‘Tis the season for year-end party planning! Whether you’re preparing for a Christmas celebration or a big end-of-year bash, you deserve to find the perfect event venue that can accommodate all your party planning needs right now.

DMCI Homes has the perfect space rental opportunities for all your event venue needs today. From cozy and comfortable conference halls to wide open outdoor garden spaces, you can avail of the perfect places that align with your desired theme through DMCI Homes today.

Discover the best venues ever for your upcoming year-end bash. Make merry memories along your party-planning journey with this handy guide to event spaces now.

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How can I ensure the event space aligns with my theme?

Picking a specific theme for your year-end bash allows you to plan things out more easily and effectively. With a clear-cut theme for a celebration, you can better align planning choices like your menu, décor, and of course - your event venue.

To ensure that your event venue aligns with your shindig theme, you need to go through a wide range of space rental options to find the perfect venue for your event. If you’re hosting a holiday party with pets, for example, you’ll need an open-air garden space for your furry friends to frolic all over. If you’re planning a costumed get-together for corporate pals, on the other hand, you’ll want to do it in a cool indoor venue for everyone’s comfort.

You’ll need a wide and varied list of space rental options in order to find the top event venue for your year-end plans. Keep on reading to discover twelve great party venues on DMCI Homes properties, for all your themed celebration needs.

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The top party venues for the best year-ender bash

Excited to prepare your invitations and decorations for the best end-of-year bash ever? Here are twelve different themes and locations that you can take inspiration from for your upcoming celebration.

1. Starry night celebrations at Iris Observatory

“The skies seem like a breath away from this spot above the city…” - PhilStar Global

Have you ever had the privilege of experiencing a year-end bash on a clear and starry night? You can get the chance to be closer to the night sky at the Iris Observatory, atop the Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong City.

This roof deck event venue offers stunning views for a sparkling dinnertime celebration. The Iris Observatory comes with an observation deck, with telescopes that are perfect for stargazing. Imagine hosting a celebration under the soft glow of the moon and stars, with fireworks lighting up the sky on New Year’s eve. What an incredibly romantic and exceptional idea!

photo of fireworks displayPhoto courtesy of Designecologist via Pexels

2. Host a grand ball at The Tent

“Perfect place to celebrate special occasions and any events. The best!” - Anthony Santos

If you’re looking for a big and glamorous banquet venue, then you should definitely consider The Tent at Acacia Estates in Taguig. This must-see event place is perfect for big parties and celebrations, just like a spectacularly themed ball for hundreds of gorgeous guests.

You can choose from three different event halls at The Tent, all of which can accommodate 300 up to 1,000 guests. Overall, The Tent is the perfect space for big parties and events; you can set up the halls to your liking, build a stage, set up a mobile bar, include photo booths, prepare buffet tables, and much more. Go all out with an eventful Grand Ball to send the year off in style!

hall a galleryTent A, The Tent at Acacia Estates
Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

3. Tropical pool party at the East Raya Gardens Clubhouse

Colder “ber” months can still get pretty hot in a tropical country like the Philippines, so why not lean into heat with a tropical-themed pool party? You can enjoy the best island-themed celebration ever with the wide range of amenities at the East Raya Gardens in Pasig City.

The clubhouse at East Raya Gardens boasts an expansive, pavilion-like design complete with a tropical garden, so you can easily add island-themed decorations for a fun end-of-year bash. The venue also comes with an infinity pool, a pond, a lounge, a function hall, and an entertainment room, all of which make it perfect for a tropical themed party idea with family and friends.

east raya gardens ClubhouseThe East Raya Gardens Clubhouse
Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

4. Endless karaoke at the Heliconia Function Room

Sing your hearts out with unlimited karaoke at the Heliconia Function Room in Tivoli Garden Residences. It’s a function room venue that can comfortably accommodate up to a hundred guests, perfect for nonstop karaoke fun.

Try filling up your music playlist with the top song hits of the year, and make sure everybody has a chance at the microphone throughout the night. Enjoy an evening of wild music and fun, all within the comfort of the Heliconia Function Room at DMCI Homes’ Tivoli Garden Residences.

heliconia function room galleryThe Heliconia Function Room at the Tivoli Garden Residences
Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

5. Filipiniana costume Party at Casa Real

Casa Real at Acacia Estates is a gorgeous and elegant event venue that is situated right in the heart of old Manila. This version of the iconic Tuason residence on Sociego Street is the perfect place to host a fancy costume dinner, where attendees dress up in their best Filipiniana attire for the night.

Guests can don their best barongs and butterfly sleeves for this beautiful venue for rent by DMCI Homes. Take pictures among architecture that blends Filipino and Spanish influences, and end the year in style with this fashionable Filipiniana costume dinner theme.

cuadrilla hall galleryCasa Real at Acacia Estates
Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

6. Cityscape shindig at The Sky Lounge

Marvel at the cityscape as you enjoy a stunning skyline shindig at The Sky Lounge in Cypress Towers. It is an oasis for your guests to relax and just take it slow, so you can either enjoy an appetizer-filled celebration or a simple dinner gathering.

