One of the most important advantages of living within a condominium compound is the sense of community. You get to establish lifelong friendships with neighbors, which makes for more pleasant event experiences. Your condo community should have at least one venue for rent, available for its residents to use as they wish.

If you’re a condo unit owner, it’s even easier for you to book an event space since you’re at the top of the priority list. Booking within your condo community means you can invite your neighbors or acquaintances you’ve met in the halls to get to know each other better. Events planned at your condo community are easier to manage and might even be cheaper than the alternatives!

Moreover, you won’t have to look far away when you want to look for a venue. It’s simply right outside your doorstep! Living in a condo community affords you many conveniences, such as having an event space nearby. Because you are situated in strategic locations, your event is also easy to find. Landmarks are easy to come by (the compound itself is usually the landmark), and your attendees can find your venue quite easily.

DMCI Homes encourages its community members to build lasting relationships with each other. Unit owners and tenants may avail of the services the community’s event spaces have to offer, Make the most of this opportunity and book your spot with DMCI Homes Leasing.

When should I start looking for a venue?

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This is an important question to consider before setting any plans in stone. An event venue is as important as the event itself, since it sets the foundation for your planning.

Event Manager Whova advises its clients to book a venue at least eight months in advance. This allows you to make plans for critical things, such as speakers, hosts, catering, and overall theme. If you also plan on inviting family and friends from far away, they’ll appreciate the opportunity to book cheaper flights in order to attend your event.

Plus, it helps your budget if you book much earlier than your intended date.

Why is choosing the right venue important?

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Whova adds that an event venue is the most important decision to make while planning an event. Not only does it set the tone for everything else, but the best events are those that consider their attendees having the time of their lives. That includes how accessible the venue is to them, how much room they have to walk around and feel the room, and whether there is enough parking space!

If your venue isn’t appropriate for the type of event you want to have, you risk the possibility of having fewer attendees than you planned for. Take inspiration from these examples of party venues for the right occasion.

How do you ask about a venue?

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If you work with an event planner, they’d be the ones to ask around for the availability of any venues that would work for your event. Event planners also coordinate with other parties involved, such as catering companies, live entertainment, and hosting services.

If you’re planning an event yourself, you’d typically ask the property manager for the availability of the venue before you go ahead and book it. Be aware that even if you intend to book a venue even a year in advance, that the venue might not be available on your planned date.

Regardless, it is always important to plan ahead. Don’t forget to make alternative arrangements to your event. You may not exactly get your Plan A, but having good Plans B, C, D, and E could still make your event memorable.

Advantages of booking a venue for rent within your condo community

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Booking a venue can be a strenuous task for most of us. Aside from availability issues, you might also be turned off from an event space if traveling there takes a lot out of you. Fortunately, owners and tenants of condo units have the opportunity to host an event that is simply a short walk away from home. There are several advantages of reserving a venue within your condo community:

1. Convenience

Condo communities are typically located in populous areas, and offer convenience to its many residents. One such convenience is that it is easy to spot and to access.

Accessibility is definitely one of the top considerations for an event venue. This is especially true for you, who is the one planning the event in the first place. It’s right outside of your doorstep, after all! You can manage things easier without the hassle of traveling long distances, so event planning can be made simpler.

Moreover, your attendees would appreciate not having to search for an obscure venue. It saves them time and money, and allows them to have enough energy at your gathering.

2. Affordability

Price is a huge factor to consider when booking your venue, as well. Most event spaces can cost a fortune, and that could be a big burden to your budget. Fortunately, property developers have venues for rent that don’t cost as much as other event spaces.

Planning an event on a budget might also benefit from hosting an event in your condo community. Additional expenses might be kept to a minimum, since many of these event spaces have their own equipment and amenities. Some function halls even have sound systems in place to help you keep costs to a minimum.

3. Customization

You are allowed to personalize the event venue to your heart’s content. That makes the event more intimate, and allows for some of your personal touch to boost the ambience.

However, be aware of any of the rules and limitations set forth by the property management office before you make changes to the landscape. These regulations can be found within your venue’s reservation agreement form so make sure to read over them carefully. You could also inform them of any plans prior and see if they can help you out with personalizing your event.

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4. Security

You can trust your condo community to provide strict security for your event. Round-the-clock security also means there are dedicated security staff to ensure things run smoothly. Just make sure to send a headcount of guests, catering staff, and other important people attending the event days in advance.

