Location is everything when it comes to event planning like a pro. Whether you’re hosting the biggest business bash of the year, or a casual sports outing with friends, you need to ensure that your event checklist contains the best venue possible for your party - especially if you want your celebration to be successful at all.

Looking for a perfect location for every occasion can be incredibly daunting, considering how much you have to think of in the overall planning process. From venue size to equipment availability, there are tons of considerations you have to make as the event planner for your upcoming outing.

So if you’ve been looking for the perfect place to call home for your next big celebration, look no further than the event venues at Acacia Estates by DMCI Homes. Discover the widest range of venues available for every party idea, when you read this guide to the possible event services you can enjoy as a party planner this year.

Organizing an event at Acacia Estates

Why should you consider the locations at DMCI Homes’ Acacia Estates as your best possible choices when it comes to organizing an event?

This sprawling location is home to some of the best spots to host celebrations of any size and theme. You can avail of sleek indoor venues for formal occasions like The Tent, fun outdoor spaces for summer parties in the city like the Acacia Football Field, and even themed locations like the various halls at Casa Real.

There are a multitude of venues available at this massive estate, all of which are perfect for occasions and celebrations of all shapes and sizes. This estate is the most flexible, accessible, and gorgeous location that can be found right in the heart of the bustling metro in Taguig City, Metro Manila. So why not choose this spot for your next big bash today?

tent hall a galleryThe Tent at Acacia Estates
Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Event services to enjoy at Acacia Estates

Thinking of hosting the perfect party at Acacia Estates by DMCI Homes? You can plan out a wide range of occasions and celebrations when you explore everything that this property has to offer right now.

Here are a couple of exciting ideas for event services that you can avail of for your next big shindig with DMCI Homes this year.

1. Celebrate corporate wins at The Tent

From educational seminars and workshops to glamorous awards nights and ceremonies, you can celebrate any corporate event in style when you host it at The Tent at Acacia Estates. This massive location spans nearly 2000 square meters and can accommodate up to 1200 guests - perfect for a huge corporate shindig for your business or company.

The Tent is made up of three different halls onsite, each with their own square meter sizes and audience capacities. This means that you can host any and all business gatherings there, like awards banquets, product launches, training sessions, and more - all in one gorgeous location in Taguig City.

Want to celebrate your corporate wins in style? Then you should definitely check out everything that The Tent by DMCI Homes has to offer your business right now.

hall a galleryThe Tent at Acacia Estates
Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

2. Play ball at the Acacia Football Field

On the lookout for an ideal sports venue for your next outdoor event? The Acacia Football Field is definitely the best place to book for your next company ball game, special sports clinic, or intramurals-style sports gathering this year.

The Acacia Football Field is an open-air sports field for lease located at Acacia Estates, in Taguig City. Organizers can rent the space at any time between 6am to 10pm, and can even make use of the extra open area beside the Acacia Football Field for any additional activities as well.

So if you’re interested in securing a venue for any sport, recreational, or open-air gathering, the Acacia Football Field will certainly provide you with the best spaces and services today.

3. Hosting events for the Yuletide season at The Tent

Whether you’re planning to throw a party or host a unique holiday shindig, there’s no better place to celebrate the Yuletide seasonthan at The Tent by DMCI Homes.

During the colder “ber” months, The Tent plays host to several seasonal activities such as Christmas masses, bazaars, outreaches, and more. The Tent has historically been used for a wide array of holiday-themed activities like film viewings and contests - so why not add your exciting holiday party to the mix by renting one of the halls at this sprawling venue?

Celebrate the season with a Yuletide ball, or host a winter-themed banquet here instead. No matter what kind of party you choose, The Tent can serve as the perfect place for your larger celebrations at Acacia Estates.

close-up shot of christmas ornaments on the snowPhoto courtesy of Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto via Pexels

4. Picturesque pictorials at Cuadrilla Hall

Play host the most picturesque photoshoot of your dreams when you check out the elegant party spaces at Cuadrilla Hall today.

Located on the second floor of the esteemed Casa Real, the gorgeous Cuadrilla Hall is made to look like a Spanish colonial-era ballroom for high society events. With its narra-and-ipil flooring and authentic carved furniture, this location serves as an incredibly picturesque backdrop for your own wedding, engagement, or debut photoshoot.

The exterior of the building is also worth memorializing through a high effort photoshoot. With its stately architecture mimicking the old Tuason Residence on Sociego Street in Manila, Casa Real is the ideal place to stage your next themed pictorial this year.

5. Intimate gatherings at Solariega Hall

Not only can you enjoy moments like a grandiose wedding photoshoot at Cuadrilla Hall, but you can also host meaningful celebrations like a subsequent wedding reception at the same location, at Casa Real’s own Solariega Hall.

Located on the upper ground floor of Casa Real, the classic-looking Solariega Hall can easily accommodate up to 130 guests per event. Perfect for any mid-sized gathering, this hall will definitely serve as the scenic venue for your ideal wedding reception, baptismal, debut, and other momentous but private occasions.

cuadrilla hall galleryCasa Real at Acacia Estates
Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

6. A little night music at The Tent

If you’re a music lover looking for a place to host a private concert or music night, then The Tent might just be the best place for you right now. This massive venue at Acacia Estates can easily accommodate up to 1200 guests within its air conditioned walls, with additional space for a performance stage to boot.

The rent for this massive hall also comes with support from in-house security, electricians, and maintenance staff as well. You can host a wild night with your favorite musical acts and throw the most memorable concert ever, right from the comfort of DMCI Homes’ Acacia Estates.

women having fun at a clubPhoto courtesy of RDNE Stock project via Pexels

Final reminders for venue-specific event management

Planning any major celebration around a singular venue will always be tricky for organizers to execute properly. You need to book venues ahead of time, be vigilant in case certain plans fall through, and be flexible with event management throughout the duration of your celebration.

But more often than not, planning parties according to what a venue specifically provides will make your experience all the more memorable and fulfilling. Whether you’re playing ball at the Acacia Football Field or hosting events at Casa Real, just remember to be mindful of your purpose and to set everything up ahead of time to make your plans a lot less stressful.

And of course, don’t forget to enjoy your time at the gorgeous venues across this sprawling estate. Celebrate the best occasions and create memories that last a lifetime at the wide array of venues with DMCI Homes’ Acacia Estates today.

woman in silver v-neck long-sleeved dressPhoto courtesy of Inga Seliverstova via Pexels

Key takeaways

Think you’re finally ready to step into party planning at the Acacia Estates by DMCI Homes? Remember to bring these key takeaways with you as you organize the biggest shindig ever at this gorgeous Taguig property:

  • Be mindful of the purpose of your party. Are you looking to host a casual karaoke night with friends, or a big year-ender bash for your business? Whatever the plan is, just remember to be mindful of the party’s purpose so that you can identify what you need to host it.
  • Explore the different types of event services. From sports outings to formal corporate celebrations, you can also plan out a multitude of party ideas based on the venues available at this sprawling Taguig location.
  • Ask for expert help, always. Are you still unsure of how to go about planning your next big celebration at the Acacia Estates? Don’t be afraid to talk to the trusted representatives at DMCI Homes to explore the available properties for your upcoming party.


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