negotiate some terms or include matters the owner may have left out.

Short term condo rentals in the Philippines are indeed gaining popularity fast and for good reasons. As attested by the many people who’ve experienced the benefits, the convenience and reasonable price are hard to pass up. Whether you’re a local resident or a foreigner looking for the ideal condo, following these 8 smart tips can ensure the best accommodation experience for you.