5. Space

Headcount can be a tricky thing to consider for any event planner. Fortunately, many property developers have made the initiative to provide spaces that can accommodate large groups of people for any event.

However, you should also consider how freely your guests are able to move around when designing your floor plan. You certainly don’t want to have an empty venue, but don’t go overboard with your decorations. Make sure you maximize the venue’s space while making a good impression on your guests.

6. Privacy

Privacy is an important aspect to any event. You don’t want to have unwanted visitors attempting to gatecrash the party, after all. When you’re reserving a venue within a condo community, ask if it’s possible to deploy security personnel to help with ushering your guests and keeping invaders out.

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This provides you that added layer of security. Just make sure to submit a full guest list days before your event, and have security run a quick check on everyone trying to come inside the venue.

Typically, this service is considered part of many reservation agreements with a condo community. Just to be certain, ask the management before you finalize your reservation.

7. Parking

Parking spaces are important for many attendees. One of the many advantages of hosting an event within your condo community is the availability of parking spaces near the venue itself. Most of the time, these event spaces are buildings separate from the main housing units and thus have their own parkings spots.

8. Services

Venues set in condos have their own services, aside from security and maintenance. Some venue spaces have bars that allow you to serve guests with drinks. Others have their own sound systems, which are rented as part of the venue reservation.

You can ask if the venue can provide hosting services, cleaning, and its own chairs and tables. Fees associated with these services should be computed as part of the reservation fee, so go ahead and maximize them to suit your event needs.

Stage lights are also part and parcel of DMCI Homes’ function halls, which means you can trim down the costs for additional lighting.


Because condo communities are strategically located from key locations, traveling to and from the event venue should be a piece of cake for your guests. Aside from that, you also have the option to run to nearby shopping areas if an emergency occurs. Your guests can also opt to do some afterparty activities near the area once your event is over.

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10. Ambiance

A good venue really sets the mood for your event. Thankfully, property developers have a good eye for design and are willing to create stylish buildings and rooms to give events a good foundation to flourish. Condo communities are guaranteed to build that ambiance for you and make sure you get off to a good start.

To add to the good ambiance, make sure your theme matches the environment and the venue itself. This can make the difference between a good event and a memorable one. Working with your event planner can make this choice significantly easier.

11. Amenities

Aside from the venue itself, condo communities are filled with other amenities for guests to entertain themselves. This could be in the form of a garden nearby, or a pool and playground for the kids to enjoy. This encourages everyone to have fun and enjoy the company of each other.

However, do inform your guests to behave responsibly and to not disturb the peace. Remember: your venue is located in a condo community. There are people living here, and they won’t appreciate living with too much noise especially if your event goes late into the night.

12. Cleanliness

Having a clean environment around your venue is also a good thing to have. While a condo typically employs its own cleaning personnel, go over the specific reservation agreement to see if cleaning services are available for the venue you’re looking at.

If you can make arrangements to have cleaning services to help you with clearing the premises after the event, make sure you have additional funds available. Regardless, make sure to pick up after yourself after the dust has settled!

Hold the phone, though. While a condo community is already a good idea to help you host your event, you have to be aware of certain limitations. These could range anywhere from availability issues to budget problems. Take special notice of the next section before you decide on a venue for your event.

Event and venue booking expectations

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You have to temper expectations when booking a venue for an event. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to event planning, after all. Even if you plan your event like a pro, some things may still not fall into place. You can dream about the perfect venue all you want, but be prepared to look for alternatives or workarounds if you’re having trouble securing it.

That being said, there are some things to expect when reserving a venue. These will be divided into different stages of the booking process: before, during, and after.

Pre-booking considerations

The perfect venue for your event should be able to set the tone very well. More than the considerations previously discussed, you should look at the ambience the venue has with respect to its surroundings.

Additionally, don’t expect the venue to be immediately available for your intended date. You might be offered a smaller venue in its stead, so expect a lot of negotiating before you set things in stone.

Finally, catering, hosting, and live entertainment might also be unavailable for your preferred date, so prepare alternatives should your first picks might not make it. In any case, do take care not to overspend if you’re working on a budget.

Booking Process

You’ve settled on a venue for a certain date and time. Great! Now you need to reach out to the management and finalize your plans.