The commanding view of the skyline is breathtaking. This smaller space is great for an intimate and chic gathering of up to 40 guests. At The Sky Lounge, you can make use of comfortable seating areas with plush sofas, armchairs, and tables. This venue exudes a cozy ambiance that allows you and your guests to enjoy the panoramic view of Manila’s own lights and silhouettes.

cypress towers Sky LoungeDaytime view from the Sky Lounge at Cypress Towers
Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

7. Casual Grill Party at the Ohana Place Clubhouse

Looking for a daytime event space for a casual grill party with friends and family? The clubhouse at Ohana Place in Las Piñas is the ideal spot for this cozy celebration.

This outdoor venue comes complete with cabanas and grill pits for a fun afternoon of cooking with loved ones. Keep things chill and casual, and enjoy the company of the people closest to you as you close out the year with this barbecue idea.

person grilling sausage and meatPhoto courtesy of Luis Quintero via Pexels

8. Craft-ernoon delight at Eugenia Tower Clubhouse

Want a more hands-on theme idea? Unleash the inner artist in everyone with an interactive craft-ernoon gathering at the Eugenia Tower Clubhouse in Tivoli Garden Residences.

The clubhouse at Eugenia Tower contains several al fresco areas that can be transformed into arts and crafts activity stations. For example, one section of the clubhouse can be used for painting, while the other can be used for pottery, or collage-making. This kind of afternoon event is perfect for groups that want to bond through art - all within the cozy space of Tivoli Garden Residences.

person using watercolor palettePhoto courtesy of Greta Hoffman via Pexels

9. Mini movie night at Banawe Hall

Roll out the red carpet and bring out your favorite films! It’s time to host a mini movie night marathon in Banawe Hall at Outlook Ridge Residences today.

This fantastic theme pairs perfectly with a smaller venue, like Banawe Hall, at a DMCI Homes property. Transform this function room into a cinema by making use of the hall’s projector, tables, and provided chairs. Set out tons of popcorn, soda, and candy for snacking as you enjoy the best movies of the year with your friends and family at Outlook Ridge Residences.

people sitting on a couchPhoto courtesy of MART PRODUCTION via Pexels

10. Fancy cocktail party at Sagada Hall

Want to host a special dinnertime event that oozes with class for the end of the year? Try your hand at hosting a fancy cocktail hour in Sagada Hall at Outlook Ridge Residences.

This chic and stylish function hall boasts stately interiors that are perfect for classy corporate shindigs. Whether you’re there to shake hands with top dogs at your company, or there to balance out your work life with coworkers, you can enjoy lively chit-chat over hors d'oeuvres and cocktail drinks at the incredibly gorgeous Sagada Hall.

woman in silver v neck long sleeved dressPhoto courtesy of Inga Seliverstova via Pexels

11. Regifting party at Magnolia Place

“With the [Magnolia Place] clubhouse, we are providing [families] with an extension of their home, where they can strengthen family rapport and enjoy opportunities to have a well-rounded community.” - Adam Trinidad

Not a fan of the “shop ‘til you drop” attitude that becomes more prevalent at the end of the year? Take a break from busy buying crazes and focus on the blessings you already have, by organizing a regifting party for your family instead at the Magnolia Place Clubhouse.

The idea is simple: each family member should bring a wrapped “regift,” to be exchanged with another regift at the event. It’s a fun and practical idea for you and your loved ones since everyone will have at least one gift to give back to the community at the end of a busy year.

close up shot of a person wrapping a gift boxPhoto courtesy of EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA via Pexels

12. Adorable pet paw-ty at Acacia Football Field

“This is a beautiful development of DMCI Homes. We actually need more fields like this in the country.” - Aly Borromeo

How adorable would it be to see you and your friends’ pets frolicking around a safe and spacious football field? This cute pet paw-ty idea is the perfect way to cap off the year on a happy and precious note.

The Acacia Estates Football Field in Taguig City is the ideal recreational venue for this heartwarming outdoor gathering. This football field is an affordable space rental and a delightful open-air space where your guests and their pets can run around and have fun, all day long.

adorable dogs sitting on pathway in countrysidePhoto courtesy of Blue Bird via Pexels

Memorable parties at a perfect venue with DMCI Homes

Planning perfect parties for every occasion can be tricky without the right guidance. But with a unique theme and a specific venue to guide your plans, you can wow your guests and make the best, most memorable celebrations happen any time of the year.

So remember to reserve your space rentals ahead of time to secure that perfect venue for your upcoming bash. Make sure to check out all the event venues we have to offer at our DMCI Homes properties right now.

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Key takeaways

End the year with a bang when you start with the perfect event venue for your themed party. Take these final party planning tips with you as you prepare for the best bash ever today:

  • Start planning way before the end of the year. By planning ahead of time, you can reserve venues for rent and block off dates to ensure the success of your celebration.
  • Pick a fun but specific theme. With an exciting and clear-cut theme, you can make decisions on food, decorations, costumes, and venues more efficiently too.
  • Secure the perfect venue with DMCI Homes. With over a decade of banquet service expertise, you can discover the best event venues ever when you check out what DMCI Homes has in store for you right now.


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