Every professional event planner will agree that organizing a memorable celebration is no easy task. There are many things to do, like plotting the flow of the event program or picking the perfect theme. Oftentimes, there are limitations that will inevitably stress you out - your financial budget is definitely one of them.

As an expert planner and organizer, however, you shouldn’t let obstacles like limited funds stop you from throwing an unforgettable celebration. With the right budget basics and event management tips, you can successfully pull off any shindig and set the stage for the biggest bash of the year, right now.

In need of a comprehensive list of expert tips for your next big bash on a budget? Then check out this ultimate guide to planning out the perfect party on a dime with DMCI Homes this year. Everything else, like finding the perfect party venues for rent will fall right into place.

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Unforgettable event party planning on a budget

Everyone wants to have a fun and unforgettable time at a party. That’s what they’re for, after all - enjoying the presence of the people around you, feeling a sense of togetherness, and celebrating special occasions with your friends and loved ones.

Whether you’re throwing a party on a budget or not, your ultimate goal should always be to create an unforgettable experience for everyone, including yourself. As a planner and an attendee, you also deserve to enjoy a fun and stress-free experience at any function or celebration.

So why not give yourself the means to throw an awesome celebration on a dime, with an expertly curated list of party planning tips today?

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How to plan a party with an event budget in mind

Throw a memorable affair on a dime at any time of the year with DMCI Homes today. Check out this curated list of expert tips to execute an unforgettable celebration for your guests, even on a strict event budget.

1. Make a to-do list

The success of your shindig will depend on your ability to do effective event management. To know exactly what you need to prepare prior to your upcoming celebration, you need to make a to-do list that contains all the tasks you need to execute - including, but not limited to, laying out your schedule, picking your logistics partners, selecting a menu, and more.

Get started by preparing an initial list of major tasks. These can include things like picking a date, theme, and venue. After prepping that initial list, you can then break each entry down into more detailed and itemized tasks, like sending out invitations prior to your chosen date, selecting a menu, and decorating your venue based on your chosen theme.

Once you have all these tasks written down on your party planning checklist, you can then estimate the costs of each task in an itemized budget. With this list of costs, you can set realistic allocations for your celebration, and even begin identifying things to cut down on in order to meet your specific financial limitations.

Just make sure to create and plot your initial to-do list early on, so that you can accommodate any adjustments to your finances well before the day of your scheduled shindig.

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2. Pick a specific theme

How does picking a specific theme help you with meeting your financial allowances for a celebration this year?

When you select a clear-cut theme for any celebration, you can better identify organizational choices like your menu, decorations, and venue early on. With a theme, you’ll be able to make specific decisions on important aspects of your finances, thus allowing you to list down tasks and their costs more efficiently today.

If you want to do a stargazing-themed celebration, for example, you can start looking into open-air party venues for rent that meet your financial constraints. You can even reserve venues months in advance in order to get a better price and beat out other competitors for the space. Just make sure to pick that theme early on to find the best possible choices for your financial limitations.

3. Work with a reliable team

The pressure of being an event planner with limited finances cannot be understated, and you will want all the reliable assistance you can get when you organize an event. Not only will a team support you throughout the organizing process, but they’ll also help you find great options on a dime, and execute tasks more efficiently as well.

With a wider network of contacts from your team, you can discover more cost-efficient options for food, venues, logistics partners, and more. You can also delegate tasks among the members of your group, thus allowing you to focus your time and resources on bigger organizational concerns.

By working with reliable partners like the venue representatives at DMCI Homes, you can execute an excellent experience for your guests and deliver on their expectations for an unforgettable office shindig or private celebration today.

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4. Be creative with solutions

Working with a small allowance requires decisiveness, prioritization, and creative problem solving skills. If you find yourself hitting speed bumps on the road to throwing your bash, then you need to think of creative solutions and flexible workarounds to meet your financial limitations and achieve your organizational goals, all at the same time.

Take a good look at your current supplies, to-do lists, and checklists. Are there things that you can reuse or recycle from previous summer parties or celebrations to match your current organizational needs? Make sure to maximize the supplies and resources you currently have, in order to stay within the confines of your finances.

Don’t be afraid to ask around and borrow things, either. If you need expensive equipment like a smoke machine or colored lights, for example, ask your friends and teammates if they have these tools and can lend them to you for free. All these simple but creative solutions can help you reduce costs, thus leading to a stress-free organizing experience for you and your team.

5. Pick the right location

Last but certainly not the least on this list is to pick the right location based on your selected theme, activity needs, and overall event budgeting.

The perfect party venue will play host to all the important activities that need to happen on the day of your celebration. So make sure it has the essentials, such as an air-conditioning system, proper lighting, comfort rooms, parking slots, and more. Pick a spacious space so you can be flexible with your theme and decorations too.

By choosing and renting a venue early on in your event party planning journey, you can potentially avail of lower prices or costs, thus meeting your financial needs and constraints. With an early head start, you can also spend more time canvassing low-cost venues that perfectly fit your financial needs this year.

Here are some of the best DMCI Homes event venues you can rent below PHP 15,000 today:

  • Iris Observatory at Tivoli Gardens Residences
    • Regular Rate: PHP 10,000
    • Capacity: 50 - 60 pax
  • Heliconia Function Room at Tivoli Gardens Residences
    • Regular Rate: PHP 10,000
    • Capacity: 70 - 100 pax
  • Banawe Hall at Outlook Ridge Residences
    • Regular Rate: PHP 10,000
    • Capacity: 60 - 70 pax
  • Bontoc Hall at Outlook Ridge Residences
    • Regular Rate: PHP 12,000
    • Capacity: 70 - 80 pax
  • Sagada Hall at Outlook Ridge Residences
    • Regular Rate: PHP 700
    • Capacity: 20 pax

Kickstart your organizational journey for that superb shindig on a dime when you pick the right venue from DMCI Homes’ own spaces this year.

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Easy breezy event budgeting

Whether you’re prepping for a cool corporate bash or a private celebration with your peers, you’ll want your party planning experience to be easy and breezy - especially when working with specific or limited funds.

Hosting on a dime can be tricky, but it isn’t at all impossible to do when you strategize things the right way. Start preparations early, pick a reliable team, and select a great location, and you’ll have an excellent time throwing the best low-cost celebration of the year, today.

Key takeaways

Prepare for your next big bash on a budget at the beautiful properties by DMCI Homes. Bring these final tips with you on your next event planner’s journey for the best celebratory experience ever this year:

  • Organize early, avoid last-minute stress. By preparing and getting ready ahead of time, you can finish certain tasks early and avoid last-minute stressors or expenses that might affect your finances.
  • Borrow, don’t buy. As much as possible, borrow and reuse things like equipment, decorations, and costumes, to avoid spending on things you (or your colleagues) already have at home.
  • Work with experts. Avoid costly beginner mishaps by working with expert coordinators, like the venue representatives at DMCI Homes today.

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