Before you do that, you will need to review the venue’s terms and conditions. Make sure you go over the documents and advise your guests of any limitations such as dress code, and even parking availability.


Before you set your event plans in motion, you have to settle your obligations with the management. Go through the entire payment process before you can say the venue plans are final. You also have to secure permits to allow party services to prepare the venue before the event itself.

Make a final check a day or two before the event. Make your guests know how to reach the venue and have the final decorations ready to be set on the big day. This helps you prepare for any emergencies that need to be addressed, and to facilitate the event smoother.

Now it’s time for the million dollar question: how do you secure a venue within your condo community? The next section will help guide you through the process.

How to Book a Venue for Rent Within Your Condo Community

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Booking a venue for rent is simple. In most cases, you need to set up a meeting with the property manager to determine the best date possible for your event. A simple call could also do the trick.

However, booking within a condo community can be done through online platforms. DMCI Homes provides a simple reservation form to help facilitate an easier booking process for its venues. Here’s a more in-depth guide to booking an event venue with DMCI Homes:

1. Check availability

First things first: check whether the venue is available at your preferred date and time. The best way to do this is to directly call the management of the venue. DMCI Homes Leasing lists all of DMCI Homes’ available venues for rent, as well as contact details for the offices that manage them.

If your desired venue is not available, consider moving the event within a certain time period, perhaps within the same week. You could even decide to move to an alternate venue. Fortunately, you can find a host of alternative venues nearby within DMCI Homes properties.

Finally, make sure to inquire about any additional documents as required, such as guest lists and additional equipment that you will be bringing in prior to the event.

2. Make a reservation

Make a reservation for your preferred date and time. This is where you make a request to the management and finalize the details of your reservation. The next step is to pay any reservation fees.

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Be aware that booking a venue with DMCI Homes Leasing can also be done through its online portal. Search for your preferred venue and then fill out the reservation form that each venue requires. You will also be directed to payment portals and reservation agreement forms afterwards.

3. Plan your event

Once you’ve finalized your reservation, you should be free to organize the finer details of your event. That includes the theme and decorations, as well as catering and live entertainment. A wedding and/or a reception at the venue also means you need gowns and suits that match the overall theme.

4. Ensure compliance

In the days leading up to, and even of the day of the event itself, make sure to follow the rules and regulations set by the management. Follow these rules to avoid paying for any unnecessary expenses. Again, it is important to read over your venue’s reservation agreement form to understand the do’s and don’ts during the course of your event.

You should take special notice of noise and occupancy limits, and make sure that your attendees are on their best behavior. You should also avoid overcrowding the venue to make the event better for everyone.

Fortunately, you can reserve a venue with DMCI Homes as early as today. Make sure to contact management as soon as possible, since you might be facing competition from other residents and tenants.

DMCI Homes Leasing venues for rent

DMCI Homes Leasing likewise has a series of event spaces for you to host your soirees. These are affordable options for you, and can even make for the most appropriate venue for your event. Check them out here:

1. Solariega Hall — Casa Real

Solariega Hall Photo courtesy of DMCI Leasing

The Solariega Hall at Casa Real can house approximately 100-130 people, perfect for family occasions such as weddings and birthday parties. It is a 216 sqm event space, and features paid parking for guests. It is but the first of many venues for rent at Casa Real, and is located at the ground floor of the building.

Casa Real is also a Spanish-themed event space conveniently located minutes from key locations in Taguig City. For example, it is just a 10-minute drive away from Bonifacio Global City, so any after parties can be had outside of the compound.

2. Cuadrilla Hall — Casa Real

Cuadrilla HallPhoto courtesy of DMCI Leasing

As with the Solariega Hall, the Cuadrilla Hall is located at the Acacia Estates in Taguig City. It is the second floor of the Casa Real building, and likewise houses approximately 100-130 people. It may just be the perfect place for a debut or an office Christmas party!

3. Iris Observatory — Tivoli Gardens Residences

Iris ObservatoryPhoto courtesy of DMCI Leasing

The Tivoli Gardens Residences is a condominium community just a short distance from the heart of Makati’s central business district.

One of the venues available for rent in this compound is the Iris Observatory, a 200 sqm room that accommodates 50-60 pax. More intimate family occasions can be held here, and you can even hang out on the venue’s patio to breathe some fresh air while the party is going on.

4. Heliconia Function Room — Tivoli Gardens Residences

Heliconia Function RoomPhoto courtesy of DMCI Leasing

One other venue for rent at the Tivoli Garden Residences is the Heliconia Function Room. This is more spacious than the Iris Observatory, and can accommodate 70-100 people for an event.

Companies are welcome to host their office parties at this venue, which has sufficient parking space for all attendees. The Tivoli Garden Residences is also a short walk away from bars for any post-party shindigz any of the guests might want to engage in.

The venue itself is flexible for any party theme, and event essentials such as standard house lights and clean restrooms are included in the lease rate. Just make sure to inform the management office for any additional lights as these will be subject to extra charges.

5. Hall A — The Tent, Acacia Estates

Hall APhoto courtesy of DMCI Leasing

The Tent at the Acacia Estates houses different venue halls for large gatherings. Hall A, for example, can accommodate up to 500 people. It is a large enough venue, being 891 sqm in floor area.

Security personnel, electricians, and maintenance staff are on-hand during the course of your event, be it a corporate event, a bazaar, or an exhibit.

6. Hall B — The Tent, Acacia Estates

Hall B at the Tent is much larger at 1018 sqm. It can accommodate up to 700 people, and features the same amenities as Hall A. Consider using Hall B instead if you’re expecting just a bit more people for your event.

This is also one of the many places recommended for a grand year-end party!

7. Hall C — The Tent, Acacia Estates

Hall C gives you full access to The Tent’s wide 1909 sqm floor area, as well as all of its amenities. You’re able to accommodate up to 1200 guests at the regular rate of Php 90,000 for every 10 hours.

This is perfect for concert events, since the wide area allows for fans to enjoy each other’s company with the live band playing their favorite songs.

8. Banawe Hall — Outlook Ridge Residences

Banawe HallPhoto courtesy of DMCI Leasing

The Outlook Ridge Residences provides you with a breathtaking view of Baguio City. It provides for a cool breath of fresh air after a long seminar at the Banawe Hall. This 177 sqm event space is great for small family gatherings, or even professional seminars and work events.

The Banawe Hall is even equipped with a projector and a sound system that helps everyone in the room hear what your speaker has to say.

9. Bontoc Hall — Outlook Ridge Residences

Bontoc HallPhoto courtesy of DMCI Leasing

The Bontoc Hall is a slightly larger room than the Banawe Hall, at 188 sqm in floor area. It can accommodate 70-80 pax, and its standard lighting sets the mood for events with a warmer theme.

Because it’s situated in Baguio, it’s one of many venues perfect for a summer getaway.

10. Sagada Hall — Outlook Ridge Residences

Sagada HallPhoto courtesy of DMCI Leasing

The Sagada Hall is the smallest of the three venues available for lease at the Outlook Ridge Residences. It is only 65 sqm in floor area, and can accommodate up to only 20 people. Consider this room if you want to have an intimate dinner party with friends and family for a special occasion!

Choosing the perfect venue for you

You might have a venue in mind after all of this newfound information. That’s great! But with availability being a common issue for reservations, you might find it hard to secure your ideal venue. In that case, you should prepare a list of alternatives that would fit the profile of your ideal venue.

That means all of the names on your guest list should be able to move around the event space freely, and are able make use of the facilities available such as restrooms. You should also be aware of what equipment is present at the venue, such as sound systems and projectors if you need them. If not, ask the admin office if you’re allowed to bring your own equipment at a cost.

Key Takeaways

Booking a venue can be exhausting, but always best to be flexible with your event to reduce the stress and anxiety of preparation. Here are key takeaways to help you plan your event with less stress:

  • Be flexible with dates and event spaces. You might not get exactly what you want, but you can still book great alternatives.
  • Keep your budget in mind. A venue is not the only thing necessary for a successful event. You also need to pay for other services, such as catering and entertainment. Stick to your budget, and find ways to keep expenses to a reasonable amount.
  • Don’t hesitate to work with management. Like you, they want this event to be a success. Tell them about your plans and work together to have a good party. Make sure to stick around and clean up after your event has ended.


In order to secure a venue for rent with us, don’t hesitate to reach out to DMCI Leasing for reservations. Inquiries are always welcome in our community!

To stay up-to-date on DMCI Homes Leasing condo options, remember to check out our social media accounts too: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.